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My weekend in Palma with – Part One

Being a ‘Super Busy Mum’ I don’t get much time to relax, {do any of us?} – little moments {when needed} result in me hiding in the far corner of the kitchen, enjoying a cup of tea before the children figure out I’m missing and come to find me.
So when got in touch and gave me the unbelievably amazing opportunity to enjoy a short-stay in Palma for their #SuperCityBreaks campaign, child-free and the ability to bring a +1; I really did have to read the email a few times before I believed my eyes. Opportunities like that don’t drop into your inbox every day so being given this opportunity with Travelsupermarket was seriously something else and could not have come at a better time for this busy mum because a break was much needed.

I’ve never been to Palma. In fact, I’ve never really travelled much and certainly not as a solo or with friends! So to be able to go somewhere as far and as picturesque as Palma, with my best friend Amy from In my Bubble, to say I was undeniably excited would be an understatement.
After finding out more about our trip, I found out we were staying in a very exclusive resort known as Illetas, which lies just 6 miles west of the Capital Palma.

Amy was flying over from Lincolnshire and I was going to fly from Belfast & meet up with her in Palma airport. My flight with Easyjet was really lovely and with the spectacular views during the flight, it really didn’t feel like I was sat down for almost 3hrs.
lletas palma super busy mum 7 lletas palma super busy mum 5Once I landed in Palma airport, finding Amy was a must before heading to our hotel! So once we met up getting to Illetas was very easy, so easy in fact that I could already feel the ‘Mummy-stress’ fading away. There were so many taxis available at the airport to take you to wherever you needed to go and for a taxi ride that took a good 20 mins to only cost 25 euros was pretty amazing as well.
lletas palma super busy mumWe were booked into stay at the Hotel RIU Bonanza Park, lletas and once we arrived we walked into this lovely hotel only to be told, upon check-in, that we were being upgraded to the Hotel RIU Palace Bonanza Playa which was just across the road. WOW! So a very kind young man took our bags for us and walked us across to the Bonanza Playa.
lletas palma super busy mum 1At this point I think I can speak for both of us that we felt very spoilt. Having our bags carried for us isn’t something that happens to be a busy Mum every day you know! We were walked to the reception of the RIU Hotel Palace Bonanza, which has such a feeling of grandeur when you walk into the reception area. Makeshift wooden beams on the ceiling, the grand piano, the leather seating and the beautiful lighting. It really gave the place a sense of true elegance and style.
DSC_2960DSC_2759The reception area was absolutely stunning with countless areas to sit, relax and enjoy a drink it really felt like a place you could relax.
DSC_2758DSC_2957DSC_2958Once we were checked in, our bags were taken to our room and we were offered drinks by the window with a view that literally took our breath away.
lletas palma super busy mum 2We were treated so beautifully and so well in those first ten minutes that I knew we were going to have just the best time during our stay. The staff really went above & beyond to make you feel welcome and looked after.
lletas palma super busy mum 10I let Amy have the honours to open the door and we were so happy as our room was so light and lovely…
DSC_2942 DSC_2945 DSC_2947 DSC_2951…and the view…well, I think we’d be happy waking up to this view for a few days! Wouldn’t you? 
lletas palma super busy mum 11After a quick look around and taking a little while to freshen up we went out to explore the hotel.
wo-7w5Jnhs0Eu7UIft9vbqLDO2q_Wchqpxqe1uELoz8 lletas palma super busy mum 3SchyJUv03n4K5R1pGqX9RygRtNAG-oBUFqsygqVkViUlletas palma super busy mum 14Being a wee Irish lass from the City of Belfast, I for one, have never seen seas so blue. In fact, I have, but I don’t think seeing them on TV commercials and movies quite count!
lletas palma super busy mum 13 PalmaThe food in the hotel was amazing and there was something for everyone. The breakfast buffet though was something else, and you sort of wished you had hollow legs to sample everything!  The pancakes, bacon and maple syrup was absolutely out of this world.
The evening meal however was a little expensive in my opinion {40 euros} so Amy & I decided to eat in the restaurant by the pool instead. The food was really well priced and tasted fantastic.
BB_INej26bRRKrwBW-AwnSkeENMQq3dohtAiR15S-Ms g0LatUVBn3WNMiviOsrH99ydiDwlNiYG8-TAdHt-qGo nfxS9ds7UV7JHTTzwJu1ECLH3PNB3Ua7aTMVe4qP6yc
For lunch, we found this gorgeous little place down the road in Illetas called Sloans. A cool and relaxed restaurant/bar with really affordable homemade meals and burgers that literally melt in your mouth and the bonus being its only a short walk from the hotel.
SloansSo after a pretty eventful day of travelling, exploring and enjoying our new surroundings, checking out the fabulous hotel, eating some amazing food and as if it couldn’t get any better…we were able to watch the sunset over the Mediterrian sea. Just look at those colours.
bonanza playa hotelThe first day of our trip was just out of this world, and day#2 was going to be even better as we were going to be boarding a vessel and sailing across the Balearic seas. We may even get in for a swim! But until then, here’s a sneak peek.
viator boat toursDisclosure: This was an all expenses paid trip in collaboration with for their #SuperCityBreaks campaign. All photos, thoughts and opinions are my own.magic-moments

“Mrs.AOK,Tried and tested


How to easily book a stress free family holiday

Beach-holidayAs you may already know (by the title of this blog and my constant posts on the topic) I am a pretty busy human being these days! I am completely torn between needing a holiday and not having any spare time with which to book a holiday! What a silly conundrum to have…

I was mulling this problem over and realised that it may also be a great topic for a blog post – after all, I can’t be the only busy mum dealing with this issue! I have been doing a little bit of research on the best way to book a family holiday in a hassle free way, and I have come up with some good pointers and tips that I plan to use and that you may find useful as well. I’m on a budget and want this holiday to be as affordable as possible, but I also want it to be relaxing and stress busting as well, so no subpar hotels etc. Here is a list of tips for how to easily book a holiday that I have compiled – let me know what you think!

Trust a travel agent – The more I look at this option the more I am tempted to just blurt out all of my family’s needs to a travel agent and let them find something perfect for us! I am a little bit wary of using this admittedly old school option because I worry it will be more expensive, but I have also been reading a lot of articles lately that counter this belief – apparently booking with an agent is often actually cheaper than booking online. I’m going to try this out, if not for this trip than for another one soon.

Check your credit rating before you book – and after – It’s always a good idea to check your credit before booking any big ticket item or making travel arrangements. You never know if you have been the victim of identity theft or have unpaid debts on your credit rating unless you regularly check – find out more here.

Book a package – While you may be able to save a few pounds by booking your flight, hotel and transfers all separately, package holidays after often much less stressful as everything is included, and you usually have access to a resort representative who can help you should you have any issues.

Spend a little more – This may seem like strange advice from someone who wants to watch her budget, but trust me – that rock bottom priced resort has usually been discounted for a reason! It will be really hard to relax while you sit and lament the crap hotel you chose in full view of the nicer options down the beach. Here is a great link about how to book the perfect family friendly resort.

Check the boutique discount websites – I personally like Secret Escapes, but there are countless other websites online that feature luxurious holidays at a good discount – check these regularly for a little bit of escapism whilst you shop for your holiday.

Do you have any other suggestions, or perhaps have a horror story/ positive experience with a travel agent? Let’s have a conversation in the comment section below.

* This post contains sponsored links. 

Tech-Too Alphabet Tablet Giveaway!

12043126_10153722098459665_7961704952633449562_nHaving children nowadays means they’ve been born, smack-bang in the middle of the digital age. Meaning us parents having out technology claimed by little hands never to be owned by us again. I can’t be the only one with a sticky, muck covered mobile phone, right?

This fun Tech-Too Alphabet tablet is here to let us parents reclaim our technology as our little curious-minded children are happy & content with this sleek and education tablet.

This tablet comes with 6-game modes to teach our children all about their letters, first words, spellings and it even helps them to improve their memory. This tablet is aimed at children aged 3+ and requires AA batteries {which are included!}.

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Terms & Conditions: This giveaway ends on October 31st 2015 and is open to UK residents ONLY. A winner will be randomly selected from all entrants who have entered correctly and fully and then contacted via email. The winner must claim their prize within 2wks of being announced, failing to do so will cause for another winner to be chosen at random. Prize supplied by KD UK Toys.