Samsung Galaxy S7 Mobile Phone review {with Three}

Over the last month, I have been reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone with Three and I have to say, I’m in love. I’m a Samsung {& android!} girl at heart. I adore their phones and prior to my Samsung Galaxy S6 finding its demise down the toilet I’ve been using a Sony Experia N5. You can imagine my pain. 

I had heard great things about the S7 and I was excited to see and test it for myself. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait too long and I was holding it in my hands before I knew it. Just holding the S7 was beautiful. Samsung mobiles {in my opinion} just feel really nice to hold, even for small hands such as mine.

If it’s not been made apparent before now, I’m a bit of a fangirl when it comes to what mobile phone I use and I need it to excel in specific features for it to appeal to me i.e the camera. However, after this last four weeks using the Samsung Galaxy S7, everything about this phone made me happy. 


When the S7 arrived I didn’t see any initial difference in its appearance when compared to my previous Samsung Galaxy S6, and that was fine by me.  I loved the look and feel of the S6, so it was nice to have that familiarity with the S7. However, the one thing I did notice was the curved sides of the screen. The S6 has quite a rigid feel to it whereas the S7 feels so much nicer to hold and all due to the addition of these curved edges. Nice move Samsung!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review It has a 5.1-inch screen and the quality of is just pure perfection. It’s bright, colourful and sharp making it {in my opinion}, pretty darn perfect. Watching anything from Netflix, YouTube looks amazing and playing games too is a real treat. Mario Run is one of my current favourites to play! Could you watch a show or a movie on a 5.1in screen happily? Of course, you could! 

The front and back casing of the Samsung Galaxy S7 are covered in Gorilla Glass 4, which make the phone feel super nice to hold in the palm of your hand. Giving the overall look of the S7 a really sleek, clean look.


At first, I was a little confused where to put both my sim & SD cards but after a quick google search, my confusion was cleared up. Due to this model being on loan, the eject tool wasn’t present in the box. However, using a pin worked just as well. Gently pushing the pin down into the little hole made the tray eject from the slot.Samsung Galaxy S7 Review
Samsung Galaxy S7 Review Setting up the S7 was lots of fun {How nerdy of me, I know!}. But there are lots of security choices to consider using; the fingerprint scanner was a new feature for me to try so I decided to go with that one. Underneath the slightly bigger home button on the bottom of the screen is an impressively fast and very accurate fingerprint sensor.

My curious nature meant that I tried to see if the fingerprint scanner was as secure a measure as Samsung intended it to be and believe me, I tried to trick the sensor into believing it was my fingerprint! It turns out unless it’s your actual print, the phone will not allow you access. So I conceded in my attempts and saluted the fingerprint scanning security measure.
Samsung Galaxy S7 review
It’s water resistant with an IP68 rating, meaning, your phone could sit in 1m of water for up to 30mins without getting damaged. Unlike my non-waterproof S6 that fell down the toilet for about 2s and completely died on me, {I’ve still not got over the loss!}.

I have always found Samsung phones to be quite a hardy bunch and it took quite a few accidental drops {usually when in the hands of my toddler} to gain a broken screen. Sad times. The Samsung S7 did meet a drop or two {Sorry Three!} but the toughness of the handset did not disappoint, much to my relief! 

I appreciate the ‘always-on’ feature which allows features such as the clock, date & time etc to remain on without the entire screen staying lit as the phone remains locked.

The only thing I dislike about the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the placement of the speakers on the lower right-hand corner. They are easily covered therefore dulling the sound. 


The drop in megapixels on the S7 was my first initial shock. The S6 has a 16mp camera whereas the S7 has a 12mp camera. Surely the more update the phone, the more megapixels you’d get. This was my hope because the camera part of any phone is a real selling point for me personally. However, all became very clear after a little research and the reason why Samsung decided to reduce the megapixels in S7 was to enhance photos being taken in low-lit environments. Therefore there may have fewer pixels, but the 12mp it does have are much larger.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

The S7 takes great quality photos in low-lit environments. Usually, images taken in those conditions are horribly grainy and just unusable in my opinion. So having a great result in dim-lit conditions was amazing to see.

Initially, however, I didn’t notice the megapixel difference, it was only when I zoomed into an object within the image that the difference became clear. Photos taken in daylight look amazing. The results are bright, crisp and colourful which is always a winner. The macro feature is excellent and I loved being able to use this feature because the camera would provide me with the same depth of field that my DSLR would {which is also 12mp}.
Opening my camera app has never been faster. Being able to double-tap the home screen to be taken to my camera is a funky little feature. Having children that I just love to photograph {if you’ve seen my Instagram feed, you’ll know I have an addiction!}. So getting to my camera super fast to capture a fleeting moment is a key priority for me. The camera feature is packed with extra features too. I really like it’s layout out because you can just fire away in automatic if that is where you feel comfortable. You can access other features such as pro, which allows you to fiddle with the ISO and focus point metres.
Samsung Galaxy S7 review
Samsung Galaxy S7 review
There is also a live broadcast option, which I didn’t get to use and that allows you to beam videos straight to Youtube. A pretty sweet feature if you’re a vlogger! The front facing camera has 5mp and it also comes with a wide angled lens, allowing you to fit more into your frame.

Overall thoughts

I love this phone. It looks & feels great. The battery life is good. The camera app is excellent with fast auto-focus and impressive low-lit performance. The security features give you peace of mind {the fingerprint scanner still impresses me}, it charges quickly and it is all round a wonderful phone.

Disclosure: I was sent this device from Three, on loan, to review, all thoughts, photos and opinions are entirely my own. 



  1. 08/05/2017 / 3:48 PM

    Samsungs seem great, I just don’t think I can ever leave my iPhone. However. These are great points to Consider if i ever do.

    • 08/05/2017 / 4:00 PM

      Aaah, an iPhone user! The dark siiiide, haha! I have never used an iPhone and doubt I ever could. I am an android user through & through.

    08/05/2017 / 7:22 PM

    Very timely information for me, because I’m just considering buying on SAMSUNG. Thank you!

  3. joyfuliowan
    08/05/2017 / 11:33 PM

    I switched from android to apple 3 years ago and I don’t believe I can go back. But if the iPhones cameras don’t improve I will be switching back

  4. Rosey Everyday
    09/05/2017 / 11:24 AM

    I like the review but I’ve been part of the apple family for far too long idk if I can go to any other phone. But this sounds like a great phone!

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