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#MMWBHHello FOLKS! A massive thanks to everyone who linked up to the Mad Mid Week Blog Hop last week! I love that you guys keep coming back & help me to keep this little linky alive! And a big shout out to the first timers that joined us last week too!! Big loves for that!!

Last weeks posts made for some AMAZING reads! There was such a variety that I was just so overwhelmed that so many of you shared with me, @MrsMumsie & of course the #MMWBH. The amount of you linking up each week has went through the roof lately and I honestly cannot thank you guys enough for your support! You’re all pretty amazing! I hope you know that!

This last week has been a busy one. With the older children off on yet another trip away {thankfully only over to England for the weekend this time} but it left Annabelle and I to visit her older cousin at her home. The girls had an absolute blast together. They always do. The darling man and I have had to have a complete wedding overhaul! Scary but these things happen and the whole rustic, country fete idea we planned has had to be scraped! More on that in a post coming to the blog soon!

I’ve also not had much chance to comment on all of the amazing blogs that linked up last week. APOLOGIES! I swear I need to be cloned but I will get round to them. Thanks for being patient with me! xx

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International Friendship Day: July 31st 2015!

When I was younger I went through all of the obligatory comings and goings of friendships. I learned that girls can be spiteful & horribly mean, and that boys were a little weird, but much easier to get along with. Or that’s how I saw it.

Sure, I made some epic friends when I was younger. Some I still know but those friendships have grown apart, but if we see each other in passing we’d have a quick catch up in the street and others I no longer see due to them moving away, or vice versa. After those teenage years I sort of went all hermit-ish. Through the friendship fails and broken hearts when good friends moved on to greener pastures and sadly even some of them passing away…yeah, I went went a little anti-social and shut myself away from the friendship circles of the world. I even found it hard to connect with people. To talk to them even and to trust them. I felt awkward conversing with people I didn’t know and the list goes on.

But fast forward into my 30’s and I can honestly say I never thought in a million years that I’d be able to one day say, that I have some of the best friends a girl could ever, ever ask for. Also, they’re girls! A total shocker even for me!
IMG_20150619_103749 IMG_20150301_144939
These girls have helped me, be me. If that makes sense. They’ve, some how, dragged out the Debbie underneath all of the Mummy-ness that I’ve built up over the years and I could not be more thankful to them for that.
11012129_821810177904475_1845368662270362937_nThey’ve become people I can go to when I need a rant, a giggle or just a good old natter about anything & everything. I never thought I’d have ‘girly’ friends to ever do that sort of thing with, and even though it still feels a little strange, it also feels pretty damn perfect too.
IMG_20150621_124209I mean, look at those faces. Laughing and having a blast! Such characters and as a girl who used to once-upon-a-time never in a million years be this close to ‘females’ as friends, I can honestly say that I couldn’t be without those two.


I feel very lucky to be at this stage in my life with two girls by my side that I can depend on 110%, and how did I meet them? Through blogging! What a crazy, CRAZY world we live in. If I’d never started blogging, we would never had met. So for this one, for these two…I have to thank fate for a lot of it. We’re even planning a girly weekend {me, doing a girly weekend!? HA!}

Two Irish girlies and a lady from Louth walk into a bar…

I cannot wait! So yeah…friendship means a hell of a lot to me. No matter when we talk or catch up, we literally just pick up were we left off. We know that each of us is always there for the other when they’re needed. Knowing that you have that sort of support system is new ground for me, but I’ll tell you now…it’s a wonderful feeling to have friends like these two!

Do you have ‘besties’? How’d you meet and how long have you been friends? 

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with TheCircle. 

Don’t fear the mess with Pampers Sensitive Wipes

This week Annabelle and I were set a really fun project by Pampers to not only put their Pampers sensitive wipes to the test, but to also NOT fear the mess! This is all to do with their new campaign for #PampersPooFace.
IMG_20150716_103315I was excited to see how these wipes managed my toddlers skin because she’s recently been diagnosed with eczema which can be tricky to manage.
Screenshot_2015-07-27-14-50-20[1]We did a little experiment first of all to check for the difference in pH balance between just normal water and cotton wool and a pampers sensitive wipe. I think you’ll be quite surprised at the results, because I was!

We really enjoyed being able to take part in this fun campaign and I was pretty surprised by the results. Where you? The next part was for Annabelle to go mad with some paints {like kids do!} for me to test out the wipes when it came to cleaning her up.

Annabelle didn’t get as messy as I was hoping {she’s not one to get ‘truly’ messy} but she had fun nevertheless and learned to really enjoy finger painting {something she’s amazingly never been open to trying before!}.
IMG_20150724_154457So I think it was safe to say that even though she’s not a true fan of getting overly messy, she certainly embraced the mess at the time.
Dont fear the mess 1As for cleaning her up! The wipes were great and I instantly felt the difference in them compared to our regular supermarket brand wipes. They’re thicker, not overly wet like other wipes we’ve used and they’re just overall a really great wipe.
Dont fear the mess 2With little Belle having eczema I was happy to see that these wipes were dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance which means Pampers sensitive wipes are milder than cotton wool and water making them kind to your little one’s sensitive skin.
Dont fear the mess 3One thing I did notice and really loved about these wipes was the soft-grip texture and the fact I didn’t have to wipe as much as when I had to with previous wipes from previous makes.
Dont fear the mess4Be sure to take a gander at this insanely cute {and very funny} Pampers commercial. It brings back so many memories of when my 5 pulled those faces!

I’m working with Britmums and Pampers testing their wipes and featuring their new #PampersPooFace video. I was provided the wipes and have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit here for more information.  

5 tips to getting a good nights sleep!

Sleep, as a parent is a hugely important part of our day. Am I wrong? Of course I’m not. Being a Parent is hard work. Whether you’re a working parent or one that’s able to stay at home, both sides of those days are busy and in some cases, emotionally draining. So I’d be lying if I said getting a good night sleep & looking forward to bedtime wasn’t playing a merry tune in my head from around 4pm!

Now, if you’re anything like the rest of the population during the day you’ll hardly sit down, whizzing around doing your daily job, or entertaining and cleaning up after children. You can’t think. But as soon as you lay your head down, this happens…
sleep tipsIt can be pretty frustrating. The tossing, the turning and then you find yourself scrolling endlessly through Facebook in a hope that reading will make you sleepy enough to nod off.

But failing that {which I’ve experienced a LOT!} I decided to write up this post to share my top 5 tips to getting  good nights sleep.

Have downtime before bed: I’m a gamer girl by nature, and then since I started up my blog I am forever found sitting at my PC after the kids have been tucked in for the night. No time for me to relax, as I’ll either be working or gaming. Both a constant form of mental stimulation.
So bouncing of one or the other into bed in a faint *hope* to drift over to sleep is utter madness. However lately I’ve been turning everything off, going to bed and relaxing.

Have a good mattress. This is something we need to remedy if I’m honest. Our mattress is so old, the springs are literally fed up of having people lay on them that they’ve started to fight back. So we’ve been researching mattresses and we found Tesco have some great ideas and inspirations.

Cut down on caffeine.Thankfully I’m not a big tea or coffee drinker. So this one really doesn’t apply to me. But I think it’s self explanatory why having a ‘cuppa’ before bed isn’t a good idea.

Make relaxation your goal. I find just shutting yourself off and focusing on breathing deeply {sounds silly I know, but stay with me} but it really aids to slow everything down to help you relax. The more relaxed you are, the chances of drifting off beautifully into slumber are great. Simples.

Read by a soft light. I don’t know about you guys, but reading It’s a total go to option when I’m really struggling to drift over. Give yourself a chapter or two, and before you know it you’ll be walking up with a book draped over your face.

Do you have any tips to getting a good nights sleep that I’ve not mentioned?