Dreamworks Trolls Hug time Poppy Review

Have you seen the Trolls movie yet? If you haven’t you are missing out on a serious treat because the movie is fantastic! It’s colourful, funny, sweet, sad & an all round fun family movie. The soundtrack of the movie will also have you dancing in your seats. My three old, since seeing the Trolls movie has become obsessed! So when Hasbro got in touch asking her if she’d like to review a Hug time Poppy...well...you can only imagine her response!

This Dreamworks Trolls Hug time Poppy is a lot bigger than I thought she would be. In fact, she’s the perfect size {35cm tall} to get cuddles from my Troll mad three-year-old daughter! Hug time! And you can even comb her wild pink hair!

Usually when we get interactive toys like this they only have a handful of phrases; so when we learned that Hug time Poppy comes with 25 different phrases, including songs from the movie, I was impressed! Annabelle particular loved that Poppy could be rocked back and forth so that it looks like she’s dancing to the beat. You can press Poppy’s tummy to activated her phrases, or you can wear a bracelet {just like her’s!}, press the middle of it and to listen to her say cool things like “More Glitter!” or “Did you know that you’re my BEST friend!?”.  

Annabelle loves having a matching Poppy bracelet and even if Poppy is across the room from her, she can press her bracelet and Poppy’s hair and bracelet will light up as she talks {or sings}. But mostly, you’ll find them snuggled up together having some serious hug time. 

Whenever the songs play you can be assured, my toddler will be found dancing to the beat like an absolute champion {she gets her groove genes from her Daddy!}. 

When I asked Belle what she thought of her Hug time Poppy, this face was her response! So I reckon it’s safe to say, she’s thrilled! 

Hug time Poppy RRP’s for £49.99 and even though {in my personal opinion} that’s a little pricey for a toy…I have to admit with the amount of play she has got from it {and still remains to get} since it arrived, I would be happy to pay it. Poppy is a fun, interactive toy and I think she makes a great friend for my little girl. I wonder if they’ll ever make a Branch to join Poppy!

Disclosure: I was sent this product for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are entirely my own. 


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  1. Lynda
    26/12/2016 / 9:11 AM

    Brought for Xmas nice toy but when it is played with it keeps interfering with the TV keeps switching the TV av over and the sky off help as this should not happen is anyone else having the same problem as it is interfering with all the TV’s in the House

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