Easter Egg Button Craft

Easter egg button craft
I remember scrolling through Pinterest, as you do and I came across a lovely button craft. I actually cannot remember what the button craft was of exactly, perhaps it was an initial or something. As we see a lot of those, and they’re equally gorgeous in their own right. However, I thought to myself that perhaps doing an Easter egg button craft and popping it into a frame would be a nice touch for the home. 

So, I got to planning. I ordered the colours of buttons I wanted from Amazon and waited as patiently as I could for them arrive. I hate being one of these people that has to get stuck into a project as soon as I’ve thought about it. I swear I’m to blame for 90% of my womanly madness!

Lucky for me, within a few days my buttons had arrived – HUZZAH! and I’m not even ashamed to admit that I got straight to work.  Also, looking back on it, I was so keen to get started and as happy as a kid on a swing that I completely blanked out to take any photos as-I-was-doing-the project.

What you’ll need:-

A frame {I picked up a white one from our local poundland}
Buttons {colours of your choosing and different sizes works best}

It was so super simple to put together. All I did was draw my own Easter egg shape onto the piece of paper provided inside the frame and then I started to add my buttons. I started around the outside and made my way towards the centre. Although I am sure you’ll find a way that suits yourself. Once complete, I left the glue to set before placing it into the frame. Then, voila!

Easter egg button craft
Easter egg button craft
Easter egg button craft
Such a simple craft and cost less than a fiver to put together. Once I placed mine on my unit I have to say {and not to blow my own trumpet here} but it looked the part. It’s such a sweet little addition to make the home feel a little more seasonal this Easter. 

I can see myself perhaps making the girls initial frames pictures for their bedroom at this rate {especially as I have loads of buttons leftover!! ha!!}. Watch this space! 😉

How do you touch up your home for Easter? Or do you bother? {it’s just becoming more of a ‘thing’ now isn’t it!}. 


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  1. 18/03/2016 / 3:53 PM

    This is awesome! I really love it! Very creative! xx

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