My Valentines day gift guide | 2018

I have to be honest. I haven’t always been a massive fan of ‘Valentine’s Day’. The whole concept of declaring your love with gifts & gestures on this one day a year was all a little bonkers to me. Because, surely, any day is perfect to declare the love you have for someone. However, over the years my Husband has mellowed my anti-Valentines day ways and I have begun to welcome it a little more. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still cringe and maybe let out an inner hiss & spit at all of the heart confetti and the heart-shaped frying pans {really?}. But I can still put my mind into gear to think of a good gift for my Husband. Even though he isn’t the easiest person to buy for! 

So, in saying that, here is my Valentines day gift guide for 2018. I’ll be sharing a few ideas for her and naturally, a few gift ideas for him, too. I will even have a few ideas for couples gifts as well! 

For Him

As I said earlier in this post, my Husband can be quite tricky to buy for and even though he would love all of that heart fueled tacky stuff – it’s just not me! I am very practically minded when it comes to buying him gifts, which is why this Superdry Hooded Arctic Windcheater jacket would make an excellent gift for him. 

It has a crazy three-layer zip fastening system, a chunky ribbed interior collar which is incredibly cosy {because I tried it on! I couldn’t resist!}. It also has integrated thumbholes in the sleeves {winner!} as well as loads of other cool features. 

This particular jacket is from the brand new collection of jackets & hoodies sold from Mainline Menswear & would make a great Valentine’s day gift for your partner. 

Getting the man in our life a new razer is much like buying them new socks or a new jumper. It’s just one of those gifts you know they will make use out of. And with Gilette being such a great brand, you know they are going to get the use out of them too. 

The Gilette Fusion Proshield Chill Flexiball razor is the latest razor to join the range and my Husband loves his. 

If your partner is a petrol head & loves fast cars & such – you may consider looking into getting him a Porsche Driving experience as his Valentines day gift. 

Giving him the gift of having an afternoon being behind the wheel and playing ‘race-car driver’ would make his year! I know my Husband would love something like this! 

For Her

If the lady in your life is a complete romantic at heart and just loves everything about Valentine’s day, then she without-a-doubt loves her stuffed toys. We have quite the collection of the Hallmarks Itty Bittys, but the Itty Bittys Valentine’s day range is just too cute! 

Hallmark Itty Bittys

Hallmark Itty Bittys

Skincare is something that us girls tend to take quite seriously {including myself – which is only something I have really started doing!}. So perhaps consider getting the lady in your life a selection of beauty products from 7th Heaven – some face masks, something from their spa range perhaps? {Maybe pop in a cheeky Spa day voucher to go with it?}. 

If cute teddys & skincare don’t appeal to the lady in your life, then perhaps treating her to a snazzy bottle of Dream Pink Vodka as a Valentine’s day gift. 

To accompany said alcoholic treat, perhaps you could treat her to some Olverum bath oil – nothing beats a candlelit bath, a few chocolates on the side, a little tipple perhaps if she was in the mood for one {or two!} & soaks those woes away. 

Bath oil

Olverum is known as ‘true oil’ and it has a really unique and aromatic fragrance. You’ll only need about 5ml in your bath and the aroma of blended essential oils help to ease stress & relax both the body & the mind. 

Speaking of chocolate on the side – how adorable are these Jenny Wren Belgian chocolates – exclusively sold at Sainsbury’s! I have never seen a box of chocolates like it, and to only have a price tag of £6.50 is incredible. 


My Husband and I can be quite non-traditional when it comes to gifts – I mean, who needs a love pillow and yet another teddy bear holding a heart on it! Right? Which is why I think it would be very cool for you & your partner to invest in a pair of Ascent Dirt Scooters – these are scooters for adults & I’ll have a full review on the blog soon! 

Valentines day gift guide

These are lots fun and can even save you from walking when the kids take their scooters out for those family walks. It can be a family scoot, instead! 

So those are my little ideas to share for Valentine’s Day this year – whatever you do, whatever you buy for your loved one – even if it’s just a card. I hope you have a wonderful evening full of joy, love & happiness. For my Husband & I? It will most likely be a takeaway, a few lit candles & Netflix – the joys of being Parents! 

Happy Valentine’s day, everyone! 

D xx



  1. 11/02/2018 / 9:33 AM

    After moving to UK, my husband and I always celebrated Valentine’s Day. For me it would bonkers not too, just because others are doing the same. But, we don’t buy gifts (only cards), not for Valentine’s Day, not for anniversaries either. That being said, I would love to try the chocolate from Sainsbury’s, the box is really amazing.

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