Week 1 #DevelopingLife Round-up {& reaching 10K!}

Guys…Welcome back the first #DevelopingLife round-up of 2017 and what a way to start off a brand new year! However, before I start sharing with you some of my favourites from the final week in 2016, I have some news! My little Developing Life IG community isn’t so little anymore and I am going to start off by shouting, so please excuse me! WE’VE REACHED 10,000 PHOTOS!

developing life instagram community
Isn’t that just the most insane thing! Like..ever! I can’t tell you how thrilled it makes me & thinking back to the day I planted the little #developinglife seed, never ever, ever did I think we’d make it to this milestone. At the moment we’re at 10,691, which is just so exciting! So it won’t be long before I am shouting about the milestone of reaching 11K! I think balloons are so needed for that one!

Developing life instagram community

I want to thank you {yes, you reading this!} for sharing your photos, your precious memories and those developing life moments with my not-so-little Instagram community we’ve grown together; it means to world to me. Truly. You guys are awesome; because if we get real for a second, this 10,000 milestone would not have been possible if not for you guys! So mucho love goes out to you all.

Now, shall I quit jabbering on and share with you my top three favourites from the last week?

The Guncles teaching Toddler L a valuable lesson about not always being able to have what you want. What bastards they are!

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Now, for my own favourites that I shared this last week!

When you jokingly ask for a basket of lush on your Christmas wish list and your gorgeous husband gives you….a basket of lush!! He’s a good egg! #luckylady

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My 3 littlest photo loving amigos! They’ve all grown so much this year!

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So, there you go! My first Instagram round-up post for #Developinglife, in 2017! All you have to do to join in is to use the #developinglife hashtag over on Instagram and voila! I’ll try my best to pop on every day to share the love, leave a comment or two and I look forward to seeing you guys next Sunday for another weekly round-up!

See you then!

D xx


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  1. 01/01/2017 / 10:34 AM

    Thank you for including my photo. Congratulations on the milestone!

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