7 ways to boost the value of your home

7 ways to boost the value of your home
value of a home is as much about how it makes buyers feel as it is about what it’s actually got to offer them. Here are seven subtle ways to make buyers feel that your house is worth the value you believe it is…

1.  First impressions count


“I want to sell my house fast” is something many people say, but take a moment to think about first impressions. Fresh paint on the front door and a substantial handle-and-lock set sends a signal that it’s a solid, safe home worth buying.

2. Create more space

Consider removing kitchen islands and knocking out non-load-bearing walls to create open plan living space. It might cost you a thousand pounds to do, but bigger spaces occasionally make people feel like they’re getting more for their money – buyers might pay more for a home that’s open and ready. Just beware of removing all the storage: savvy buyers will be looking at where their stuff is going to go if they take a shine to it.

2. Let in the light

We all like natural light in our homes, so consider adding skylights and sun tubes. Fix broken panes, use high wattage bulbs to make spaces feel bigger, and use softer lighting to add warmth to empty spaces. The right lighting makes buyers feel like your home is a pleasant place to be, giving the impression it’s worth more than a gloomier one.

3. Do some repair work

Get your house in tip top shape by fixing wonky doors, repairing leaks and updating peeling paintwork. Buyers expect to pay less if you’re demanding they do the dirty work, so up the value by doing it for them.

4. Tend to the garden

Tend to the garden and cut the hedges back to make the space feel bigger: buyers with children or gardening hobbies will pay more for a larger outdoor area. Prune trees and bushes to bring more light into the house too as dark interiors can put people off! However, don’t get rid of your fruit trees: mature fruit trees and grape vines can actually add value a property.

5. Check the carpets

A clean, well-kept floor is worth more than one which is stained and tatty. Don’t bother replacing whole carpets before you move as many buyers will rip them up for something suiting their own taste, but do invest in professional carpet cleaning. If there are any big problem areas, strategically place rugs and furniture to disguise them.

6. De-clutter

Your house will appear more spacious if you get rid of all the unnecessary stuff you’ve accumulated: bin knick knacks and piles of paper, or store it all away until the house sells.
7. Do a deep clean

Do all your usual chores, but also focus on grout, heating vents, windows and blinds, and pressure wash the driveway if you have one. If you don’t have time to do this, consider hiring a professional cleaning service specialising in cleaning properties for rent or sale: it will make your home feel instantly more attractive and valuable.

*This is a collaborative post.


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