Mario Party: Star Rush Review {Nintendo 3DS}

I’m back with another great family game for the Nintendo 3DS family system, and that is Mario Party: Star Rush. This game is packed with over 50 mini-games {I love a good mini-game! They’re so addictive!}, loads of new modes {including frantic Toad Scramble} and the whole premise of Mario Party; Star Rush is that everyone is invited to play.

Do you have four friends, each with their own 3DS Family system but only one copy of the Mario Party; Star Rush game? Fear not! With Mario Pary: Star Rush – Party Guest, which is available to download for free from the Nintendo eshop, everyone can access the full multiplayer experience with a single copy of the game.

Toad Scramble has been their favourite mode so far. Toad scramble is a fast-paced board game, where everyone takes a turn {if playing with party guests} at the same time and the best part? Everyone’s a toad!

Basically, the naughty Bowser and his forces have stolen a stack of stars and it’s up to a small band of toads i.e. you guys, to get them back! You need to collect coins and stars while moving around the board; the one with the most stars at the end of the round wins.

Another fun mode is Star Power where you have two options to gain stars. The first way to get stars is to collect coins and every ten coins you collect it can be swapped for one star at the end of the game. The second way to get stars is a bit more daring…can you handle that? Because you’ll have to face the bad guys; battle the big boss baddies and come away with the most points.


In the Boss battles, all players work together to defeat the adversary as well as competing with each other, naturally. If you are skilled enough to reach the first boss first, then you’ll start the minigame, whilst the rest need to play catch up. Giving you a few extra precious moments to gain some extra points. 

With a range of other modes to play and 50 minigames to enjoy, from puzzles to action-packed races to finish by collecting coins, climbing up huge structures in the challenge tower mini game or even trying to pass your rivals in Mario Shuffle. There are hours of endless fun to be had in Mario Party: Star Rush either by yourself or with your friends.

My children really enjoy the huge amount of choice in this game and each of them has their own favourite mini-games that they love to play over and over {and over} again. Also with the party guest option they love having their friends round to play too.

Disclosure: As a Nintendo Family Blogger I was sent this game for the purpose of my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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