An Ultimate Slumber Party with the Now TV Kids Pass

A few months ago the darling man and I made the decision to cancel our satellite TV subscription. We were just paying out far too much money especially when we felt that we weren’t getting much from it. We basically paid for the kids to watch their shows when they had some TV time. Cancelling it, however, was a great decision {also a money saver} and helped us look for other options available out there for us to be able to watch our favourite shows.  For a time we watched shows & movies on Netflix and as limited as that subscription was at times, it kept the kids happy. However, recently we were introduced to Now TV and this has completely changed our TV time at home.

Now TV is basically Sky’s streaming TV service, offered right here in the UK. There is no contract needing your signature when you sign up and it is just like having a pay by month subscription. Having access to all of our favourite channels for such a great cost is amazing, especially seeing that Now TV allows you to add on more options via the following passes; Entertainment Pass, Sky Movies Pass, Sky Sports Pass, Kids Pass.

The Kids pass is the newest feature to be added to the Now TV website, and we were very kindly gifted a 4-month subscription pass to see what we thought of it as a family. As soon as I opened it up I heard a little WOW seep from the lips of my 3-year-old. The animation was very sweet, space themed, which is Annabelles favourite thing at the moment.

Now TV Kids pass
The kids pass has something for everyone, and being a Mum to quite the age range of children, seeing this made me very happy indeed. As well as seeing something for everyone it was exciting to see some of our family favourites in there too, such as; Adventure Time *fist pump*, The Amazing World of Gumball, Sanjay & Craig, Deadly 60, and Chowder, to name a few.

To help the kids and I enjoy the new Kids pass further, Now TV very kindly sent us out the Ultimate Slumber party kit and when it arrived you can imagine they couldn’t wait to get it open. Inside we found such a fun collection of goodies to help us enjoy our evening snuggled up to enjoy our favourite shows with the Now TV Kids pass.

The first thing to be noticed was the pop-up space rocket tent, and with my space loving threenager, this was out and asked to put up pronto! That was one urchin happy, confined and happy. Now, what next…


The two older kids rummaged through the box for other fabulous things {for them to fight over} “Oh AWESOME, an Adventure Time blanket, that’s mine!”, “No Ellie, it’s mine as I love the show more!”. Sigh. You get where I’m going. But anyway, us adults got excited over the two techy items in the box because we were very kindly given two Now TV boxes to have at home. Up until this point, I was using my phone to stream to the chrome cast to the living room TV, or using the PC upstairs.


Setting them up was very easy and it meant not only did we have whatever other passes we had on our Now TV there with the touch of a button, but we had our Kids pass there and ready for our slumber party too.

The kids have had a blast playing with all of the super cool bits & pieces that they were kindly gifted from Now TV, from the Adventure time bracelets, the fun Jake poncho {which Jacob claimed}, the Nickelodeon slime {this has been a huge hit} and even the box was happily played with. But most of all, they have loved gaining access to the new Kids Pass on Now TV and it is a big hit with them all. There really is something for everyone, from my 11yr, including my 7 & even my 3yr olds.

The kids absolute love having a Now TV box in their bedroom and it were so simple to set up too. The only thing I dislike about Now TV {and it’s only small} is the limitations of adding devices. Before receiving the Now TV boxes I was able to access Now TV from my PC, Laptop and smartphone {all very handy} but I didn’t realise you could only ‘attach’ 4 devices at a time to your Now TV account and if you wanted to change one, for example; the Xbox 360 console to the Now TV box, if you remove your Xbox, then you have to wait one month before you can ‘attach’ your Now TV box. You can only have one permitted change per month. Instead of just removing one device and re-adding another, but still staying within your 4 device limit. It’s a bit awkward and that’s the only thing I would change really because now I have it on my phone {which I no longer need} and it won’t work on the Now TV box downstairs in the living room for a few weeks yet. Sigh. But as I said, it’s only small. Annoying, but small. 


Nevertheless, the Now TV boxes are fantastic. I love that you are able to watch channels {on the Entertainment Package} such as Discovery channel {huge fan of that!}, Sky living, MTV, National Geographic channel {big hit with the kids}, BBC iplayer and so much more. On the Kids Pass, channels such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Nick Jr and again, so much more. You can also opt for a month-long pass for Sky movies {costs £9.99} and you can also get a free 14 days trial when you sign up.

Overall, we’re loving Now TV and the kids are loving the Kids Pass and I have to admit, being an Adventure Time fan myself, I am too! 😉 Thanks Now TV!

Disclosure: I was sent these products for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos, and opinions are my own. 


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  1. Millie Chip
    18/07/2016 / 1:53 PM

    Looks like you had quite the party!
    Love this. x

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