Chubby Unicorns need love too! | Review

I have always had a thing for Unicorns. They are beautiful, majestic, and yes…they’re a mythical beast – but that doesn’t stop them from being cool. They have a certain aura about them that makes us believe in fairies, hope and pixie dust. 

Sure, a Unicorn is just an upgraded horse {in a matter of speaking} but they are so much more than that. The first Unicorn I ever saw was from the cartoon, Rainbow Brite – do you remember it? I loved that show! Her Unicorn Sprite was my first love and now it’s amazing to watch my own daughters fall in love with Unicorns too. Let’s face it, it’s hard not too!

My girls, who share a bedroom, have a few Unicorns sprinkled around their bedroom. They have the obligatory Unicorn head hung on the wall, bedsheets, framed prints etc. But recently, we were sent the cutest little bundle of Chubby Unicorns from Bullyland UK

The hand-painted figurines made at BullyLand UK are not only award-winning {which is very cool} but they are also PVC free, which is so comforting to know. They are made to encourage children to use their imagination more, through creative play.

I don’t think I have ever seen anything as cute as the Chubby Unicorns. They’re frumpy and fabulous. Rocking tutu’s and carrying cake as well as looking as happy as happy can be. 

Also, that rainbow mane? Glorious! As if it’s possible for them to look any more fabulous! 

These are such fun and sweet little characters that I know are perfectly safe for my daughter to play with. As favourites go, Annabelle is absolutely in love with the running chubby unicorn because can we just take a second to adore the victorious cookie on his back? 

We absolutely love the Chubby Unicorn range from Bullyland UK – which one is your favourite? 

Disclosure: We were kindly sent out this range of Chubby Unicorns from Bullyland UK, for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, photos & opinions are entirely my own. 



  1. 23/04/2018 / 7:15 PM

    Aw the chubby unicorns are absolutely adorable, I’d love to collect these x

  2. hannah wood
    23/04/2018 / 8:32 PM

    They are ace not seen them before I so need them ekkkk like a big kid just love Unicorns at the moment.

  3. 23/04/2018 / 9:23 PM

    These are adorable and I love that they are so detailed and brightly coloured! My daughter loves little figurines and imaginative play so she would love these!

  4. 24/04/2018 / 9:12 AM

    These are brilliant, I think they’re possibly the best Unicorn products I’ve seen. I love the one with the cookie on his back, LOL!!

  5. 24/04/2018 / 9:39 PM

    They are just the cutest thing. My daughters would love these as they are big unicorn fans

  6. 25/04/2018 / 12:36 AM

    Oh these are beyond sweet! As a plus size gal, these are unicorns after my own heart! xxx

  7. 25/04/2018 / 9:39 AM

    Oh these are so cute, they remind me of moomins a bit. My daughter would LOVE these.

  8. 26/04/2018 / 5:06 AM

    I want the one that can hold things like cupcakes lol, that is my kind of chubby unicorn so cute

  9. 26/04/2018 / 3:10 PM

    Well as someone who classes herself as a part time mermaid and unicorn at weekends I am definitely with you in the unicorn camp! These chubby unicorns are adorable!

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