My Pink Lining Christmas Wish List

pink lining christmas wish listPink lining, for me, has always been a brand that I have loved. Ever since becoming a Parent I had my eye set on one of their infamous ‘Yummy Mummy’ changing bags and now that I have one, it’s my most loved and most used bag, ever. I just love it, it’s so pretty, spacious and practical that no other bag has really come close to topping it for me.

So what other Pink Lining products do I love? Well, where do I start! They have such an amazing range that I thought I’d go through everything, pick out my favourites and bundle them all into a Pink Lining Christmas wish list for you guys.
Pink lining Christmas wish listButterflies on Navy Wallet. First of all, what Mum doesn’t love getting a new wallet/purse and secondly how gorgeous is this butterfly on navy print!! Totally in love with it, and lucky me being a Pink Lining ambassador I just so happen to have this on route to me so I’ll have a full review to share on the blog with you soon! RRP. £25.00

Christmas stocking. This Christmas stocking is so lovely and full of festive cheer. The quality of it feels amazing {as with all of the Pink Lining products} and the nifty feature about this Christmas stocking is that it can be personalised either by Pink Lining or can be with a fabric pen {pen not included} by yourself at home. Between the festive tartan, the cute bobbles and the sweet little robin in the stocking pocket, this stocking has everything and I personally love mine. RRP £10.00
{The last date to order a PERSONALISED stocking is MONDAY 14TH DECEMBER to get it in time for Christmas, and the last date to order a NON-PERSONALISED stocking is THURSDAY 17TH DECEMEBER}.

Raining cats & Dogs wheely case. My toddler is the epitome of independence, she really is. So being able to give her a little trolley case of her own when we go on holiday will RRP. £30.00

Yellow Taxis Holdall. When I go away to fabulous places with my blog, I think we can all agree it would be awesome to take along an equally fabulous bag, am I right? RRP £75.00

Yellow Taxis Wash bag. You cannot possibly own a fabulous holdall bag without the matching wash bag. I mean, that has to be some sort of luggage law, right? 😉 RRP £10.00

Bramley Tote Bag – Travelling with kids can feel like your going on a weekend away. Someone always wants to bring something and when you have a troop like I have, you need something to carry them in because you know you’ll be left carrying them at some point. We make lots of trips out to see family & friends and I think this bag would make a fabulous travelling companion. RRP £60.00

Raining Cats & Dogs Picture Satchel – Annabelle starts nursery next year and I can just see her now, carrying this gorgeous picture satchel as she ventures forth into new friendships, fun times while looking fabulous. RRP £25.00

Rucksack cream bows on navy – I have never really been a handbag sort of woman, rucksacks have forever been my thing. I find things so much easier to carry, heavy or light and with having a toddler I find it’s always best to have your hands free {rather than you having to swing a handbag that’s dangling around your front to your back when picking your LO up etc}. So backpacks are amazing and this one is stunning & not just because it would match my wallet. 😉 RRP £55.00

So that’s my Pink Lining Christmas wishlist. Do you have a pink lining product that you’d love to unwrap this Christmas? 

MORE Free Printables for Elf on a Shelf

elf on a shelf FREE printablesLast year I made up and shared some Elf on a Shelf printables and made them available to you guys to download, print off and use as you please on the lead up to Christmas. You can find my 2014 Elf on a Shelf free printables right here. Just in case you need some more fun printables for your little Elf friend coming to visit.

This year I’ve made some new fun printables to share with your children during their Elf on a Shelf month and I really hope that you enjoy them!
Note#9I love this one. My 7yr old is so, so excited about his elf, Tinsel Evergreen, visiting this year and I think if he’s been good then this will be a great message to give to him. I can just see his smile now and I guarantee you it’ll be beaming.
elf on a shelf printablesThese are super cute little cards, which you can download and print off like they are above and use them for little lunchbox messages or good deed cards etc. Or if you go to the links at the bottom of this post you can print them out individually.
Note#8Elf reportThis elf report is going to be used so much! I absolutely LOVE this idea! Because if the kids can keep to it when Tinsel is here, then they have no excuse to keeping it up the rest of the year too. 😉
Note#10Elf-tacular // Holly jolly day // Keep bedrooms tidy // Naughty list warning // Santa letter // Xmas movie // 5 more days // Candy Cane hunt // Christmas coupon // Colour in a picture // Cookies // Elf card collection //

You can keep up to date with our Elf mischief over on my Instagram to see what Tinsel gets up to on the run up to Christmas and you can also find a post I wrote that gives you 24 simple Elf on a Shelf ideas too, in case you get stuck.

Do you do the Elf on a Shelf tradition each year? What is your elf {or elves} called? 

How I create Graphics for my blog

SPECTACULAREver since I can remember I have had a passion for creating my own graphics. I taught myself how to use software such as Gimp & then finally Photoshop and other adobe related programs, however, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need fancy programs such as those to create your own blog graphics.

There are many FREE software programs online that will allow to you create a blog graphic, some easier than others, but I think it all depends on your ability to learn the basics and letting your creative flare flow. You can use programs such as:

Picmonkey – Picmonkey is a FREE photo editing software online with the option to pay for a royale membership for $4.99 per month. This program is super easy to use if you’re in a rush & it’s the perfect program for beginners.
WebCanva – It is another FREE software program with the option to upgrade for $12.95 per month. This program is fantastic and my personal favorite. Canva provides you with a massive range of graphic templates in an array of different dimensions. If you need a Pinterest graphic, a Facebook cover, a Twitter post, a Kindle cover and that is just skimming the tip of the iceberg of options. There really is a template for everything you could possibly need. It’s really easy to use and as I said, it’s my personal favourite.
canva-logoAdobe Photoshop – This is a program that I taught myself how to use. It’s tough but very fun once you crack it. You can get a free 30 day trial for this program, so download it, see if it’s for you and then if it is for you, you can keep it for a $10 per month subscription fee {£8.57 or thereabouts} from Creative Cloud and have access to other Adobe software too. As for tutorials on how to use the software, believe me when I say, youtube is your friend.
38392-photoshop-cs5-photoshop-cs5-logoIf you don’t want to pay for Photoshop but still love the idea of that sort of program, then you can download GIMP. This is an image manipulation program, again with the use of youtube videos, is something anyone can pick up in no time.
UntitledJust like photoshop, you can edit. resize your images, add effects, create fancy graphics, add layers and more just minus the obligation to pay for it. I started off on this program and worked my way up to Photoshop, so it makes a great stepping stone if you really want to get into this sort of software.

So, these are a few programs I use to create my graphics, what do you use to make yours? 

Do you ever get that feeling…

Do you ever get that feeling…that you’re stuck in some form of Groundhog day?

Every day is the same. The same wake-up call, school run, lunchbox packing, laundry doing, bathroom tidying, kind of day. Even down to the same repetitive demands, requests and complaints. It’s mentally exhausting and I think I’ve reached the bottom of the metaphorical barrel of Mummy fuel.

I am sitting here after a full 8hrs sleep yet I feel as though I’ve had only two. I look around me and see laundry that needs putting away, other items that need homes, toys that need to be taken to a charity shop, a living room that needs finishing {I’m painting} and that’s only what I can see from where I am sat. I know the rest of the house is in complete disarray and don’t even get me started on the stinky blocked drain out in our back garden. To even get that sorted I need to clear our busy hallway and finish cleaning the kitchen.

*the door knocks*

Isn’t it awesome when you have no bra on, wearing only one shoe and a courier knocks on your door with a parcel.


Anyway, where was I?

Ah yes…blocked drains, messy kitchens, and an endless to-do list to complete with an empty barrel of fudges given.  I think I’ve realized how unappreciative everyone in my house is and I think, subconsciously, is the reason for my very down outlook on things today and clear lack of wanting to make things nice for everyone, as all they do is mess it up for me to keep making nice for them.

How unfair is that?

Yes, the darling man works, but I work too & juggle keeping the house up {which I am clearly failing at}, homework, making dinner and looking after three kids at home. All in the same house, every day…365 days a year. *facepalms her desk*….

Getting the children to help me by maintaining their own crap is a struggle, a constant battle that occurs every time I ask, which in turn makes me stressed {which nowadays happens far too quickly} which then is picked up by the toddler and activates her to transform into a miniature she-devil.

As I sit here thinking of what needs doing my body cannot be bothered, I don’t want to do anything, yet, it needs doing…and no one else is going to do it. That annoys me. Yes, I chose to become a stay at home parent, but that doesn’t mean it’s fair for me to have to do everything. I’m one person. I get tired, I get cranky, I get sad and I clearly get fed up. Hell, I do all of this crap and then start my work come 8pm at night.

I used to be highly organised and structured, but now, I suck! I cannot keep things afloat and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m struggling. I’m drowning in the jobs that need doing, whether that be around the home or with my blog and everywhere I look I see failure. I’m failing and that sucks too. Before I round this ranty post off {my apologies} I’m going to throw a big bucket of RESPECT out there to single parents, I do not know how you do it and even though I’m not a single parent like yourselves…I sure as hell feel like it sometimes. You’re all pretty inspirationally amazing! xx

Ugh…I need a spa day. Anyone else feeling the groundhog day curse?