Having fun on a Num Noms Easter Hunt

It’s Easter weekend which can mean only one thing – Easter chocolate coming round our ears! I don’t know what you do for your children, but I like to put on a fun Easter egg hunt, with a small Easter egg as their prize at the end. As well as the countless and smaller eggs they have found along the way. This isn’t including the eggs they’ll be given from family, too. 

They are lucky ducks!

With it being Easter weekend, we have been up to lots of fun themed activities. All of which, thus far, have included chocolate based prizes – so I’d appreciate an activity that doesn’t include sugar! Because let’s face it, the kids will be getting enough – am I right? So much so that I am already looking into “What to do with my leftover Easter egg chocolate?” over on Pinterest, already. 

So what else can we hunt for, other than chocolate? How about some Num Noms? So that’s exactly what we did! My youngest daughter loves Num Noms, and when I surprised her with this Num Noms hunt, she was so excited.

These squishy, scented collectables are all the rage.  Annabelle has quite a collection, which consists of lip glosses, nail varnishes – we’ve yet to get a light up Num Nom, but Annabelle lives in hope! 

This Easter, we were very kindly sent out everything we needed to have a Num Noms Easter hunt. Including some arts & crafts to do too – which, let’s face it, makes any child happy. Especially when glitter glue is involved! 

The hunt itself went down a storm. Annabelle loved running from room to room, finding the little squishy, scented collectables and popping them into her bunny bag. 

We haven’t had a chance to do any of our Easter crafts yet – I’m keeping those to enjoy over Easter Sunday. Glitter glue and bunting galore! Bring it on!

Happy Easter! 

Disclosure: We were kindly sent the above products for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, photos & opinions are entirely my own. 



  1. 02/04/2018 / 9:56 PM

    My kids love num noms so a num noms easter hunt would be perfect! Adorable photos.

  2. 03/04/2018 / 2:37 PM

    We never did easter hunts as a kid but I love the concept – much more fun than just waking up to a pile of chocolate!

  3. 03/04/2018 / 8:36 PM

    I’ve only recently heard of num noms and I must say they seem like a lovely collection for children. I bet that was more rewarding than chocolate

  4. 04/04/2018 / 9:18 PM

    Aww it looks like you guys had a great time hunting for Num Noms. We were supposed to be doing it too but Oscar came down with chicken pox and hasn’t been feeling well so we’ve not managed to do it yet. At least we have something to look forward to 🙂

    Louise x

  5. Hannah
    04/04/2018 / 10:34 PM

    This looks like a really fun way to spend Easter

  6. 05/04/2018 / 9:20 AM

    Eliza loves num noms and would love an easter num nom hunt like this

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