Protecting children from online dangers with the Kaspersky Safe Kids app

Protecting my children when they go online is of the utmost importance to me. The online world is not only a wonderful place, full of photos from around the world, answers to whatever questions you may have, games and so much more. But it’s also a very dark & dangerous place too and certainly no place for a child to be let loose to roam around alone, without protection.

At home we do have lots of parental controls etc on our home computers, however, having an actual piece of software to help protect our children further would be great. And as parents, having something to allow us to monitor their web usage also would be really helpful.

As a Mother to children who enjoy going online, whether it’s to play games, watch funny cat videos or to simply do research for a school assignment; I am constantly worried in case they come across something they shouldn’t.

A recent European study of over 5000 children aged between 10-15 was conducted by Global Cyber Security company, Kaspersky. They discovered some really shocking {and quite frankly, alarming} stats about how children use the Internet and how we may not be protecting them as much as we should. 

One in five children admitted their parents set no rules about how they use the Internet or set screen time limits. Two-thirds of children admitted that they would know how to hide something from their parents that they found online; check out this video showing us just how tech-savvy kids have become. 

Kaspersky has developed the Kaspersky Safe Kids app that you can download onto your PC, phone or tablet and it blocks sites, filters web searches and removes the danger of your child accidentally clicking on paid or adult content. A lot of the features of the app are free but like a lot of apps, if you’d like further protection then you can upgrade to the premium version.

The Kaspersky Safe kids app allows you to monitor everything from public posts {if your child has any social media accounts}, their location via a tracking device on a map and even how much screen time they have had.

As parents, we can be quite hard on ourselves when it comes to protecting our children online. We can’t hang over their shoulders watching there ever move 24hrs a day, so this app, in my opinion, would provide great peace of mind knowing that Kaspersky is helping to protect my children while I get on with being Mum.

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