Hardwall Takker, Multipurpose Hanging Kit Review!

When I first heard of this product I will openly admit, I didn’t think it would be up to the job. You get so many products nowadays saying this and claiming that, that I did {for my sins} assume this for the hardwall takker also. I just didn’t think it could go through the walls of our home.

Our house was built {along with many others} shortly after the war when timber was hard to get hold of and they needed cheap housing. So what did they make them from? That’s right, concrete. I have tried to drill into these walls and they take effort, and lets not talk about hammering a nail into them either! So you can understand why I had my doubts.
DSC_7447I was surprised how compact this was when it first arrived and I was so keen to put her to the test that she came straight out of that packaging. I loved how she felt and I even appreciated having the cool little compartment inside the handle to store the tacks.
DSC_7449You are also supplied with everything you’ll need for hanging pictures around your home.
takkerSo there I was, pressing this takker product to the wall and as I started to turn the handle I could feel the drill bit meeting the wall, feeling a little resistance but that didn’t seem to be an issue and the shock on my face was a complete picture when the pressure pad of the takker met the wall within seconds. Not minutes people, seconds. I kid you not.
DSC_7451DSC_7452This meant the hole had been drilled, so I pull the takker away and sure enough there was a little hole. So I popped in a tack and there it was. My first go. A place ready for a picture. I was in complete amazement that something so small & so light could tackle our concrete walls with true ease.

Check out this video of how to use the Hardwall Takker!

So with that in mind I was able to put up a set of photos of my children that have been placed on windowsills for far too long, and are finally up on a wall where they belong. Without a man. Without a drill. Minus the noise terrifying my toddler and I was stoked!
IMG_20150219_132922[1]The Hardwall Takker Multipurpose Hanging Kit is available for just £22.49 which in my opinion is a complete bargain and something EVERYONE needs to have in their home. So compact, super easy to use and I think it’s GENIUS!

You can find out more about Takker on their Website, Facebook & YouTube channels.



  1. 21/02/2015 / 10:33 AM

    Omg! If this is as good as you say, then I definitely need me one of these!! My hubby has spent many an hour swearing at me and the walls for me wanting to put pictures up!! 🙂 xx

  2. 22/02/2015 / 11:06 PM

    This looks absolutely amazing. If I had this in my life we’d have a lot more pictures on the walls! x

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