My sweet girl, you’re two!

Sweet girl, two years have passed since you came into this world and joined our family. I am floored to think that two years have passed us by so quickly. Since the moment you where born I don’t think this Mama could love you more. In fact I don’t think any of us could love you more if we tried!
You are such a funny little munchkin {when you’re not throwing a category five tantrum}, you’re sweet, adventurous, cheeky, a real treat and you know how to keep your Dad & I  on our toes!
two1At 2yrs old you love to play, paint, run, climb {on all of the things you shouldn’t…even your easel!}, you love to bake with Mummy, chill out with Daddy, go for walks and wave at passers by.
Your a fiery little Miss though I have to give you that! However I think, in fact I’m sure you get that from me so we can let that one go.

Your words are coming on slowly, but your getting there. At 2yrs you are saying “No!”, “Hi!”, “Daddy” and “Aa-ee” {meaning Ellie!}. You are doing so well and understand everything Mummy & Daddy ask of you so we know the other words will follow when the times right.
two2We are loving how you are getting certain celebrations now. Like the party you had over the weekend for example. You loved everyone that came, you enjoyed opening your gifts and you didn’t cry like you did last year when we all sung happy birthday! Last year you weren’t a fan of loud noises. Now a year on you’re the one making all the noise!
two3You have grown up so fast. Too fast for me to actually believe this day has come. I feel like if I blink, the next two years are going to disappear and when I open my eyes you’ll be in a school uniform. You have officially ran out of baby-ville and your in the Toddler village of big girl activities, long walks with family and potty training.
DSC_7050You have grown into an utterly beautiful little girl and we really cannot wait to see the change in you over the next year as we know its going to be HUGE! We love you so much wee bird. Happy Birthday from us all.

We love you sweet girl.
Mum, Dad & the troops. xx

Oh….and Happy 2nd Birthday! and maybe for a few months out of the year….slow down growing up? Something to consider. xx

We’re potty training!

When my eldest daughter turned two {now 9!}, there was a bright & shiny potty wrapped up as one of her presents along with some cute little girly pants. We’ve done exactly the same for little Belle, however as things turned out her potty wasn’t wrapped up or given to her on her birthday which is tomorrow like we had planned.

Certain events unfolded and with us being soooo distracted with party preparations we ended up leaving her nappy wash a day late leaving us with no liners! Nightmare right? So the potty was brought down, unboxed and left for her to make a new friend in her own time. She spent ages taking out parts and putting them all back together.
She was very keen on how it all worked and it was fun to see her really give this new ‘friend’ a good investigation. Once she was happy with the mechanics of it the next day she started using it as a seat {naturally}.
10922682_745524168866410_1283980589489380704_nOn day 3 she was happy to sit on it without her nappy…
10931478_744536495631844_2139677864442675784_nThen on day 4 this happened…
wee weeNow if I’m honest she sat on the potty, started to wee & ‘mid-wee’ she had a little ‘OMG I’m piddling in my new friend’ sort of moment, stood up, ran off and carried on weeing as she went. Joys of potty training right? But I have to admit I was too busy laughing and telling her the mess was fine and that it was no big deal as she toddled off to find something to wipe it up with. She’s so helpful bless her.

So that’s been our potty training journey so far. I forgot how fun potty training was and I am so excited to be doing this with my last little bundle. I’ll check in again soon to keep you guys up to date on she goes but if she’s anything like her big sister…she’ll welcome the potty with open arms.

Are you potty training? How are you finding it so far? 

Pushchair Love with Baby Jogger

With our littlest girl we’ve only used the one pushchair, but I have to admit that I wish we had used a few more during her ‘buggy years. So after a little nosy online I came across a gorgeous brand called ‘Baby Joggers’ from Online4Baby. A range of ‘fresh-faced’ strollers that have recently gone through a wonderfully bright and modern makeover in 2014.
jogger2The colours they have available in my view are stunning, I especially love the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller – Purple. The colour is so lovely, it looks comfortable for baby and it looks perfect for nipping in among the busy streets whilst you’re out shopping.
Mini 3W PurpleWhen we buy a pushchair we are forever looking for accessories to make life in a pushchair a little more fun, whether its for your baby or for your toddler. Baby Jogger provide a while range of add-ons to their pushchairs, from raincovers, buggy boards, drink/bottle trays and even carry cot accessories.

To find out more about Baby Jogger and Online4Baby you can also find them on Facebook & Twitter.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

Living Arrows 4/52

It has been SO long since I have had my big camera out to play with. So this last week has been all about dusting her off and getting her clicking again. This week been all about pouts, painting and potty training!living 1How funny this is trout pout Belle has going on?
living2Painting is now one of Annabelles favorite things to do and she really enjoys using all of the different colours {and of course…painting her hands!}.
living3Can I just say what is it with our children and their obsession with our mobile phones? Annabelle loves using Mummys phone and scarily knows what she is doing too! Welcome to the digital age people!
She loves the current games that I have on there for her such as, tap the frog, save the marine life {popping bubbles to save fish} and of course Netflix so she can giggle at Flint Lockwood from Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs.
living4Lastly, this little lady was recently introduced to the potty and she can regularly be found like this…