Toddler Treats: Choccy Stuffed Raspberries

I missed last weeks Toddler treats! So sorry for that but I have been insanely flat out, however this week I’m back and have a delicious little number for you guys and this one is another ‘treat for everyone’ idea!

Everyone bar myself & my youngest boy loves berries however raspberries is something I hadn’t given to Annabelle since she was wee and I was baffled why not! So I figured I’d offer them to her again and see if her love for them still bloomed. My local greengrocer didn’t have any in stock as did you know once they are brought in fresh they don’t keep for very long? News to me, however, I was lucky to get a bag of frozen raspberries in my local Spar.

I thought popping a little chocolate chip into the centre was a cute touch and makes the fruity treat extra yummy-ness! Plus I hear raspberries & chocolate go together like ice-cream & hot fudge. They were made for each other.

rasp2 rasp3
All you need for this is two very simple ingredients and that is raspberries and chocolate chips. This could not be any more simple and easy to put together and Annabelle absolutely destroyed the bowl I put in front of her!

Before giving them to my hungry little toddler I popped one of her older brothers tops onto her and silly me, put her in white that day and we all know raspberries like to bleed!

Saying she loved them is an understatement! 

I do hope you liked it and decide to have a go at making it yourself. If you do I’d love for you to hashtag #ToddlerTreats over on Twitter and tag me in, I’d love to see your dishes! Also if you missed previous weeks, they can all be found on my Toddler Treats page right here on the blog or you can pop over to my Pinterest board.

See you next week for more yummy treats!!




  1. 28/11/2014 / 7:12 PM

    This is such a good idea and looks very yummy! Your daughter certainly seems to be loving them! 🙂 x

  2. Emma
    29/11/2014 / 7:36 PM

    These look super tasty and oh so simple as well! Might have to try these myself, x

  3. 30/11/2014 / 1:43 PM

    The thought of stuffing anything into a berry had never crossed my mind. Genius! x

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