5 ‘must-haves’ for our forever home

The home we are currently in may feel like home to us all, right now, but I don’t believe it will is our forever home. I think forever homes are rare and being lucky enough to not only find that house that captures your heart but also being in the position to be able to grab it with both hands. I think somewhere inside me I believe the house we’re in could be our forever home, but we would need to win the lottery to fix up everything to make it how we’d like it.

So, what five must-have aspects of a forever home would we be looking for?

First of all, we’d need to have a good-sized garden. I know bigger gardens can lead to the more time required to maintain it, etc; but when you’ve got children a garden is an essential requirement. Or it is in my mind, anyway. I can see a swingset, a treehouse {always wanted one of those!}, trees lining the garden perimeter and maybe even a good sized shed at the bottom of the garden. I’m not after much, eh!

As well as the big garden, I would love a good-sized open plan kitchen & dining room with the biggest windows possible. It’s all about that natural light people! I would love to have some bi-fold doors in place too because let’s face it,  they’re beautiful! Plus, being able to have them open on those summer days, leading out to the garden is a dream come true in itself. Now I’m dreaming of all kinds of home extensions

Local amenities to hand. I’m a stickler for choosing a home that has everything you’d need within {for names sake} a mile of each other. For example, where we live currently we have shops, greengrocers, butchers, chip shop, chemist, a hospital, a health clinic, a Tesco store, a garden centre, schools and I could quite literally go on. So choosing our forever home that was within that sort of community would have to be a must for us as a family.

Not moving too far away from family. A family is so important and moving the children away from Grandparents or even moving my husband or myself away from our Parents, Sisters and Brothers just wouldn’t be an option for us. Even if we found the perfect forever home, if it was too far from family, it would be allowed to slip through our fingers. Call us crazy but I think our children growing up with their family is much more important that some walls of a house.

Lastly, an attic conversion shouldn’t be in my ‘must-have’ for our forever home because getting that isn’t easy these days, but I’d be lying if it wouldn’t be a total selling point for us. With a large family, we need all the room we can get and I just have these visions of an attic bedroom with an epic skylight being able to watch the rain drizzle down the glass or watch the stars on a dark clear night.

Are there any ‘must-haves’ that you’d look for in your forever home? 

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