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I have been blogging now for coming up to six years – which is madness! But after all of this time, I think – I think – I have finally found my true calling where blogging is concerned.

Creating free printables. 

Around 4 years ago, when we started doing Elf on the Shelf, I decided to make some Elf on the Shelf free printables. This has resulted in my blog going absolutely bananas from around mid-November, right through to almost Christmas day. Parents all over the world looking for Elf mischief ideas, Nice list certificates and even fun Christmas scavenger hunt games, too. All available as free printables and when I receive those messages of thanks, I know the hours I work away in front of my PC, are worth it. 

Which is why I have decided to share with you a few designs, made by myself, of a January Calendar template. I’m not a ‘proper’ calendar sort of gal – I much prefer printing mine off to use and dispose of once that month is over.

I usually have the first two months of the year on the wall behind my PC monitor and they work perfectly for me. If you’re a lot like myself, then I hope these calendar templates work for you too. 

Free January Calendar Printable

Free January Calendar Printable

Free January Calendar Printable

Free January Calendar Printable

Free January Calendar Printable

Free January Calendar Printable

Free January Calendar Printable

Free January Calendar Printable

I do hope you like these, they were a lot of fun to make and naturally, I will make making the other months of the year and sharing them soon. I will be sharing them each month – so do keep an eye out. I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below! 

You can download your FREE PRINTABLE January Calendar templates, here;


Free January Calendar Printable

Other free printables that might interest you;



  1. 27/12/2018 / 8:23 PM

    This is perfect for me as I’ve decided I work best with paper and rather than buying expensive planners and stuff I decided to print some off…. do you do any landscape ones?

    • 27/12/2018 / 9:04 PM

      YAY! I’m so pleased. I can rustle up a few landscape ones and add it on {maybe over the weekend}. I’ll also add both landscape & portrait version for February.

      • 29/12/2018 / 12:33 AM

        That’s amazing, thank you so much. I’ve saved this post so I can pop back next week 🙂 Yay!

        • 29/12/2018 / 6:26 AM

          Thanks so much for popping by! I hope you find them useful!

  2. 28/12/2018 / 8:52 PM

    These look fab! I much prefer printing off calendars than getting a full sized one from the shops – they are never quite what I am looking for.

    • 29/12/2018 / 6:28 AM

      I know exactly what you mean! I’m so glad you like them.

  3. 28/12/2018 / 9:31 PM

    These printables are great as I always have these on my table to remind me of important dates and birthdays. These designs are fresh and attractive, love it.

    • 29/12/2018 / 6:27 AM

      Thank you so much. I love having them and think they are so handy!

  4. 28/12/2018 / 11:11 PM

    Lovely printables. I tend to keep most of my to do lists and calendars online as they change so much x

    • 29/12/2018 / 6:27 AM

      Thank you. I have tried to keep my to-do lists online, but it’s just not for me! Haha! x

  5. 29/12/2018 / 10:39 AM

    These are lovely, thank you. I am really getting in to printing out my schedule for the months ahead so this is perfect. 2019 is my year for being organised!

    • 29/12/2018 / 4:45 PM

      This is a HUGE goal for me, as well! I am so pleased you like it – keep an eye out for February’s coming soon!

  6. 29/12/2018 / 11:27 AM

    Thank you. Love these printables and they’ll really help me in getting organised for the New Year.

  7. 29/12/2018 / 2:14 PM

    I could use these for work as I need to have so much done on certain days. Thanks for the free print.

  8. 29/12/2018 / 2:55 PM

    I think I saw you share these on you instagram, they are so lovely but we have been given so many calenders for christmas after I already got one haha! I think we actually 4 in total.

    • 29/12/2018 / 4:43 PM

      HAHA! Calendars seem to be a go-to gift for a lot of people!! At least you’re covered – four times over, lol!

  9. 31/12/2018 / 4:20 PM

    I say every year I am going to be more organised, it never lasts though LOL

  10. 31/12/2018 / 5:16 PM

    The only items I like printed are calendars and notebooks and these look absolutely lovely, now to choose one that I can use easily.

  11. Hannah Wood
    02/01/2019 / 7:31 PM

    Oh yes this will come in handy always looking for printables as have so much stuff to put on.

  12. 02/01/2019 / 10:45 PM

    This is so lovely, well done on making something so beautiful! I’ll definitely be using this!

  13. 02/01/2019 / 10:58 PM

    Ohh these are great, I really love the variety. Big well done. Mich x

  14. 02/01/2019 / 11:56 PM

    How gorgeous and useful these are! Amazing!

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