#DevelopingLife Round-up Week#19

Welcome back to another weekly round-up of #developinglife; sharing with you a collection of my favorites from the last week. Firstly can we just take a moment to say goodbye to the glorious month of October; with all of it’s spooky additions to people’s homes, trick or treating, and endless pumpkin patch photos! To just take a beat, grab a breath and think “OMG, it;s November!”. I mean, it’s November!! Isn’t that insane?

I just cannot process and now that Halloween is behind us all I see now are Christmas countdowns! Argh! Slow down people…let us recover from the candy-fueled celebrations before the turkey induced comas are upon us.

So, with that mini-waffle out of the way here are a few of the most glorious photos that have been decorating the #developinglife IG feed this last week.

// @jola_kaa // @victoriasclass // @marebearmom

How darn CUTE is that little pumpkin butt on the top left. I mean, I literally cannot cope! That’s a guaranteed photo to share on that little pumpkins 18th! 😉

Here’s a few more that really stood out to me this last week;

Big enough for their @jojomamanbebe leggings now

A photo posted by Jade Lisa (@jadelisaphoto) on

Roar! Happy Halloween x

A photo posted by Mrs • KPM – Kylee Murphy (@mrs.kpm) on

My own favorites…

It’s a pumpkin carving/painting kind of afternoon.

A photo posted by Debs Lifestyle blogger! (@superbusymum) on

We have a little astronaut coming to the National Trust leaf pod at City Hall today.

A photo posted by Debs Lifestyle blogger! (@superbusymum) on

“Mama…they have my favourite Troll!” D’aww!

A photo posted by Debs Lifestyle blogger! (@superbusymum) on

Thanks so much to everyone for your continued support on the Instagram community and I cannot believe how quickly we are coming up to the next milestone of photos in this feed! It’s just amazing.

Remember, your photo can be anything to do with life…so just use the hashtag #developinglife to join in, share the love, look around other amazing photos and maybe even find some new IG feeds to fall in love with too.

Until next week,

D xx


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