Life lately… {in photos}

Life lately has been so busy. Even as I sit here now I’m not entirely sure what day it is. In the last two days alone I have been out with some girlfriends {we call ourselves the School Gate Mums!} to the theatre; we went to see Dirty Dancing at the Grand Opera House in Belfast and it was amazing.

Grand Opera House Belfast

I had never been to the theatre before and musicals aren’t exactly ‘my thing’ either, but I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Our seats were up in ‘the Gods’ section of the theatre and wow, we were so high up! If the show ever comes to your town, do check it out – a thoroughly amazing performance.

Following a night at the theatre with the girls I was out the next night {this hasn’t happened in like….ever!} to see Maverick & The Answer play at the Limelight in Belfast with friends. I go to quite a few gigs and they’re all awesome in their own right; but when both bands are from Northern Ireland, there’s an extra tinge of pride there. Both bands were amazing and I will be back to see them again next time they’re in town, for sure.

Some photos!

I’m not much of a plant person, mainly because they just die when around me. Tragic, I know! But I couldn’t resist this gorgeous Aloe Vera plant when I was at our local Garden nursery last week. 

I am finally getting around to printing off our Wedding photos. It’s so exciting and also it’s lovely having those special moments sprinkled around the house. {If you were wondering where I got the Skull in a bell jar, it’s from Asda}.

I got given flowers on Valentine’s day this year. Actual flowers! I’m also very surprised that they are still going strong. I’m not one for keeping plants/flowers alive! 

We rent, therefore our landlord doesn’t allow pets. Booo! So having our cat cushion on the back of the sofa is the closest we will ever get; no snoozy kitty photos here. Sadly. {I picked up this cat cushion from Asda if you wanted to know}. 

Over the half term break, in between a poorly husband and pretty dreary weather, we managed a trip to the cinema. We went to see {as if you can’t guess!} the Lego Batman movie and guys, if you haven’t seen it already – do! 

I managed to sneak out {kid-free} one-day last weekend to Ikea and on my way back I spied a Patisserie Valerie in Belfast. I had never been in before, but I had seen lots of people sharing photos of the beautiful cakes and treats on their social media. So I couldn’t exactly walk by without popping in for a little treat, could I? Beautiful leather furnishings, the lighting and the selection of cakes made me really excited. My double chocolate cake slice even had a profiterole roll on top!

Lastly, to round off what feels like a crazy few weeks, we had to perform a rescue mission for my littlest ladies stuffed best friend. His name is River Rabbit but Annabelle calls him Bear {don’t ask because I do not know why}. He was left at soft play and thankfully he was left at reception as you walk in {clearly she was far too excited to get into play that he was sadly left behind}.

So, the lovely reception staff held onto him until we phoned up. We only noticed Bear was missing as we got the bus home. Then once bedtime arrived and we were bear-less, there was quite the monumental meltdown. But, once we assured her that Bear was having a fun sleepover at soft play with other toys she seemed to settle down. But the hugs she has given him since we collected him have been so sweet. I doubt she’ll be leaving his side again in a hurry.

The last week or so has been pretty crazy so we’re looking forward to a mellow one this week. Lots of pottering around the home, doing little jobs here & there and normal things like homework and stopping the children from bickering. I’ve enjoyed this little catch-up….I really need to do this sort of post more often.

Until the next one.

D xx


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  1. 05/03/2017 / 10:08 PM

    Oh bless, I hate it when my children forget their stuffed toys as they too are very attached my little girl especially. We now have a spare Ninny bunny but wev’e had plenty of tears when she has been forgotten before.

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