Scooter tips & tricks with Halfords

When I was around 12 years old I remember getting a scooter for Christmas. It was a super cool BMX style scooter and I couldn’t wait to get it outside. Fast forward twenty years and it is now my own children dreaming of having their own scooters and telling me about all of the tips and tricks they could learn to perform. As if the thought of that didn’t kick-start my nerves into overdrive, but they seemed pretty confident in themselves and that was good enough for me.

Halfords have a great tips and tricks infographic on their website at the moment, sharing loads of cool scooter tricks but also ways to be safe too. Always important!

My kids are pretty confident that they could pull off all 3 of these pretty easy {and perfect for beginners} stunts and have asked for scooters from a certain red-suited man due to arrive later this year. So, we’ll see about that.

However, when shown the more medium to difficult tricks they looked a little daunted but are willing to give them a go. That’s the spirit, right? It’s all about giving something a go!


Once you’ve tackled and conquered the medium tricks you can think about having a go at the more difficult scooter tricks. We’ve actually seen a few kids in the local park pull off some impressive tail-whips! 

Halfords have shared some super cool scooter tips and tricks and even though my children are a little young to be pulling off grinds and 180’s but I reckon starting from those beginner tricks will start them off just fine. 

Do you have a Scooter enthusiast at home? Are they pulling off any of the tricks that Halford’s mention above? 


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