Toddler Treats – Strawberry Shortbread Delight

Treats bannerHelloooooo….

Welcome back to another one of my #ToddlerTreats posts! This week I have something for all the family, why should those cute little toddlers get all the yuminess huh! This week I have for you….
treat1Looks delicious right? And keeping in with my super-easy-to-put-together theme, all this little darling needs is three simple ingredients.

You’ll need:-

- Shortbread fingers
- Yogurt
- Strawberries

The how-to’s:-

Basically get a cute little dish, pour on your yogurt, chop up your starwberries into cutesie little bites and sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle! Maybe even a wee twirl as you sprinkle, because this is such a pretty little dish! Then just pop in your shortbread fingers and serve! Yum!
This makes a delicious after dinner dessert, lunch or even a mid-morning/afternoon snack. When I thought of this I was just realising Annabelles favourites through the last week. Shortbread, yogurts and starwberries and it seemed crazy not to put them altogether. If I’m honest with you? I think with Annabelle {along with my frozen yogurt buttons} this dish has been the biggest hit with her yet!
DSC_5959 DSC_5965Once Annabelle realised that the short bread fingers could be pulled out, there was definate dunking fun going on. She also found dunking in the shortbread finger was a little easier {and less messy!} than the spoon!
DSC_5973 DSC_5974 DSC_5977
DSC_5992 DSC_6004 DSC_6009So I think the Strawberry Shortbread Delight went down pretty well, judging by Annabelles super excited scrunched up happy faces! Apoligies for the photo dump! There was just so many cute ones I just had to add one more….and then one more! But when I asked Annabelle if that was nice? This is the face I got, so I think it speaks for itself really.
DSC_6019A little blurry {annoyingly} but that was these weeks toddler treats, I hope you liked it and decide to have a go at making it yourself. If you do I’d love for you to hashtag #ToddlerTreats over on Twitter and tag me in, I’d love to see your dishes! Also if you missed previous weeks, they can all be found on my Toddler Treats page right here on the blog or you can pop over to my Pinterest board.

See you next week for more yummy treats!! I’m also linking up with the fabulous Grace from Eats Amazing and her linky Fun Food Friday & Victorias PoCoLo!

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Siblings – October

My troop of tiny humans are in no way perfect. As siblings they’re not always happy, laughing and playing happily with eachother. There’s a forever battle with my eldest girl and youngest boy. A constant back and forth fight of dominance and mischief, and on a daily basis, the door slamming and yellings of abuse to eachother can be exhausting.

But one thing I am sure of, that amongst the fighting, the yelling and the sibling related rivalry, I know that they love eachother, truly. Without resentment, without hate, but with the sort of love that only a child can resinate. They’re eyes and hearts full of hope, admiration, adoration, care & protection for eachother. That sort of love cannot be bought, or earned, but its grown inside the hearts of our newborns and its grows a little everyday until one day…it blooms.
20141014_160852[1]My two older boys are pretty much all grown up now and live at their Dads so I dont see them as often as I’d like, as they’re teenage boys! I think they’re allergic to fresh air! But these three….these three are my little terrors darlings. At home they keep me busy, drama fueled and so loved that I couldn’t put into words how they lighten my heart from its heavy woes. All of my children are my little salvations & saviours and I am so thankful that underneath the daily spats and tantrums, that the love they have for eachother, will never change, fade or falter.

dear beautiful

The Mad Mid Week Blog Hop

#MMWBHHello you beautiful bunch of bloggers you! If this is your first week finding us then WELCOME! And of course if you’re a regular, thank you so much for coming back week after week to link up your amazing posts with the MMWBH! How are we all this week?

This week we’ve been feeding local wildlife, kicking up crunchy autumn leaves, making some fun halloween treats, and we’ve even started to redecorate our very dull & drab looking kitchen. I cannot tell you how keen I am for it to be finished and all bright and fresh & fabulous! I’ll make sure to share once its all done!!

I’ve also had to make, what I think to be, a very important decision. My blog takes up alot of my time. Its adds alot of pressure onto my shoulders. I, 9 times out of ten, have a daily post on my blog, but lately its just becoming actually impossible for me to achieve this and keep up the daily momentum. So I’m cutting that down and going to post just three times a week, then hopefully I wont feel so pressure and under fire and literally swamped!

Anyways…before I go on forever & a day! Massive thank you thank you thank YOU for everyone who popped over to link up last week – I LOVE you guys!I hope you’ll join us again today as I really do love reading all of your fabulous posts, baby & bump updates and more!

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If you do link up please drop me a wee comment to let me know, I love a wee comment so I do! During the course of the week I’ll pop round each of you, comment, tweet & give you a little google+ shout-out too. Because I’m lovely like that! You don’t need to make it round everybody! But sharing the love with a few is all that’s really needed! xx

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DIY – My Blogging Nook

I shared my wishes a wee while ago now about really wanting my own space to blog. Doing it downstairs was not only a distraction but it was becoming impractical and it was really affecting my attitude towards blogging. It started to feel like a chore rather than something I loved, so that needed to be changed and I feel giving myself goal to having my own space really urged me forward. All was not lost and the love of blogging would be found again.

So, me being me once I set my mind on something I am like a rabid dog with a bone. Don’t bother me as I potter in my own world of rearranging and planning {which I think is something I oddly thrive on!} as I’m happy being left too it.
So with my planning I made it to Ikea one afternoon and bought way more than I had planned, you can read about that post here. And then all that was left for me to do was to finally put it all together!

MANY photos….so grab yourself a cuppa…
NookI chose this gorgeous black and white bubble effect table top from Ikea, which oddly wasn’t my first choice. I had another table lined up entirely but once I saw it in person it was just far too big for the space I had, but this beauty fits perfectly. The legs I had to buy separately which wasn’t an issue {I’m a bit of an Ikea noob!} but overall the table {inc legs} came too around £25, a total bargain.
blog nookbnook1I don’t think I had any set visual for how I wanted my blog nook to look, with these sort of products I mostly make it up as I go! I am so pleased with the end result that it truly has become my happy place.
bnook2I found this fun Jaime Oliver smoothie straw jar in TK Maxx one afternoon and knew it just had to be mine! The kids are a little envious so I may need to pick them one up and pop them into their Christmas stockings!
bnook3I picked up this lovely heart drawer piece in Home Bargains for just £2.99!! So perfect for storing all kinds of little bits in, i.e. loose change, memory cards, USBs and what-nots. This Forsa work lamp I picked up from Ikea for just £15! It is a GLORIOUS piece, very heavy and just so perfect. It’s base also makes a delicious seatting area for Miss Ruby, my beautiful Gorjuss girl.
bnook6bnook7bnook10Isn’t she divine!! Sadly the darling man dropped her from a great height {accidentally ofc!} and as you can see impressively, all she lost was a lower part of one pigtail. So one evening I think the glue, clay and black paint will be coming out for me to fix her to her perfectional glory.
bnook12The white swivel chair was also an Ikea purchase and its really comfortable and looks the part with a little heart cushion for extra back comfort. I’m not getting any younger ya’know! ;)
bnook14bnook13Now these two beautiful posters are from, the designs where done by myself on photoshop and I will be writing up a review for them soon. The frames I bought from Ikea and I am so pleased they fit as beautifully as they do. They really add that epic finishing touch to my blog nook, don’t you think?
bnook16And finally, no desk is complete without a jar full with joyess M&M goodness….who wants one?
bnook15So whenever Annabelle naps and once the children are in bed {and it’s not date night!} this is mostly where I will be. Tweeting, being social, blogging my big irish butt off and being content. No distractions, I have M&Ms and the dalring man brings me the occasional cup of tea. It really is an amazing little space and I am so pleased I decided to do it when I did.

Do you have a blogging space?


Cra-Z-Knitz Ultimate Knitting Station Review

We’ve been reviewing lots of fun Cra-Z products lately, from the Cra-Z-Loom, Cra-Z-Art & now this super fun Shimmer & Sparkle Cra-Z-Knitz Ultimate Designer Knitting Station.
20141012_121911I’ll be honest and straight with you guys, I instantly thought “How can someone knit with a loom!?” as back in the day I learned the old fashioned way, two needles and my Granny to teach me. So this kit intrigued me and I was keen to see how it worked.
20141012_122340This kit contains everything you could possibly need to make everything this station has to offer: Hats, Leg warmers, Scarves, even tote bags and squares to make into a blanket, and so.much.more!

- A Knitting Design Desk with storage compartments
- 1 round loom
- 1 rectangular loom
- 4 skeins acrylic blend yarn
- 2 skein speciality yarn
- 1 knitting hook
- 1 plastic knitting needle
- Product labels
- Instruction manuel
20141012_122625 20141012_122321Now I have to admit the instructions had my 9yr old confused and I must confess, they also confused me too! So we both got a little frustrated trying to follow the not so great visual instructions, so I decided to have a look for tutorials on youtube, and youtube delivered.
After watching this video I was off and therefore able to show my daughter how it was done.
20141012_122343We decided to make it a team effort to make my daughter a scarf for the cold morning walks to & from school. Its so easy to do this and honestly, I was pretty impressed at how an old fashioned once upon a time two needle requirement craft can be done so much easier on a loom!
20141013_195601We’ve still got a ways to go before this project is finished, so we’ll keep you guys up to date on that once its done. She also wants to make herself a matching arm wrist gloves and a hat to match! So I think I think I’ll be losing my wool stash to this one pretty soon!

This product is pretty fabulous and it’s not just my daughter who loves it, as I do too. She can be creative, make her own clothing and no doubt, knowing her, she’ll be making them for everyone! So watch this space. Little Ellies woollies seems to be open for business! This product RRPs for £29.99 and we give it 5 stars. Easy. Awesome product.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, opinons and images are my own.
Tried and tested

Cra-Z-Art Designer Nail & Body Art Studio Review

My eldest girl likes to make it known that she is a tom boy, loves blue, football and dislikes anything pink & girly. However when we were sent out this nail & body art studio from Cra-Z-Art to review, no amount of blue and or football could keep her true girly nature from rising to the surface.
DSC_5579Ellies never been given the opportunity to wear false nails and quite frankly at the age of 9yrs I wouldnt expect her to want too. However as a novelty thing, and with Halloween coming up I think this came at a perfect time.  We were both keen to see how the glitter dome worked, so we put in the batteries it required, added the colour glitter she fancied and put it to work.
DSC_5586Sadly the false nails didn’t stick very well so we decided to just paint her nails with the nail varnish supplied, and let the glitter stick to that, however after a few attempts and realising the varnish supplied never wanted to dry, I just replaced them with a few of my bottles to use instead, Much more effective.

However when you let a child do it herself….this happens….
20141002_170242[1]Although with a level of parental supervison, she ended up with something like this…
20141002_170259[1]So really pretty nails can be achieved and I had to admit it, but they did look a bit fabulous when they were done. Very pretty and perfect for a school dance.

The glitter dome is fun to use however it doesn’t click down onto the lower panel, it just sort of slots in, making it quite loose. It came off after one application and there was glitter EVERYwhere! So I definately think a ‘click’ type attachment would amend this issue. DSC_5580My daughter preferred without a doubt the bodyart side of this design station. The pens where really good to use with the stencils and they were super easy to apply {and wash off!}. In no time she had covered not only my arms, but her little brothers too.

This design station would made a super fun centre piece at party for all to enjoy. There are plenty of sets of nails to do a few girls and then there is enough glitter so everyone can have beautiful glittery nails. Perfect for a school disco or an up coming Christmas party!!

This kit can be bought for £19.99 and with 250 pieces in this Shimmer & Sparkle Nail & Body art kit I say it is worth it and as I mentioend before, it’d be great at a party!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purple of my review. All thoughts, and opinions are my own.
Tried and testedName


A RuckJack Giveaway with Miioon!

A few weeks ago I shared a fabulous RuckJack review with you guys. It was a limited edition TMNT edition Ruckjack and my son LOVES it. Its a jacket that covers everything from being breathable, waterproof, reversilble and it turns into a backpack! Yeah, you heard me right…A BACK PACK!! You can catch the review here.
tmnt3 tmnt pack1Annnnnd for that extra bit of awesomeness when in backpack form, your little TMNT fan can even store their weapons!
DSC_5354Now, the Miioon team are giving you guys the chance to win either a limited edition TMNT ruckjack {Perfect for the release of the up coming TMNT movie!} or another design of your choice {RRP. £29.99}. So, all you need to do is fill in the rafflecopter widget below and good luck!
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Our week in photos

This week has been quite busy now that I look back on it. Its been a week of finishing off a few in home projects which I am so pleased to have ticked off the list. Now I am able to finish the other projects that are unfinished around the house.
I have so many plans for the house before Christmas that I fear I may not get them on done on time. As I did give myself a Xmas deadline but it seems that time of year approaching faster than I can get things done. But a few things have been completed so I am putting that as a positive and getting done what I can, when I can.
IMG_20141006_102109 IMG_20141010_114009 IMG_20141010_120157We’ve also been making a few little birdie treats for our garden birds so we figured with the leftover seeds {I have this habit of making FAR too much} we filled up some paper cups and will be adding string to take on a wee Autumn walk. We’ll hang them all over the trees {we can reach} for the birdies and other wildlife.
IMG_20141007_170935I’ve been doing more baking this week…obviously my Toddler Treats Banana & Nutella roll ups went down a blast with the kids and we’ve also been making super cute little Oreo Witch Hats and Meatball Mummies, both of which I’ll blog about soon!
IMG_20141006_175437 IMG_20141010_164840I had a lovely start the week where I met up with the GLORIOUS Mrs Mumsie for a wee catch up chat and cake {obviously} and of course a wee selfie in the high street was a MUST! Love this lady! She’s an absolute gem!
IMG_20141007_130828Oh, I was given a fab opportunity to review a piece of gym equipment, HELLO! This ‘Irish blogger only’ opportunity came at just the right time for me as I have been considering doing the Couch to 5K for a while and this has given me the chance and opportunity to finally bite the bullet and do the bloody thing! So more on thats going another time…
IMG_20141008_145701IMG_20141011_135334And finally the darling man and I love our ‘quiet’ Saturdays {every other weekend} which we indulge and r.e.l.a.x as Annabelle naps and the older kids spend time at their Daddies. Its so lovely to be able to say fluff-it to the housework and everything else that’s screaming at you to be done and just have lunch and chill out with your partner. Blissful time people. BLISSFUL!

How was your week?

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