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#MMWBHHello JULY! A massive thanks to everyone who linked up to the Mad Mid Week Blog Hop last week! I love that you guys keep coming back & help me to keep this little linky alive! And a big shout out to the first timers that joined us last week too!! Big loves for that!!

Last weeks posts made for some AMAZING reads! There was such a variety that I was just so overwhelmed that so many of you shared with me, @MrsMumsie & of course the #MMWBH. The amount of you linking up each week has went through the roof lately and I honestly cannot thank you guys enough for your support! You’re all pretty amazing! I hope you know that!

This last week has been super busy. With a mixture of the kids enjoying their last few days at school to Annabelle being a right little monkey at home. Haha! Toddlers eh! I swear I have more stress lines after this week and along with the stress I’ve realised my jaw needs wired shut as I haven’t been able to stop eating!! Anyone else stress eat? Come ooon....I’m not in this boat alone! What’s your comfort food when stressed? Mines ANYTHING that contains sugar, lol. 

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Me & Mine – June

This month has FLEW by, crumbs! And once again I’ve been caught out by not having this post ready sooner! So after todays events of Annabelle developing a rash, taking her to the GPs {turns out it was/is a viral rash and she’s now on piritin & antihistamines}, coming home in the BLAZING heat {our heat came out of nowhere! It looked like it was set to rain this morning!} but we caught the chance to snap a few family selfies and just as the darling man got home too….I took a few, but they’re fun, so I had to share them all!
20150630_173402[1]I love Annabelles face in this one. She’s super shocked that tonight is in fact our final night having Ellie & Jacob as they leave on Thursday morning for Lanzarote with their Dad & Grandparents. Awesome holiday for them, but wow am I going to miss them! The most we’ve ever been apart is one week, so I’m not looking forward to experiencing two!
20150630_174457[1]The darling man just got home and made his little bark noise that Annabelle knows all too well, so her ears prick up at that, hence her looking away.
20150630_174502[1]She spots Daddy!!! & I’m like…“Keep looking at the camera everyone!!”.
Oh the joy is this kids face at Daddy being home is just bloody priceless, isn’t it! I was so worried this shot would be blurry, but woohoo it’s not! I do love my trusty camera phone!

So there you go folks, another very rushed Me & Mine for June! I say this every month but hopefully I’ll be more prepared for July! 😉


Let's Talk Mommy

It’s all about the Flowergirls, with BHS.

Last week I was approached by BHS with talk about Weddings. They took the time to have a little read through my blog and saw that I was due to get married next year. Which, I still can’t believe by the way, and not to sound too girly, it’s all far too exciting for me to cope with.

Anyways, I was given a budget to spend and to have a look through their Wedding section of their website to see what caught my eye and more important, blended well with what I have in mind for our big day. I think I’ve already mentioned my plans, so it’s cool to say it again. I am planning a Summer/Country fete sort of feel. Hay bales sofas with scatter cushions, pink lemonade, candy floss on a stick, lawn games…you get the idea. So focusing on the littliest ones, my Flowergirls, I was able to find the perfect outfits for them both.

I’ll not lie, it was a tough call, as they’re all so beautiful, however with the help of one of my Bridesmaids, a decision was made & I decided to go with the gorgeous Alexa Blush Flower Girl Dress.
6505173130_2_large 6505173130_4_large

Photos courtesy of BHS website

The delicate blush pink of this dress is just perfect for a summer wedding & the beautiful fairy-like tulle skirt is light and floaty which just screams comfort for little ones & young girls. Especially when they’ve to wear them all day! You want them to be comfortable right? For me that’s my key aim, comfort, and these dresses will do just that for my little Flowergirls.
6505173130_3_largeThe Alexa Blush Flower Girl dress is available from 12-18mths right up to 7-8yrs. If the beautiful pearlised buttons and bow on the back don’t make you go “Awww” I don’t know what will! {Those are what sold me!}.

It’s made with 100% polyester, machine washable and one other thing I noticed and love about this dress? That little sparkle waistband? Totally enables this dress to not be ‘just a Flowergirl’ dress but a party dress for any occasion. I do love a dress that can be used for more than one event!

So for a country fete/Summer fair feel wedding, what accessory would be perfect for my little flowergirls to carry? Well, I almost missed this little gem when looking through the Wedding section on the BHS website, but the eagle eyes of one of my Bridesmaids spotted it and we knew it was perfect!

Photos courtesy of the BHS website

This adorable little Wicker Flower Girl Basket is such a sweet little addition to the overall outfit for my Flowergirls. I just adore the soft grosgrain ribbon with lace detail around the basket, it gives it a true vintage feel to it.
I’m not sure what I’ll put in them yet {if you have any suggestions, please do leave me a comment below!}, but no doubt by the end of the day they’ll have little toys & pinched candy stored in them.

I am so happy with these products I can’t even tell you! Other than a few photo booth props and lawn game bits & bobs, this is our first proper wedding day clothing pieces and it just fills me up with all manners of excitement!
Tried and tested

Disclosure: I was sent these products for the purpose of my review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. The photos were courtesy of the BHS website.


Let's Talk Mommy

A Minecraft Inspired Sleepover Party!

My kids love Minecraft, and I mean LOVE Minecraft. It’s a regular gaming staple in their lives and I’d be lying if I hadn’t been lured into the mining world myself {in fact I’m rather proud of my Mountain home with lava fall!}.

If you’ve been in a cave underground for the passed few years and unaware of what Minecraft actually is, it’s a…video game where you can dig for different elements such as iron, copper, coal and build pretty much anything your imagination can come up with. It’s a 3D game and it has loads of different terrains to explore and make your own. It also encourages you to survive {this is where the digging and crafting comes in handy, err, hello….weapons!} once the sun sets and you fight against zombie creepers, Skeleton bow man and more. It’s pretty awesome!

Anyways, when talking to my {at the time} soon-to-be ten year old about what plans she’d like to make over her birthday, having a minecraft themed sleepover was at the top of her list. She’d been pestering me for a birthday sleepover for a while so I guess it was about time I caved! So I took to Pinterest for inspiration {I made a Minecraft Sleepover board if you fancy a nosy} and got to work.
minecraftBut…life has a tendency to sweep you up and make a few months swoosh by and before you know it, it’s the day before said party & you have nothing, literally nothing, prepared! Oops.

However I did what I could in the time I had {as well as a toddler to ‘help out’ if you can call it that, haha!}.
And here’s how it turned out {I’ll let the photos do the talking}….
minecraft1 Minecraftminecraft3minecraft14minecraft4minecraft6minecraft7minecraft15minecraft11minecraft10minecraft13minecraft9minecraft8minecraft12minecraft16minecraft17minecraft18I so wish I got to record the faces of the kids as they walked into the house. There wasn’t many decorations {as we just didn’t have the time!} but there was enough to make them go “WOW!” and “Whoa…check him out!” and more. It made the entire day of cleaning, baking and decorating worth it for those reactions, those smiles and the wide eyes of wonder.


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