#DevelopingLife Round-up Week 10

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The latest #DevelopingLife round-up is a little more late than usual. My bad! You may notice a brand new blog header above *points up* and in truth? That’s been taking up all my time over the last few days. So to not waffle on and keep you guys, I cannot wait to show you my top three favourites from the gorgeous Instagram community feed that we’ve all be contributing too!

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Talking Bedtime routines with Jo Frost #BathBookBed

Being a Mum to 5 children means I have endless memories of bedtimes routines. Bedtime is my favourite time of day because it’s full of cuddles, quiet time {most of the time} and getting the chance to read beautiful stories to my little ones before tucking them into bed for the night. It’s a truly precious time of the day and no matter how stressful or hard your day was, I think a good bedtime routine resets it all and gets us ready for the new day that lies ahead.

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Our dreams of Dubai – Blogger challenge! #DXBDreams

The other night, just as I was about to set off to collect my son from Beavers and drop my daughter off at Scouts. I caught wind of a travel inspired twitter party with Tots 100 & Visit Dubai. I knew I was going to be home a little late {and my phone battery was typically close to death} but I was determined to make it home in time to join in.

Dubai was always a place I thought was never possible for us to visit as a family. It is known for its luxurious shopping, lively nightlife, and stunning ultra modern architecture. It is an exquisite location and I’ll be honest, I never thought it would be ‘the place’ for a family holiday. Until now.
I was so pleased to hear that Dubai isn’t as expensive as we would think when considering it as a family holiday destination. There are so many amazing things to do and see with a majority of those activities not costing you a penny.

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