Easy Pizza Toast with National Bread Week 2018

As a Super Busy Mum – ah ha! Do you see what I did there? I am always looking for quick and simple meal ideas for lunches, dinners or even a quick & easy after-school snack. You may have caught my post last week, sharing a delicious batch of rainbow sandwiches for National Bread Week. My youngest daughter is a big fan and loves finding them in her lunch box – they are super healthy too, which is a winner. 

I touched based on what National bread week is over on my previous post, so I won’t go over it again. I will mention that it is organised by the FCBA {Flour Confectionery and Bakers Association} & the IBBA {Irish Bread Bakers Assiociation} in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Bakery Council.

National Bread Week takes place between the 10th – 16th September. It’s a week dedicated to our love of Irish bread here in Northern Ireland & Ireland. It comes as no surprise that we love our bread here {just as much as our potatoes!} because you can’t beat a few slices with a bowl of stew {especially in the colder months} or the classic lunch choice – the crisp sandwich. 

I am bringing you one our family favourites when it comes to dinner time – Pizza Toast! We love pizza {who doesn’t!} and it’s such a simple meal to put together. 

National Bread week

What you’ll need;

  • Sliced white bread {however many you need!}
  • Tomato puree paste {or, if you’re a wizard – you can make your own!}
  • Mozerella to sprinkle on your bread
  • Topping of choice – we went with pepperoni
  • I like to add vegetables to our pizzas {any excuse to get it into the kids!} so with this we went with red peppers}
  • A little bit of parsley to add once they are baked

I don’t need to go through the steps of making pizza, because when you know, you know, right? It is honestly so simple to put together, it takes 15-20mins in total to prep, make, bake & serve. I mean, that’s exactly what you need when you have a herd of hungry little humans, am I right? 

National Bread week

National Bread week

We would make pizza toast maybe…once a week and I’m trying to get the kids to be more adventurous with their pizza toppings {there is only so much pepperoni this Mama can consume!}. So hopefully we will go for a nice peri chicken next time or even chicken curry topped pizza toast {something I have always wanted to try}.

What do you think? Do you think it will be nice or a complete flop? 

National Bread week

National Bread week

National Bread week

Nothing’s easier than grabbing a few ingredients from your cupboard & fridge, pulling out a few slices of bread and going to town on creating something delicious! 

The joy of a recipe like this is that it is so versatile. Pizza can come with all kinds of amazing toppings, bases and sauces and I would love to hear your favourites! 

National Bread week

National Bread week

National Bread week

National Bread Week takes place between 10th – 16th September – celebrating everything there is to love about Irish bread. Will you be joining in on National Bread Week? There will be events taking place in bakeries and stores up and down the country, during the week. 

They will be offering delicious taste tests, promotions to get involved in and community events with opportunities available to meet the people behind our delicious Irish bread. 

If you’ll be getting involved in National Bread Week – however, you wish to – whether it be making some delicious Irish bread recipes, or even if you attend one of the bakery or store events – make sure you use the hashtag #BreadLover on social media! 



*This is a collaborative post



  1. 13/09/2018 / 12:55 PM

    Happy National Bread Week, this looks so healthy and delicious as well even more so since I am a pizza lover.

  2. 13/09/2018 / 1:34 PM

    Pizza toast, that is definitely something new on me but looks absolutely yummy, I know I would enjoy this is I made it.

  3. 13/09/2018 / 1:48 PM

    I almost missed national bread week. I can never seem to keep up with these. Loving the pizza toasts they look delicious and are easy to make which is a bonus.

  4. Hannah
    13/09/2018 / 6:05 PM

    This looks very tasty and is making me feel very hungry right now

  5. 13/09/2018 / 9:20 PM

    Growing up in a household of my Dad being a baker and his Dad before him, I love baking bread, I have made pizza toast before I also use pitta bread as a base as well x

  6. 14/09/2018 / 2:00 PM

    This looks so delicious. I am always looking for something new and tasty to try with the kids so we will certainly be giving these a try!

  7. 14/09/2018 / 2:00 PM

    National Bread Week certainly sounds like my kind of week – I ADORE bread! Definitely going to be making these for me and the hubby! Such a tasty healthy treat

  8. 16/09/2018 / 10:34 AM

    I love pizza toast! My dad always used to make me this when I was younger 🙂

  9. 16/09/2018 / 11:48 PM

    I’m a huge fan of melted cheese on toast, especially with some baby plum tomatoes, I don’t eat pepperoni but I know my boys would love this

    Laura x

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