My not-so-Pinterest-perfect Instagram Brownies

Instagram Brownies; as soon as I spotted these glorious little creations over on Pinterest, it lead me to {what is now…} one of my favourite YouTube channels {Nerdy Nummies}; I had to give them a go. I love taking photos and I especially love Instagram, so making these seemed like such a fun project to do. They’re also surprisingly simple to make and luckily we had everything we needed at home.

The things you will need:

– Brownies
– Rainbow fizzy belts
– Oreos {for the lens}
– Peanut butter or chocolate frosting {I chose the frosting option}
– Giant chocolate buttons

Make your brownies. I use a very simple Brownie recipe that works for me every time. Make sure to bake them in a square tin as this makes it easier to cut out all your little Instagram squares. 

Cut out your brownies into squares {once they’ve cooled} and I just eyeballed mine because I like to live on the edge that way! 

Cut your fizzy belts into little squares.

Spread either your peanut butter or chocolate frosting onto about 2/3rds of your brownie. Making sure to leave that inch or so gap at the top. Pop on your little rainbow fizzy square onto the top left of your Instagram brownie.

It’s Oreo time! 

Now, you need to split your Oreos and scrape off the joyous cream inside {it’s a crime, I know!}. As you can see to the left of the photo below, I didn’t have the best of luck doing this. Hence the title of this post being my ‘not-so-Pinterest-perfect Instagram brownies’! I think maybe the Oreos stateside are much more hardcore than the ones made here in the UK – or maybe I just got a dud batch as mine kept breaking during the twist-process.

But anyways, I made it work {sort of} and I popped my Oreo lens right onto my frosting. Aah! This is when I got excited because the Instagram logo was coming to life! 

You can use mini Oreos like Rosanna did in her video, but my local store didn’t have those so I opted to go for giant chocolate buttons. I just cut mine into a square shape to make my little viewfinder on the top right of the Instagram brownie. 

And voila!!

They look quite rustic which I’m sure you will agree, but they are undeniably Instagram brownies and I guess that counts, right? 

Feel free to pin the below image if you ever feel like making these Instagram Brownies, if you do, do comment below with a link as I would love to see them all! I hope your Oreos twist off better than mine did!
Instagram brownies
Happy Baking!

D xx


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  1. Yvonne
    19/02/2017 / 12:12 PM

    I love brownies and these look so delicious

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