Siblings Project {February 2017}

Being a Mum can be one of the most exhausting things, in fact, let me rephrase that….being a parent can be one of the most exhausting things. But it can also be one of the most rewarding.

There have been days in February were I have felt quite defeated as a parent. The laundry would pile up, the upstairs hallway would again be cluttered with ‘stuff’ and the bathroom I just cleaned would sport that ‘just raided’ look. To keep up the momentum of unfabulous February my husband got sick and when he finally listened to his wife to go see his GP he was put on strong antibiotics and signed off work.

So for about two-thirds of half term was spent in our pyjamas, the kids enjoying lazy mornings as I made sure the house stayed afloat {sort of} allowing my husband to get better again. And once his medication worked its magic we were able to kick-start fabulous February with a few last minute day trips. It was so nice to be able to get outside into the fresh air. The rule of thumb here in Northern Ireland is if it’s dry, it’s a good day! It could be as gloomy and grey as it liked, but if it was dry, then there is no excuse to not be outside getting some fresh air.

Siblings project {Feb}
Ellie & Jacob can fight like cat and dog at the best of times but on a good day? They really are the best of friends. Sometimes I miss how incredibly alike they are and their wee faces could not be more alike than in this photo! {During out day trip to Portrush!}.

My three youngest on what felt like the windiest day ever, down on Portrush beach. An absolutely stunning part of the North Coast of Northern Ireland. But kids don’t really care for the weather, heck, I reckon if it snowed they would have still had a blast on the beach!

Raising girls can have its challenges. They are feisty, headstrong, stubborn, dependant from the youngest of ages, argumentative; I could go on. But raising geeky girls is such a fun part of parenting. There are no pink frills or sparkles in this house, no sir-eeee! My girls are superhero loving, gaming fanatics with a real fire for adventure, creativity and man can they make me laugh! 

Watching my Siblings each month is such an amazing thing and I loved that we turned our frumpy February into what has been a fabulous one {thus far!}. And even though after the soggy zoo trips and windy frolics on beaches this Mama has earned a nasty cold…I hope we can continue to make the most of February because at the rate it is going, it will be over before we know it.

D xx


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  1. 26/02/2017 / 9:50 PM

    So glad your hubby is better, lets hope some meds work for me this week too. Glad you managed to enjoy some time together x

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