Start a Reading journal with your kids!

Start a Reading journal with your kids!

Summer is here and me being me – I always have a plan in place to keep the kids brains sharp for their new school term. We will always do a little Reading Eggs or Mathseeds every day as well as some Edplus on the side for them too. When the kids find learning programs fun, it makes everything so much easier! Wouldn’t you agree?

As well as having PC time to do their Reading or Maths, I also aim for them to read a good selection of books over their time off. They are off for nine weeks after all! One book a week isn’t too much, is it? I don’t think so! Especially for older kids. So I thought it would be a fun thing to put together a Reading journal for them. Which also doubles up as a nice keepsake. 

Why start a reading journal?

Good question and if I’m honest…it’s a question I asked myself when I came across it, too. When I read the words “Reading Journal” I got excited and I’m a 39 yr old Mama! So I thought, my kids, loving books as much as me, maybe they’d get excited about keeping a reading journal too. 

reading journal by super busy mum

Free reading journal printables

I also think that through keeping a reading journal, it will help them understand what they are reading a bit more. This factor is aimed at the two young sprouts, for sure. I also think it will help them improve their sense of understanding and writing abilities. Which will obviously help them later on in life i.e. Later Primary years & High School etc. Not to mention, having a reading journal sparks creativity – which is something we all want our kids to possess, right?

Free reading journal printables

With the Autumn & Winter months upon us, I am looking forward to gloomy evenings with us snuggled up and reading a book together. And with this reading journal, they’ll be able to log the books they read, what they thought and I think it’s quite the nice thing to have. Just me? 

Start a reading journal with your child

The pages are quite vibrant, yet basic – they will print out in a portrait, A4 format. I have also arranged them in a way that will allow you to print, double-sided and they’ll form into a perfect reading journal booklet.

Sneak peek at the Reading Journal Pages

Reading journal

So, you get the idea. I have included 20 pages in this Reading journal booklet and I will be giving one to each of my younger kids to fill out as they finish each book. We have a set amount to read over the summer and besides, I think it’s a lovely keepsake to have. It also encourages creative writing, penmanship practice and creative drawing too. All of which my kids could focus a little more on!

free reading journal printables

You can download the Reading Journal Printable right here and I really hope you & your little ones enjoy it. Do feel free to tag me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook if you are using them! If you do use this, I would love it if you used the hashtag #SBMfreeprintables – thanks! 

EDITED 02-04-2020 // I have recently converted these journal pages from A5 to A4 as I think they’re easier to print and there is no pressure of making double-sided pages for the booklet! We all live and learn right!? I have left the A5 version available in case that is your preference. But the A4 version Reading Journal PDF right here. 

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