Making Memories at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool.

Going through my draft posts I just found this little gem. A little gem that I totally and utterly thought I had shared with you guys, but it clearly got sucked into the depths that is, a busy blog-sphere! Anyways, this post was written up last year and it’s all about our at the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool!

When we went on our first holiday back in June, staying at the fabulous Haven Holiday park in Marton Mere, we were given am amazing opportunity to have a day out at Pleasure Beach. We received complimentary wrist bands which were very generous, leaving us to just walk through the doors and enjoy our visit.

The kids were pretty excited about getting their wristbands and the staff at Pleasure Beach where so nice, asking them all sorts of questions about what they were excited about most. I think the questions actually got them more excited if that was possible! But once we were all ready to go, off out into the park we went. 

The kids were so dazzled by the sheer amount of fun going on around them, they were in absolute awe. As we walked I would hear “WOW, Ellie look!” with a dramatic point to a rollercoaster wooshing around the loop. To stalls lined with GIANT minions, which of course they begged to try, candy floss stands, and so much more. I think we all felt that rush of excitement at the prospect of the fun we were going to have.

Our first place to visit was the toddler, mainly because it was almost her naptime and we wanted to her to at least experience a little bit of fun before she slept. So we took her to the lovely Bradley & Bellas learning garden. 

This was such a lovely section of the park. Pathways to toddle around, pretty flowers, toadstools, and an amazing array of textures and smells for the little ones to have a wicked session of sensory play too. There were cute little animals placed throughout, from friendly beavers to butterflies. It was really lovely and Annabelle really enjoyed it.

Our next stop was the Alice in Wonderland ride and thankfully little Jacob could go on. This was a fear of mine, as the poor boy gets his height genes from me {poor kid – destined for shortness!} but this one he could go on with parental supervision. So the darling man hopped on the ride to enjoy the fun and frolics of Alice & all her friends. 

The darling mans face in this photo cracked me up. Surprised the shot’s in focus, lol! He had a theme throughout the day to make silly faces as I snapped! Nice of him eh!

The boys face in this is so funny. I think they were taking a funny leaf out of the darling man’s silly book! Our next stop was something I was pretty excited about! Sadly Jacob was too small and parental supervision wasn’t an option, explaining his ‘hiding from the camera’.

But it was Vahala time and the darling man’s little brother and Ellie came on it with me and even though I’d heard how wet you ‘can’ get on this ride, I never expected to get soaked through. Literally! But man was it fun! I got placed in the very front of the ship, which just so happened to be placed underneath a waterfall. So this Mummy Blogger was drenched before the thing even got moving properly!! haha.

This ride was so much more than I expected it to be! I LOVED IT! As did Ellie. It was thrilling, super cool things inside from ice age scene {freezing} a fire room, pitch black slopes into lord knows what and man it was brilliant. Although next time…I’ll be buying a poncho! Did I learn my lesson as after the ride? I had a 50p coin sized DRY PATCH, the rest of me was drenched, lol. Luckily, though, the ride has a fabulous drying machine which costs you a £1 for like….5mins of drying. Does the job nicely. 

Ellie said these words to me “Mummy, I’ll go on it if YOU go on”. Well damn, if I say no I’ll look like a complete wimp in front of my daughter and if I say yes I am going to require some sort of man nappy! But seen as it was my 34th birthday on this day, I figured what the hell! Let’s do it! All the while literally BRICKING it on the inside, whereas my ballsy daughter was buzzing about it. Crazy girl.

Now I’ll save myself the embarrassment of the “OMGs” as we click-clacked up 213ft to the terror {and possible swearing!} as we soared down a 205ft drop and reaching speeds of 80mph. At one point {as we went over that initial drop, I saw Ellie lift!…she LIFTED! My instincts clicked, I let go with my left hand and reached over her, the fear I felt cannot be put into words. Let’s just say I had anxiety dreams for weeks afterwards!
Even though she was strapped in and barred down, she was safe…just…seeing her lift like that…words fail me. But, we did it! Ellie punching the air and shouting “OMG I DID IT!” as we rolled in to get out and there was me shaking like a leaf! We even got the obligatory hideous-faced photo as a keepsake, lol.

So after the trauma excitement of the big one, we headed into Nickelodeon Land and this part of the park looked AWESOME! We had a go on the seriously fun Spongebob ride where each car has a water cannon, 3 in fact! There are several cars, the entire ride twirls and moves around, giving you the chance to squirt the others on the ride. SO MUCH FUN! However, of the ride, walkers by can squirt YOU too! Haha! Brilliant craic. 

Annabelle got to go on some rides too! She loved going in Fairly Odd Parents Taxi ride with her Daddy!

Jacob saw one of his ‘heroes’, Aang from Avatar – the Legend of Aang, walking around and he just had to go over and he gave him the sweetest little hug! Aang was so lovely with him, giving him high fives and waving as we walked off. I caught Jacob looking back several times too. I think that moment was a true highlight for him.

We even bumped into this spongy fellow, and in between his antics of chasing people and making the children giggle, he popped over to say hello to Annabelle. She wasn’t too sure at first, but after a moment decided his nose looked good enough to pull, lol. 

Dora even ran over and jumped into a photo with the kids and Spongebob himself. The smiles of my kids in this photo are lovely. You know memories are being stored from these moments.

Nickelodeon Land was so fabulous, and it even had a roller coaster that Jacob could go on. He really didn’t need any encouragement at all, he was fired up and excited! So we hopped on the Blue Flyer! I loved sharing this first rollercoaster moment with him, the smile on his face was magical. The squeals of him as we went up and down the track was fabulous! After we had two runs round the track, Jacob hopped back on with the darling man and they stayed on for a further SIX runs, haha! I think he liked it!

I love his wee face in this photo…{below} if there was ever a moment to make me well up, without a shadow of a doubt, it’s this one!!

We had such a seriously magical time at Pleasure Beach! The kids had a blast, us parentals had a wicked time and even the toddler thought it was bucket loads of fun! It’s definitely a place to go if you’re ever in Blackpool!



  1. 13/08/2015 / 10:19 PM

    I haven’t been to the Pleasure Beach in years and certainly not with the kids – I think we might have to take them next summer when everyone is a bit older!

    • 14/08/2015 / 7:49 AM

      We had such a blast Colette. I lived in Blackpool for several years in my 20’s and NEVER went, so it was awesome to go while on a family break.

  2. 16/08/2015 / 4:52 PM

    Oh it looks like you had a blast! I’ve never been to Blackpool but would love to go x

    • 19/08/2015 / 8:39 AM

      We did! Fabulous day! You should seriously go sometime. x

  3. 24/10/2016 / 12:20 PM

    It was so so adorable. I also want to go there in the near future.

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