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During our recent stay at the Haven Holiday village in Burnham-on-sea, we collaborated with Haven to review some of their prepaid activity passes.

We have been on a few Haven holidays, but the activities were never really an option for us before because we either spent too much time outside of the holiday village. Or one or more of the children were too young to get involved – so we decided if they all couldn’t do them, then none of them would.

However, during this recent Haven holiday, they could all get in on the action. The first activity we had the two eldest children booked in for, was the Segways. The kids were really excited about this one and if I’m honest, I was a little envious – they looked like so.much.fun! Dan, the Haven instructor for this activity was really good fun with the kids.

He gave them all their safety brief and asked them to do one more thing before they could go onto the court. He asked each child to place their arms out by their sides, and do a little hip giggle while quoting Elvis, with an “uh-uh-uh”

The kids were so embarrassed {especially my two!} but you weren’t allowed onto the court until you did it. Go, Dan! It was such a great icebreaker and in no time at all, they were out on the court, getting a feel for the Segways. 

They didn’t just zoom around the court, they took part in races and really got a feel for the Segways. The Segway activity costs two squares on your activity bundle, or £10 per child and this activity lasts for 30mins. This is a good batch of time for this activity and my kids came away feeling quite tired. Apparently, all that zooming around is hard work!  

Annabelle loves a bungee trampoline, and this activity is available most days {if not every day – bar Monday!} and once you book it, you’re given a time slot. This costs one square on your activity bundle pass and £5 per child, for 5mins or so. 

Bungee trampoline

We had Thomas for this activity, who is such a lovely lad and he was amazing with Annabelle. She really took to him, too. 

Bungee trampoline

Bungee trampoline

Thomas was brilliant with Annabelle. She was also scarily confident too – but once Thomas asked her if she’d like to brave a ‘super jump’ she wasn’t too sure. For all of two seconds! Mid-jump she decided to brave it and said “I want to do the super jump!” and in true Annabelle style, did one {or five!} and did her signature ninja kick at the top. Naturally. 

Pool Kayaking was Ellie & Jacobs next activity. This will cost £10 per child {or two squares on your activity bundle pass} and this activity lasts for 45mins. 

Pool kayaking

Water confidence was a big thing for us to work on, particularly with Jacob while on holiday {and over the summer}. He isn’t very confident when it comes to things out of his comfort zone. Again, the Haven staff were great with the kids. They did a range of races & activities as well as bravery tests i.e. climbing over the front of the kayaks to the other end etc. 

Pool Kayaking

Pool Kayaking

The kids really enjoyed this watersport activity and I was so proud of Jacob, in particular, for getting involved as much as he did. 

Annabelle, after watching Ellie & Jacob doing some pool kayaking, could not wait for her water activity. She was booked in for the Aqua Gliders – like the pool kayaking, is held in the main swimming pool and costs £5 for 30mins {or 1 activity bundle square}

The lifeguard for this activity was really good with the kids. I think he was new, but he did such an amazing job. The Aqua Gliders are like inflatable jetskis, and they have a little propeller on the front {which is placed beneath the water}. Once Annabelle was shown how to go forward, turn & reverse, she was off. 

Aqua Gilders

They got lots of free-time with this activity but did a few races and things too. They put on the mushroom for the kids and my Annabelle just loved driving through it and getting soaked! 

Aqua Gilders

Aqua Gilders

Annabelle had such a fun time during this activity. She particularly enjoyed having to retrieve all of the balls that had been thrown over the pool to put into the net. She was a pretty good shot!

Her next activity, which was directly after the Aqua Gliders, was for the Turbo Paddlers. These are little boats that you can ‘row’ by turning the handles on each side, which act like oars. 

Turbo Paddlers

Turbo Paddlers

This activity costs 1 square on your activity bundle pass, or £5 and it lasts for 30mins. Annabelle had lots of fun on the turbo paddlers. She did find them a little trickier, I have to be honest. It’s the whole turning with both hands that was a bit of a slow burner for her, but she got there in the end.

Next up, it was the AquaJets – which was an activity Ellie & Jacob were both really looking forward to. The Aquajets can be quite heavy but aren’t so much underwater. There is also a requirement to swim from one end of the pool to the other {25m} for this activity. 



You can bring your own goggles for this activity as it is based underwater. However, Haven can supply some for you if you don’t have any of your own. Jacob preferred the goggles with nose cover that Haven let him borrow than his own goggles {mainly because he needs to pinch his nose when going under}. 


This activity lasts for 30mins, costs 2 squares on your activity bundle {per child} or £10 {per child}. The lifeguards had them do a few races, which was really fun to watch and one of the lifeguards helped one team go a little faster by showing them a cheeky trick on the aqua jets. However, from what I saw, the smaller & lighter you are, the faster you will go. 

Our final activity pass was to have a session on the pedalos. This will cost 2 squares on your activity bundle or £10 for 30mins. Each pedalo fits four people, and the last time we were at Burnham on Sea, the pedalos were Dragons. This time they have the cutest little cars and pink flamingoes. 


We choose the car, because, well – just look at them! They are too cute for words. Annabelle being little had to wear a life jacket {standard} and we had Thomas for this activity again. Annabelle could not have been more excited to have her life jacket put on her and to board her floating car for half an hour. 



However, Annabelle took it upon herself to have a little siesta on board. She’s so funny. She pulled her straw hat over her eyes, laid back slightly and snoozed for ten minutes. As you do! 



We were booked in for the pool party on the night before we left, but sadly, someone was sick in the pool. Which happened twice during our weeks stay. The kids were absolutely gutted, but this wasn’t Haven’s fault in anyway shape or form. It just a shame it happened on the afternoon it did, and therefore, the pool party was cancelled. 

But during our time in Burnham-on-sea Haven Holiday village, the kids got involved in some really fun activities. Some they have never tried before and since doing it, would really love to do them again! They really are worth investing in, if you have yourself and the family booked in for a Haven holiday. 

Disclosure: We were gifted an activity pass bundle in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are entirely my own. 



  1. 20/07/2018 / 10:21 AM

    Oh my goodness. So many things to do! My two would be literally beside themselves. I fancy having a go at the pool caoneing myself. And what a fantastic ninja kick!

    • 20/07/2018 / 10:39 AM

      I have to say, I wish they did the pool kayaking for the grown-ups too because it looked like SO much fun.

  2. 20/07/2018 / 10:31 AM

    Oh wow this looks amazing! I love the look of that mushroom!

    • 20/07/2018 / 10:38 AM

      The mushrooms are always the best fun, I think!

  3. 20/07/2018 / 7:19 PM

    It looks like you all had so much fun – and the activity passes sound like such a great investment! x

    • 23/07/2018 / 1:12 PM

      Considering the cost of the individual activities, getting a bundle is a no-brainer. The kids had so much fun. x

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