My top 5 tips to soothe a baby with colic

Now, I am perfectly aware that as I write this, my children are all very much passed their trapped wind days, but do you know what, that doesn’t mean I have forgotten them. So I thought, for something a little bit different I would share five tips to soothe your little one{s} if they are suffering from the dreaded trapped wind. I can be so painful for your little ones, and let’s face it, painful for the parents too. These tips are also based on what we found to work for us.

But first, what is colic? According to medical professionals colic is classed as a “severe pain in the abdomen caused by trapped wind, and suffered mostly by babies”. You can tell when your baby has trapped wind by the classic knees being drawn up into their chest, followed by, more often than not a cry of distress and discomfort i.e. pain. Colic develops for all kinds of reasons and as long as your baby is gaining weight and healthy, then colic won’t be a big problem. It will pass.


However, here are a few tips that I found useful to try/use when my children suffered from colic during their baby days.

Putting them on your knees, tummy first: This just puts a bit of pressure on their little tummies and usually {for us anyway} the wind gets shifted and eventually comes out. We found swishing our knees gently back & forth was quite soothing for our baby too.

Circle-left, Circle-right: If I’m honest there is no actual name for this one but it’s something that my midwife advised me to try. Amazingly, it worked! You just place your baby in the upright position, just like you would when burping them, then gently {in circular motions} make clockwise, then anti-clockwise movements. Once you’ve done that you then lean them forward, then lean them back and repeat. Basically, it’s movements to help the wind that’s trapped in their little guts to shift and release.

Colic relief drops: We tried a whole range of colic relief drops when all of my children were babies, but we found Infacol to be the only effective one to help with our trapped wind issues.

Baby massage: We did a few baby massage classes which we found to be very helpful {especially when it came to trapped wind}. However, you can find tutorial videos on youtube nowadays to help you find the right ways to massage your baby to help release their trapped wind.

Lay them across your forearm: This is something else we found really effective when my fifth and final child. She could only be soothed {9 times out of 10} with her trapped wind pains be laying across either my or my husband’s forearm. We’d then walk around for a while and switch when our arms got tired! Because let’s face it, your arm gets tired fast with a gloriously chunky monkey of a baby laying on it.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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