My Summer Journal {Free Printables!}

My Summer Journal {Free Printables!}

My children’s school finished last week for their summer holidays and we could not be more thrilled. The children {and us} have been dragging our heels more and more during those final few weeks and the kids, if anyone, needed a little time off.

So far, the slow mornings have been wonderful & the bickering has been kept to a minimum, although, knowing my luck I may have just jinxed myself. Hopefully not though…

On the last day of the school year, my two youngest received their school reports. Both of them did so well, I’m one proud Mama! However, there are a few notes at the bottom that gives advice on what the kids can work on over the summer for their next school year.

Annabelle is still learning to reduce the size of her lettering when writing. I think she wants outer space to read her words at the moment, and to read lots of books. 

We have the reading part covered. So for the writing improvement side, I thought I would put together a “My Summer Activity journal”. I just whipped it up in Canva, so it’s nothing special but it is something I know she will really love. So I thought I’d share it with you guys, too. 

My Summer Journal {sneak peek}

Summer Journal Free Printables

Summer Journal Free Printables

Summer Journal Free Printables

Summer Journal Free Printables

Summer Journal Free Printables

Summer Journal Free Printables

As I said, it’s super basic but it includes a little creative writing with a drawing box for every day. Which I hope will encourage my own daughter to write. In turn, this will help her penmanship skills and creative drawing abilities. 

I added more pages than what you can see, such as, colour by numbers {which are easily found online}. Some step by step drawing exercises for her age group {also found online}. I added an “About me” page which I thought would be a fun addition and so on.

If you’d like this journal for yourself, I have made a free printable PDF file for you to download. 

You can download the Summer Activity Journal here and I really do hope your children enjoy it – and we hope you all have a gorgeous summer, too! 

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10 thoughts on “My Summer Journal {Free Printables!}”

  • Wow it is really wonderful and awesome thus it is very much useful for me to understand many concepts and helped me a lot.

  • Oo what a fab idea. Love that it’s free too… something they can keep to look back on too!

  • I love this, I think it’s great to make physical books/journals. I know I have some old scrapbooks I made as a kid that I love looking at now I’m all grown up! Adding instant photos is a great touch!

  • congratulations to them for doing so well! I love the idea of the summer journal – what a fun way to keep on top of skills over the holiday

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