Win £150 Go Ape Voucher!

As a family, we love to get out & about. Nothing really tops getting outdoors, surrounding yourself with fresh air and best of all, having fun! I myself, am a bit of an explorer. I love nothing more than getting neck deep into an adventure and Go Ape sounds like the place where I would be in my element.

Head into the forest to brave a high-wire tree top adventure {for the grown ups!}. The younger children can ‘go ape’ in the tree top junior trail. We can’t leave out those little ones! You can even go on a forest trail adventure on a segway! I mean, where do I sign up?

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Yoga while you work [#OfficeYoga}

Yoga is one of those exercise regimes that don’t look as though they actually do anything. In my opinion anyway. In reality, it’s more of a spiritual, mental and physical discipline activity and I’d be lying if it didn’t look relaxing. Exercise isn’t one of those things I like doing very much. I run after my children all day and get more than my fair share of calories burned, however; any exercise is pretty important and yoga has been something that I have been looking into giving a go.  I can’t see me ever being able to pull off a lotus position or even a handstand but I guess both of those things are possible. If I stuck at it.

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A day trip to Portrush #staycationchallenge

When my children’s school holidays are upon us I have to admit I get a little aaahh about it all. Day trips as a big family can be expensive! Even a simple trip to the cinema {with food after} can easily cost us £60; which is just insane. So, when Scottish Friendly got in touch, sharing a few easy ways to save money each month allowing us all more staycations, days out and cheap holidays through their Disposable Income Index. They went on to challenge us, as a family to have a fun day out on a budget, so, with it being half term we set about to do just that.

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The perfect dress for a curvy gal {with Simply Be}

Dresses. They’re a ‘pretty girls’ item of clothing, or at least, that’s always been how I’ve envisioned them. Being a military man’s daughter I was practically raised in high leg boots & combat trousers; so dresses were never really me. The only day that I have ever looked forward to wearing a dress has been my Wedding day, and I loved my Wedding dress. So when SimplyBe got in touch offering me something to review from their wide range of womenswear I made myself a promise and that was to choose a dress if I saw one.

Simply Be have such a wide range of dresses for women and if I am entirely honest, I’m a curvaceous woman so I have zero confidence when it comes to thinking I look good in a dress. So with that in mind, I made it my mission to try and overcome that wall of no-confidence to replace it with something a little more empowering.

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