Planning a Wedding with 5 weeks to go

Planning a wedding is one of the top ten most stressful things to organize, ever. Now, this could be just me saying that but if you’ve ever organised your own wedding, you’ll agree with me. We have just six weeks left before our big day and I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone.

Over the last week, we did hit a few snags, which we will look back on after all of this and laugh about. I hope. For example, the hotel made us aware we still needed a registrar. Whereas we were lead to believe that we had one included in our package. Wrong. Secondly, my Bridesmaid reminded me that we needed a marriage schedule {a license}. Yeah, we didn’t even realise this either!

Thank goodness she said something because there is a 28-day prior-to-the-Wedding-deadline and if you miss it, you’ll have to postpone your Wedding. Luckily we sorted out all of the documentation we needed and were sat in City Hall getting in sorted within a week. Phew. More importantly, applying for our marriage license before the deadline.

Our next job was to find a registrar to perform the civil ceremony. I cannot believe that five weeks before our wedding we were needing to do this. To make things a little more stressful, there were no registrars available for our Wedding day. Not a single one. Who would have thought 4pm on a Thursday afternoon would be such a popular time to get married.

However, our hotel wedding coordinator saved the day and introduced us to Henry. A lovely retired minister and who was also available to make us husband and wife. A religious ceremony wasn’t our plan but if he is the only person that was available, we couldn’t exactly say no.

So aside from registrar hunting and rushing to sort out a marriage license, the final thing we needed for the big day was our rings. Thankfully we bought those over the weekend and now we have everything we need for the big day. Everything else is just cosmetic and I every faith {I think} that it will all come together.

It’s all coming round so fast!!! Eeeek!!!

D xx

How to shop for kids shoes on a budget {Guest post}

When it comes to our children, it’s natural that we always want them to have the best. The only problem being that they grow so fast! That’s why it’s totally understandable, and even advisable, that you want to spend less on their shoes – they won’t end up wearing them much before they grow some more. But, is there a way to keep your kid’s feet warm and dry in a good pair of shoes, and go easy on your budget at the same time? There are a couple of tips which all vigilant mothers should know about that can provide a solution to your quarry. If you don’t know about it yet, you are about to find out!

First of all, keep your eyes peeled for coupons. Even if they don’t mean a discount for the pair you are buying at that moment, it is still a good deal if you get a half price cut for the next pair. Children tend to need new footwear rather often, so you shouldn’t turn away any help that will keep your budget on the safe side. Plenty of shops offer coupons, whether they are online shops or the traditional brick-and-mortar stores, as this is a good way of attracting customers, so you’re sure to find something that works for you. Just go to a couponing website such as and look up Kids Foot Locker, Kohl’s or another store you’re fond of do discover a wide range of profitable discounts. Make sure you are not going to miss them!

Another important thing is to try buying shoes for your children when they are on sale. You know the best the growth rate of your child, so maybe you can take the risk of buying a pair of boots in the spring season sales, which are a bit larger than what he or she wears, so they can fill them up in autumn, as the end of the season is the moment when the lowest prices will be. Still, for a small child that grows rather fast, it can be a tricky decision. However, you should be on the lookout anyway as you may find great prices for in season shoes as well, not having to take any risk.

The point is that if you want to shop for kids’ shoes on a budget you shouldn’t go for the fresh collections. The temptation may be high as you will see many brand new products on the store’s shelves. Still, have in mind that your child may wear these shoes only for one season, so it’s not worth making the investment. It is always a shame to see that a great pair of shoes that cost you dearly that cannot be used anymore, just because your kid grew out of them. It is a must to plan your budget right especially when you have more children, as they all need shoes and clothes for their entire growth period. Of course, the younger ones can inherit items that are in a good condition from their older brothers and sisters, but some new purchases are bound to happen anyway. Make sure that you shop wisely and take the time to find the best opportunities!

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My Boho Wishlist {Guest post}

As I’m heading to Sicily in July, my main fashion focus is aimed squarely at my holiday wardrobe. With nothing but days of rest and relaxation headed my way (which I sorely need after the hectic few weeks I’ve had), of course, I need the very best attire to match it, but where to start?

Recently, I’ve found myself leading towards the boho style this summer. There are some stunning designs, patterns and accessories on the high street right now, so if you’d like to know my top four, keep reading!

1. The patterned maxi

This is a staple summer-wardrobe favourite, but it’s certainly been given a twist this year. Whether you want a bold Aztec print, a monochrome masterpiece, or a simple, white lace, off-the-shoulder number to emphasise your tan, you’ll be able to find it this year. But why is the maxi so popular?

Although you could blame fashion magazines, I think it comes down to the simple fact that they are so versatile. You can wear the same maxi to the beach as you would to a fancy restaurant, just by changing your flip-flops for heels and adding some stunning jewellery.

2. Boho charm bracelet

Speaking of jewellery, something else at the top of my wish-list has to be the beautiful boho jewellery at ChloBo. These jewellery specialists make handmade pieces based on cultural references from around the world, so this is the perfect addition to any boho wardrobe. Personally, I like the use of pearl instead of metal as it’s far more natural for a summer look, and I’d definitely have a feather charm to match.

With charms representing luck, spirituality, peace, happiness and protection, these elegant pieces make a beautiful addition to any summer outfit, but ChloBo makes them far more delicate than any other brand to date.

3. Festival headwear

Don’t you just love festivals? Okay, so they may not be well known for cleanliness, but the fun and relaxed atmosphere is something that can’t be beaten. You’ll need to have the appropriate attire, though, and that means headwear. It could be a gold chain, a vibrant bandana or a floral headpiece to pin into the side of your tousled fishtail plait, but the proper festival headwear is essential for the summer boho woman.

4. Tribal trousers

The harem trouser has been given a unique twist of late, and I couldn’t be happier about it. The tribal trouser has made its way firmly onto my boho wish list for two reasons: first of all, I just love the incredible colours – I have my eye on a stunning turquoise pair. Secondly, they are so comfortable; luckily, holiday fashion is all about relaxation, and paired with a white, over-sized gypsy tee, I can’t wait to wear these walking the cobbled streets of Sicily.

I hope you enjoyed my top four boho trends; I’ll be picking these up just before my trip. What’s in your summer wardrobe?

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An update on our speech delay journey

Ever since I shared my last post about our speech delay journey things have changed so much. Annabelle has turned corners, hurdled fences and come along so much during the last few months and it is crazy the difference in her ability to communicate with us. In fact, it’s wonderful.

Looking back to January of this year, 2016, I never thought we would be where we are at today. I seriously thought she would begin her pre-school journey and still struggle with her words. I thought she wouldn’t be able to tell us how she felt or anything and that scared me.

Now, she can. Sure, there are still some pronunciation issues there but we can talk. We can have an actual conversation! To be able to say that just fills me up with so much joy. It is something we have wanted to do for so long. It is such a simple pleasure and we have had to wait for that a little longer than most and to now have that, is just amazing.

She can tell me if she would like orange or blackcurrant juice. She can ask me to help her pull her trousers up after using the bathroom.  I also love listening to her tell her Daddy what she has done throughout her day. Telling him that she swung high ‘up in the sky’ on the swings at the park. Hearing her use her own thoughts and being able to say them is a feeling that you’ll never understand if you haven’t gone through your own speech delay journey.

Now sure, we still have hurdles to overcome because she still hasn’t conquered her ‘f’ & ‘v’ sounds. However, they’ll come along when they are good and ready. The stage she is at now makes me comfortable enough to know that come September, she’ll be just fine during her afternoons at preschool.

Speech delay journey
I guess the main joy of this is the simple things. Being able to ask her if she’d like this one or that and her being able to tell me. Being able to talk her round to understanding that she cannot have an ice-cream until after dinner and if a tantrum breaks out, we’re able to diffuse it much faster. The distance she has come since the beginning of the year is amazing and it’s humbling to think that we did all of that work with her. Us. Her parents.

Speech & Language saw her once, for 30 minutes. Not very long at all and then left her without their aid for months. So her hard work and ours are paying off and we will just continue doing what we are doing until she is fully up to speed and levels up to being a champion chatterbox. Not that she isn’t already! But I’d be lying if I wasn’t loving it.

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D xx