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As a child, I loved being taken to the circus when it was in town; and now that I’m the parent, I love taking my own children now too. The stunts, the atmosphere, even those light-up twirly things the children love waving around; the whole shebang!

Here in Belfast, there’s a new Circus in town, a circus made for theatre – Cirque Berserk and it’s being shown at the Grand Opera House in Belfast {until March 5th 2017}. You can find where they will be next here and where their outstanding show will be played until the end of their tour in April.

When we arrived at the stunningly beautiful Grand Opera House in Belfast {have you seen the inside of this building? Wow!} we got our tickets and headed to our seats. To the kid’s surprise {and mine}, we were sat at the very front row of the theatre. The children were full of questions; “Would there be clowns?”, “I want to see the bow & arrow lady!” {from the 4yr old!} but before they could ask anymore the show had started.

Through the entire show, the kid’s faces were a mixture of “WOW” {their little jaws needed propping up} and being in fits of giggles at Tweedy the clown. Here are a few photos:

This bang up to date and jaw-dropping show had over thirty jugglers, drummers, acrobats, aerialists, dancers, daredevil stuntman and the award-winning Tweedy the Clown. Every aspect of this show was superb and being there on the opening night here in Belfast was a real treat.

Not to mention the insane four motorcycle daredevils doing the insane Globe of Death! It truly has to be seen to be believed! 

As the show came to a close, being part of the crowd to give them a standing ovation was really humbling. The hard work, dedication & true skill that went into putting on this show is so clear to see. The entire show was amazing, from start until finish. Cirque Berserk is playing here in the Grand Opera House in Belfast until Sunday 5th March 2017. So be sure not to miss it!

Discussion: I was kindly supplied with tickets to attend the opening night in return for this review. Photos are supplied by the Cirque Berserk website.



  1. 07/03/2017 / 1:10 PM

    Hello. I work with Cirque Berserk. Just to thank you for your super review. Glad you enjoyed our show, and hopefully we’ll see you next time we come to N I !¬

    • 07/03/2017 / 1:40 PM

      Hi Chris, thanks so much for popping by and for your lovely words on my review post. But really….thank YOU and the rest of the crew for putting on a truly unbelievable show. We will certainly be looking forward to you guys coming back. The best of luck for the rest of the tour!

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