Minevention, Belfast 2017!

A few weekends ago, the kids & I attended a Minevention Plus event in the Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast. We are all huge Minecraft gamers in our household and it would cool to be attending an event evolved around that. 

Aside from it being Minecraft orientated, there was going to be gaming stations, retro gaming stations {my favourite!}, main stage build battles, gaming buses {one of which was a double decker!} with an amazing selection of YouTubers attending for meet & greets. There was also going to a costume contest, Bricks 4 Kidz, Cool FM keeping the beats going and much, much more. 

The amazing list of YouTubers that attended the event were:

The kids & I were kindly given Press passes to attend the event and my eldest girl decided to join in on the costume contest – which was to dress up as your favourite Youtuber or a Box head.

Ellie dressed up as Tomohawk, which isn’t just one of her favourite YouTubers in-game character, but Tomahawk was also going to be at Minevention for a meet & greet. If your kids follow Tomohawk they’ll appreciate it that her costume even included a biscuit – “You gotta risk it, for a biscuit”

The whole event was laid out & planned perfectly. There were timings for meet & greets with different groups of YouTubers, as well as all kinds of different things happening around the exhibition hall during the day. As soon as we walked into the hall, the kids spotted a few YouTubers that they knew doing signings, so naturally, that was the first thing we did. We hopped into a queue, that looked longer than it was {thankfully} and the kids got to meet an amazing bunch of YouTubers. 

Each YouTuber was so lovely and engaged with the children; having their photos taken, signing Minecraft swords, t-shirts etc. It was really lovely seeing that as well as so many little happy faces. Each Youtuber noticed Ellie’s costume and she really loved that they knew who she had dressed up as – but no one more than the man himself…

Tomohawk loved that Ellie came dressed up as him. So much so that he asked to have a photo taken with her and asked me if he could share it on his Instagram. You can only imagine her excitement when he actually shared it. You can check it out, here

I thought this stand was pretty cool – you were able to make, create & design your own kite for just £3. Ellie loves anything crafty, so this was a fun project for her. It didn’t take her long and it looked awesome once it was finished. 

Not one gaming bus, but TWO gaming buses. If my Husband had of been there with us, we would have lost him, for sure! Jacob got to go on both – the queues were incredibly long for these but they were so worth it once you got on board. And after chatting to the onboard supervisor for the Godmodex bus, I ended up booking the gaming bus for Jacobs surprise 9th birthday in a few weeks – sssssh!

Jacob loved going up on the Quacktopia stage and having a little creative build battle with someone else in the crowd. They had to create something space themed in Minecraft and both boys did an amazing job. 

After a few meet & greets we headed over to the main stage where after an amazing duel-cannon explosion and green shiny confetti going everywhere! We watched CaffCast introduce Martyn Little from IntheLittleWood and Grian have a Build swap. This was a lot of fun to watch & it’s a game the kids & I have started playing at home. 

Jacob having a bit of a play in the retro gaming section. They had such an amazing array of old consoles & games and I had to laugh when Jacob came up to me after and exclaimed “Mum! They had one that you needed a wee joystick to play it!”Aaah, Atari’s, how I miss those days!

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When it came to the costume contest, there were some amazing creations. From an epic villager costume, a hand standing unicorn – because you really don’t see one of those, every day! We had multi-expression creepers, an Enderman on stilts & my little Tomohawk being cheered on by Tomohawk himself.

I think of all the moments that day, this topped them all. Going up on stage can be a daunting thing for anyone to do, let alone a shy, not-very-confident-in-herself preteen. So to be cheered on by one of your favourite YouTubers was without a doubt, amazing for her to experience. So, if by some strange twist of fate, Tomohawk, that you read this – thank you! 

When we arrived at Minevention that morning, at 10am. Not for a moment did I think we’d end up spending seven whole hours there; Playing games, watching build battles, waiting in queues, meeting Youtubers and just having an all round amazing time. But we did! There wasn’t a single moment of boredom & both kids left with the biggest smiles on the faces asking if we could go back again next year! 


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Disclaimer: I was offered press passes to attend this event and share our experience here on the blog. All thoughts, photos & opinions are entirely my own. 



  1. countryheartdeb
    10/08/2017 / 8:04 PM

    Aww that looks amazing, my kids are huge minecraft fans so would love this!

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