Belfast Comic Con 2015!

Last year was the first time EVER that MCM Comic Con arrived in Belfast – sadly I never got to go to last years {the darling man did though – a birthday treat!} and this year he did the same. However, the day after he went, I was excited to be taking my two younger kids for the first time.

Now, for years I’ve been a big San Diego Comic-Con fan. I’d watch all of my favourite TV show/movie panels on youtube and just get lost in the whole atmosphere of it. Now, the Belfast version would never have anyone like the Vampire Diaries cast or the Winchester boys, but from what we saw – it was still pretty awesome and I hope it will continue to grow.

One person who was going to be there was the main reason I was taking the kids. They are HUGE Teen Titans & Adventure Time fans and it just so happened that Hynden Walch, the voice of Starfire {Teen Titans} & Princess Bubblegum {Adventure Time} was going to be there. The kids were SUPER excited to meet one of their favourite cartoon characters in the flesh {so to speak!}.

So that was the first thing we did once we arrived, mainly because we knew there would be quite the queue {which there was} and once the kids met Hynden then they could have a good nosy round all of the amazing stalls and admire everyone in Cosplay!

Hynden was so sweet with the kids. Ellie got a little starstruck and shy {which I predicted – bless her!} but Jacob was so excited that he fired a few fun questions at her which she really enjoyed answering for them. The kids got a few signed photos of the Adventure Time Crew, Starfire & Jacob even got his Enchiridion {Heros Handbook from Adventure Time} signed to which he thought was the coolest thing ever!

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So now that part was over we walked around the stalls and the kids were like “OMG Mummy Look” and “Mummy WOW!” – needless to say, it would have been easy to spend a small fortune in there! But in between wows and trailing me over to look and this and that at whatever stalls the kids had fun to get photos taken with some of their favourite Cos-players at Comic-Con.

Ellie is a massive Castle Crashers fan {Xbox game} so when she saw this lot she HAD to get a photo of them. They look great, don’t they!

Lemon Grab, The Flame Princess, Princess Bubblegum & Marceline from Adventure Time!

Spiderman is Ellie’s favourite superhero at the moment so this photo was a must!

These two are really big Five Nights at Freddies fans {PC game} so when they saw the Marionette…they got SO excited. He even put his hat on Jacob!

Minecraft Creeper looked awesome!

I’ve no idea what Gravity Falls is…but these two are fans so they were excited to find some Cos-players dressed up as the characters.

Batman loved how Ellie had the bat mask face-paint for this photo!

So it’s safe to say the kids and myself had an epic time! They’re even saying next year they HAVE to go dressed up themselves {and me too apparently!} so that will be fun! I wonder what they’ll decide to go as…



  1. 04/05/2015 / 7:31 PM

    We went to the Newcastle one a few weeks ago and loved it…
    It looks like you all had a great time x

  2. 04/05/2015 / 10:52 PM

    This looks like it was a lot of fun! Think my boys would love something like this 🙂

    Stevie x

  3. Kaye
    06/05/2015 / 6:35 AM

    This looks amazing! I’m so jealous, glad you all had such a great day. #MMWBH

  4. 06/05/2015 / 2:23 PM

    Wow this looks like such a fun day! My brother and sister would have loved it, they are mad comic book fans, dragged me to see the Avengers the other day! #MMWBH
    Sabrina x

  5. 06/05/2015 / 2:48 PM

    They look do happy!! I am huge Adventure Time fan but Lemon Grab is a super freak haha. Looks like you all had a great day! Nice to see it was so child friendly too. Looking forward to your costume making posts (hahaha)! x

  6. Ashley Beolens
    06/05/2015 / 5:11 PM

    That looks like a great event, your little ones certainly seem to have enjoyed it (if the looks on their faces are anything to go by). Great outfits as well 🙂

  7. Polly Mixtures
    06/05/2015 / 5:22 PM

    Awww the look on your kids faces! Priceless! #mmwbh

  8. Raising Mighty Girls
    07/05/2015 / 12:05 AM

    I know absolutely nothing about this but it looks like my daughters would love it! Must remember for next time. #MMWBH

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