How to get kids more involved with household chores

How to get kids more involved
If you can’t even get your kids to make their beds without getting moaned at, you might be wondering how to get the little ones more involved with household chores!

Of course, daily activities such as washing up, hoovering, dusting, polishing, loading the dishwasher and emptying the bins aren’t overly entertaining, but if you want your youngsters to pull their weight and learn the importance of hygiene, it’s important to stock up on cleaning products from the likes of Brosch Direct and make things fun.

There are many different things you can do to get little hands on deck, but here are five suggestions:

 1. Create a rewards chart

Kids love feeling appreciated for what they’ve done, so how about creating a rewards chart and giving them a star (or sticker of their choice) for every household chore they complete? Not only will this encourage them to chip in but it will show them that something good will happen if they keep things neat and tidy by doing allocated tasks. There are many charts available online for your convenience, so simply take your pick and get started!

2. Offer a cash incentive

Are your kids asking for pocket money? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce cash rewards and incentives. Essentially, the more they do around the house, the more they’ll earn and you could even give each duty a set price so they know exactly how much they’ll get for completing a specific task. Handing out money for jobs they technically should be doing anyway might seem an odd concept but it will teach them the value of work and help you out at the same time.

3. Make cleaning a family activity

With so many fun things to do on a daily basis, it’s perhaps no wonder that kids don’t want to do tasks that are seen as “boring.” Of course they’d rather watch TV than do the washing up, but wouldn’t we all, so try to make things a little less dull by making cleaning a family activity. Get everyone in the house to pull their weight at the same time and enjoy quality time together sprucing up each room.

4. Get into a routine

Kids love and need routines, so by introducing certain chores at certain times they should eventually become automatic. For example, if you ask your children to put their plates in the dishwasher after eating from an early age, they won’t think anything of it as they grow up – but even if you’ve run around after them up until now, it’s never too late to make changes. Simply state what you expect of them and they’ll eventually get the hang of it.

5. Give them a choice

As your children grow up, why not ask them which jobs they want to be responsible for?  You might find that one of your kids hates ironing and would prefer to hoover while the other loves ironing and hates hoovering. Assign children tasks they find bearable and you should find that they do them without much fuss. They will also appreciate the element of choice.

Getting the kids involved with household chores is easier than you may think – it’s all about the approach!

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