Being given the #GiftofTime with Philips

As a Super Busy Mum {see what I did there?} ūüėČ it can be pretty hard getting to spend time with my family because nine times out of ten I am always doing something for someone, somewhere along the line. I would either be up to my eyes in laundry, dishes or other people’s squabbles; so when Philps got in touch recently to offer me the opportunity to review their Perfectcare¬†Silence Steam generator iron, providing me with the #Giftoftime i.e. the chance to spend more time with my family, I leapt at the chance. I would have been crazy not too, right?

I have vivid memories of being a child on a Saturday morning and as I was trying to watch my Saturday morning TV {Funhouse, Thundercats etc} and all I could hear was my Mummy ironing. After using the Philips Perfectcare Silence iron I realize just how noisy regular irons are and I for one will never be using my regular iron again.

The Philips PerfectCare silence iron has so many cool features and particular features that appeal to me as a parent.

– Three magical words; Silent steam technology. Now my children can watch their TV, as I iron without me disturbing them because the Perfectcare Silence Iron deals out powerful steam with minimal sound.

– You can iron everything {silks, wools, nylons}, all without turning a dial to readjust the heat. With revolutionary technology combining an advanced smart control processor {which precisely controls the sole plate temperature} and the powerful cyclonic steam chamber which delivers a consistent flow of powerful steam, making ironing not only easier but faster too.

– Need to descale your iron to prolong its lifespan? Don’t worry, because the Perfectcare Silence iron actually tells you when can do this. Isn’t that amazing? It will remind you via light and sound and once your appliance has cooled down you can simply open the Easy De-Calc knob and collect the dirty water and limescale in a container.

– With the T-ionic glide soleplate, you can be assured to have the best glide when ironing your clothes. The soleplate is also scratch resistant too.

– You can also lock your iron into the base station if you need to pop up to the bathroom, or one of the kids is calling you. This way, no little fingers can mischievously pick it up and get burnt. {I love this feature!} The lock also allows you to carry your iron and base station together with ease.

– If you accidentally left the iron on your garments {don’t worry, we’ve all done it at one time or another!} the Philips OptimalTEMP technology guarantees no burns on all ironable fabrics or your ironing board cover.

– The appliance also comes with an automatic switch-off function if it has not been in use for 5 minutes; not only to save energy but to save you and your home {in my eyes} too. Another great feature because I know I’ve been guilty of leaving the iron on and popping out to the shop!

– It has a detachable water tank with an impressive 1.5L capacity, allowing you to iron for up to 2hrs without having to refill it.

РLastly, the Perfectcare silence iron generator allows you to generate more steam when required, up to 6.5 bar pressure. 


I think it’s safe to say that we love this Perfectcare Silence Iron from Philips and I could not be more thankful to them for giving me the #GiftofTime with my family over the Halloween and Half term period. Being able to do the monumental piles of ironing in half the time it usually would left me time to have more quality time with my children. We even found the time to bake…which is something we’ve not had any time to do lately, so making these with the kids was super special.¬†

Another huge thank you goes out to Philps for sending us this super cool Halloween baking hamper!!

With our simple fairy cakes baked and perfectly cooled I let the kids go to town with their decorating. I love seeing what they all come up with and they really made use of the fun Halloween blood gels, slime and ghastly sprinkles we were sent. 

Being able to bake more with my children is a must for me because it seems to be so hard getting them all together for activities they all love. With their age differences this can prove tricky, however, when you involved cake and decorating fun, they all flock to the table to get involved and those are moments and memories that this Mama will happily store for a lifetime.

Disclosure: Philps kindly gifted me the PerfectCare Silence Iron Generator for the purpose of joining in on their #GiftofTim campaign. All thoughts, photos, and opinions are my 100% my own. 


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