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Ok so…if you’re kids are anything like mine, they’ll be Minecraft NUTS! Am I right? Of course, I am! However, I am a Minecraft nut myself, so all of this talk about nether portals and lava falls aren’t lost on me. In fact, I’m quite proud of the sandy hill I stumbled across and I am in the midst of creating an epic looking home with one hell of a view. 

Anyways, this is about the kids loving Minecraft! 😉 Through this very popular game my kids have learned so much and you may be thinking what exactly can a child learn from a game like this. Well, you’d be surprised. Minecraft is all about surviving in your surroundings, and using what the earth grows and forms to your advantage to help you survive.

For example, you chop down wood, make a crafting table to help you make weapons. These weapons will aid you in surviving the night when the creepers and skeleton zombies walk the earth. Aside from making weapons, you can also make tools. Tools to aid you in chopping down wood faster, digging into the ground for minerals such as sand, clay, stone, coal iron and so forth. These can be crafted into upgraded tools and weapons, you can also craft further items to help you make things like glass; for example, crafting a furnace, adding coal and sand which allows you to smelt your own panes of glass. So, are you getting it yet?

Then of course, aside from all of the above, you can make your own homes and constructions.

coding with kids through minecraft
So not only is this game fun but it’s educational too. Which leads to the aim of this post. My 10year old daughter loves coding. She started coding last summer and it’s grown into a real love of hers. So when I was approached to let my kids try a coding platform from Code Kingdoms, to help them learn more code through Minecraft, I knew we had to get involved.

Code kingdom - Minecraft 2

Code Kingdoms have made a coding program designed by Science teachers, aimed at children 8 – 14years old and the best part? They’ve linked it to Minecraft! This specially designed code editor, which is used by the BBC Learning & Code club makes coding fun and gives your children the ability to build their own Minecraft mods {it also provides them with their own Minecraft server! – Cool huh! Giving them the ability to play with their friends}. We’ve been testing out Code Kingdoms for the last week and here’s what we thought:

There is loads of help before you get started. Code Kingdoms have lots of helpful step-by-step video tutorials {these are a must-watch!} on hand to help you through each stage. The videos are clever in a way that they teach you complicated coding jargon in an easy & appealing manner. Instantly intriguing your children to get involved.

Code kingdom - Minecraft 3

It’s all Minecraft based. Children around the world LOVE Minecraft. They’re crazy for it. There are even some adults crazy for it too *coughs* 😉 My kids minds were blown when they could turn themselves into Dragons, balls of gas, fire endless amounts of arrows and more. All from typing out some simple code. They could see that a coding platform, like this, could open their minds to knowing anything could be achieved, through code.

For example, you’re first coding mission {if you choose to accept it}, or modding activity is learning to make and run your own Creeper Colosseum! This place is deep in the forests of the Minecraft world and only the bravest of warriors fight here but by the end of this activity, your child will have a firm grasp on the basics of coding.

Now, will your child enter alone to fight the endless flaming creepers and bowman? Or will they bring in friends to their aid! 😉

Coding Kingdom - Minecraft
It’s all done in stages. There are four different coding levels on the Code Kingdoms website and in my assumption they could be broken into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert.

Code kingdom - Minecraft

The beginner section enables your child {remembering this programme is aimed at children aged 8 through 14} to code in easily adaptable coding blocks and those blocks start to fade as you gain experience on the programme. If your child can make it into the expert category, they’re doing the same sort of coding that my partner did in his first year of his University Degree, as he’s studying to be a Software designer himself. How crazy is that! 

It opens up a whole new future for your child. We’re in a digital age. Computer science is becoming compulsory in schools and eventually I can see, at some stage {maybe/hopefully} computer coding becoming compulsory too. If your child has a knack for coding, or even finds it fun….being able to grow that ability can see them develop a career as a computer programmer or a software designer down the road. It’s exciting to think that through something as simple as this coding platform as their first step, can blossom into a bright future for your child.

Luckily, my 10yr old daughter has a real passion for coding and I’m excited to see where she takes that love as she continues to grow. Will it grow into a computer based future for her? Who knows. But I’m excited for her nonetheless.

And finally… Let’s get down to the “How much will it cost me part?”. Code Kingdoms will have a 3 month {£49.99},6 month {£59.99} or 12 month {£99.99} subscriptions available. Personally, we’re a pay by month sort of people, we tend to prefer the monthly subscription option, so if this was included in their payment options, we would be interested in investing. Because, if I’m honest, my partner finds this program handy for practice, just as my 10yr old loves turning herself into an Enderdragon! I can only imagine the fun she’ll have when she gets her friends involved!

So, fun with coding and turning ourselves into Dragons aside, this platform is pretty awesome, highly educational, amazingly fun and has enormous potential to open up a whole array of computer-based career paths for our children. Surely that’s worth investing in, right? 

Disclosure: We were provided with a 12mth subscription to sharing our review of Code Kingdoms, all thoughts and opinions {and screenshots} are my own. 

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  1. 16/03/2016 / 8:06 AM

    I think this is something that my son would love too. I do agree that a monthly payment option might suit us better. I think it is quite expensive.

    • 16/03/2016 / 9:19 AM

      I think overall, it’s expensive but when and if it can be broken down into pleasant monthly subscription payments, it changes the game entirely. It’s a really great programme so I am hoping the monthly sub option comes into play.

  2. Coombe Mill - Fiona
    16/03/2016 / 9:13 AM

    What a great way to start coding, I fear mine are just going to miss all of the school computer science learning being too old now and will be the dinosaurs of their generation #SharewithMe

    • 16/03/2016 / 9:16 AM

      I think it’s an awesome way and your kids are never to old to learn!

  3. 16/03/2016 / 1:17 PM

    That sounds like a great platform. My son always loves fiddling about with computers (in the settings and back end), so we bought him a Kano for christmas, so he could learn to code and it is fantastic. He also started a bit of minecraft, which I must confess I don’t understand, but my son seems to have grasped it. A platform like this would inspire him to code even more. A great way to help kids learn in this modern world. #MMWBH

  4. 17/03/2016 / 2:15 AM

    This is super duper cool! I’ve been thinking about coding for my 8 year old, but it seems completely overwhelming to me, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to help him. You just made this seem doable! Also, he is looking over my shoulder and saying, “I want to do this!” 🙂

  5. Will Sweet
    18/03/2016 / 9:07 AM

    Hi SuperBusyMum,

    We’ve added a monthly payment based on your feedback!

    We wanted to keep it non-recurring because there are too many companies who rely on kids not using their product while the parents keep paying for it. We don’t want to be one of those companies. Does that work or do you think recurring subscriptions are fine?

    Thank you so much for the feedback!
    Will @ Code Kingdoms

    • 18/03/2016 / 12:53 PM

      As a Warcraft player (on and off) I personally don’t like the automatic reoccuring payments being made. Companies can be super cheeky by doing that, don’t you think!? So good on you for going against the grain!

  6. Jenny
    22/03/2016 / 6:08 PM

    Wow I had no idea about minecraft and this game sounds like fun learning. Great life skills involved too. I am clueless when it comes to games. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me and the continual support. #sharewithme

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