Yoga while you work [#OfficeYoga}

Yoga is one of those exercise regimes that don’t look as though they actually do anything. In my opinion anyway. In reality, it’s more of a spiritual, mental and physical discipline activity and I’d be lying if it didn’t look relaxing. Exercise isn’t one of those things I like doing very much. I run after my children all day and get more than my fair share of calories burned, however; any exercise is pretty important and yoga has been something that I have been looking into giving a go.  I can’t see me ever being able to pull off a lotus position or even a handstand but I guess both of those things are possible. If I stuck at it.

If you don’t know already I am a stay-at-home-parent {SAHP}. Getting to the gym isn’t really an option for me; at all. And that’s OK. With my youngest daughter in preschool for two and half hours in the afternoon {leaving me about 1hr 45mins to myself!} I have started to fit in a little yoga time when I have that precious time to myself. Can you imagine trying to mentally & physically relax with a four-year-old running around? Not.a.chance. So doing it when she is at preschool is a must do.

Yoga is actually quite fun and I never thought I would be saying that. It’s also quite an easy thing to fit around your day too. Health experts advise us to do ‘at least’ an hour of exercise every day. Whether you cycle to & from work, go for a jog in the morning or evening or you perhaps do it over lunch at the office. I even reckon you could do some yoga positions at your desk {give the video below a watch for some tips}.

I have been an office worker and I think joining in with a little #OfficeYoga would have been just the thing. In between calls, or perhaps mid-call to a customer. Just think how much more relaxed you would be, you could maybe get your colleagues to join in too. Perhaps looking into having the right furniture at work would be something to look into also.

Are you a yoga fan? I’d love to know how you fit exercise around your day!

*This is a collaborative post.


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