Slimming World Sunday #2

Hey everyone!!

Thanks so much for popping back for another week of Slimming World Sunday and an ever BIGGER thank you to those who linked up during our first week last week. YOU ALL ROCK!! Amy & I are looking forward to hearing about your last week with Slimming World. Your weigh ins, your highs & lows, any recipes you have have rustled up and more.

This week for me sadly {and annoyingly} due to Annabelle taking poorly I was unable to leave the house to actually go and get weighed. Suck much! I really needed to see those numbers too which I actually think has affected this week. I can feel myself just eating and eating and eating and I have no thoughts to stop. So hopefully the scales won’t be to unkind this Thursday and I can get right back on the good path again!!

I mentioned last week that I would do a little hunt and find some delicious Slimming World breakfast ideas to share with you guys, so as promised, here you go:
Slimming world breakfast ideasTop left: Breakfast Sandwich from Top right: A childhood classic {minus the marmite!} Bottom left: Breakfast KnickerBocker Glories! Bottom right: Egg & Ham in a Toast basket by

I can’t deny how yum they all look, especially the egg and ham toast baskets!! Add some baked beans to that little dish and I reckon that would be pretty close to perfection!!

Why not pop over to your other host Amy as she has a lovely Ham & Leek risotto recipe to share with you all!!

If you link up please do pay your hosts a visit, both myself & Amy would love to hear from you. You can also link up TWO POSTS each, both OLD & NEW posts are welcome also. I hope you’ve all had a good week on SW and even if you haven’t we’re here on hand to make you smile and think positively again!!
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Parragon ‘Doodle Spots, Stripes & Squiggles’ Book review!

We recently received our March Parragon Book buddy book through the door recently and this one is a bit of WOW. It’s called Doodle, Spots, Stripes and Squiggles.
parragonbook1This is such an impressively thick childrens activity book, aimed at children between the ages 3-7. This book is bulging with patterns to finish, cupcakes to decorate, adding stripes to snakes, adding feathers to sleeping owls and so, SO much more. This book is all kinds of awesome.
parragonbook2This book really encourages your child to use their imagination and they inventively and imaginatively finish each page is just a wonder to watch. No holds barred imagination pouring out onto each page.
parragonbook3If you’d like to find out more about Parragon Book buddys you can find them over on their Website, Facebook & Twitter. Also if you’d like to look more into the Doodle Spots, Stripes & Squiggles activity book then you can do so here.
parragonbooks4Blog badgesDisclosure: I was sent this product for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 

First Passports, Proposals & Sicky snuggles – #LittleLoves

It’s been a few weeks since I joined in with #LittleLoves {sorry about that!} but now I’m finding a moment to myself {which feels like gold dust nowadays!}, so I’m going to have a bit of a babble, share my little loves with you guys for this week and a few delicious foodie photos too! {is it lunch time yet?}.

Passport application forms. Ugh…I don’t know about you guys but filling out forms isn’t exactly high on my list of FUN! However in order for Annabelle to fly to France in May for our Eurocamp holiday *insert excited noise here* it was just one of those things that needed to be done.
The face of one of my closest girlfriends beam {and then shed a few tears} as I asked her a very important question after shopping & lunch {is there a better time to do it?}. I asked Rebecca, who you guys may know, or SHOULD KNOW as Mrs Mumsie, she’s the most gorgeous person inside and out and I asked her this question…
Littleloves1SHE SAID YES!!!

Squeals of delight {from myself!} as I realized my little blog over on her Facebook page has gained over 1800 likes! I mean, that’s CRAZY! I remember starting up that Facebook page, thinking that doing such a thing for my little blog was just a completely daft idea. But now…look! LOOK AT IT! She’s blooming! And I really couldn’t be prouder or say thank you to those who have liked my page enough.
LOTS of lovely dinners. Since I started meal planning the other week I would be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying it, because I am. All of a sudden there feels like there is a kitchen related structure, you know? There’s a plan of action when it comes to feeding my lot and I am really enjoying the less-stress-sorta-feeling that I have due to it all.
littleloves4I also rustled up this adorable little bunny buns! But more on those as they’ll be coming to the blog VERY soon!
Gosh this will always be a tough one for me as I never wear anything exciting, ever! I dress in obligatory gaming tee’s, band tops, skinny jeans and converse. That’s me. *shrugs*  That’s who I am 99% of the time.

But if ‘wearing’ a poorly child counts, then count me in. Annabelle came down with a cheeky tummy bug through the week and she was ‘on my person’ for the most part of a 24hr period. The poor kid was having her ass kicked by something and it seemed Mama bears chest was her top place to be. And I wasn’t going to make a fuss about that. In fact, I soaked in every nanosecond of those sleepy {if albeit sicky} cuddles as they aren’t in abundance these days.
littleloves6And Lastly…
Its lunchtime! {almost!}, Annabelle seems in brighter spirits this morning and is currently napping so I am going to leave you with the vision of me pottering down to the kitchen, popping the kettle on and making myself a chip butty {ssssh don’t tell Slimming world!}.
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