Moments of joy with the #SoundofHappy Campaign.

As a Mum to five beautiful children {I’m biased, I know!} I have so many amazing moments of what made each of my children giggle. Whether that giggle was their first one or not, having those little snippets of time to cherish is amazing.

But for this particular post, I am going to focus on my fifth and final child’s #soundofhappy moments, because…those moments will be the last time I experience them with any of my own children. Queue a little sound of my heart breaking.

My youngest daughter, Annabelle, was always going to be a handful. I knew it from the moment I was carrying her and she hasn’t made me think otherwise yet. From that first smile, we also knew she was going to be a happy baby and it was amazing that the simplest of things filled her with joy.

sound of happy
As she got older blowing raspberries were always met with a smile or a chuckle followed by the famous always-guaranteed-a-giggle blowing on the tummy technique. Those sounds of happiness and joy that she made would have made even the toughest of people gush.

 sound of happy
Other sounds that filled my gorgeous little lady with joy was praise. She got so fired up when we would tell her how amazing she was for keeping her head up or cheering her on as she was trying to roll. Her beautiful little rosy-cheeked face would light up like Christmas.

 sound of happy
A simple push on the swings would excite my daughter and the smiles you would get in return, especially when you made the ‘Weeeeee’ sound. She just loved in. Plus, look at those chunky thighs of hers! Oh, how I miss those leg rolls.

However, the one sound that I think outshines the others, would have to be, without a shadow of a doubt the sound of Daddy’s voice. When Daddy would get home from work everything else would become obsolete {this still happens!} and she would just beam with complete joy to him being home.

 sound of happy
Those are just a few of my #soundofhappy moments with my daughter and now I would love to hear what sounds make {or made} your baby happy and fill them with joy. Leave me a comment below because I would love to hear them. You can also share those sound of happy moments through your social media channels and use the hashtag #soundofhappy.

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with C&G Babyclub and Tots100 for the #soundofhappy campaign. 


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