Me & Mine: February

The end of February already – isn’t that crazy? But we’ve had a really lovely month I have to say. The snow has gone, the sun has come out and we’ve been able to get out & about as a family a lot more and its been glorious.

The darling man and I are on a bit of a health kick so we’ve been getting out for lots more walks {as much to the dismay and disapproval of the kids!} and it’s been really lovely. Annabelle gets off her reins, we get to breathe in some beautiful cold fresh air with a hint of sunshine to just make it pleasant.

So at the start of the month we had my friends little girls to stay for a sleepover and I took that opportunity to have one of the girls {whilst on one of our walks} to snap a photo of us together. She did a great job didn’t she! I love how Ellie is doing a cat impression! She’s such a character.
DSC_7367I already love looking back on our January’s Me & Mine photo so I cannot wait to see what other wonderful places to have a family photo together. Without sounding too cheesy, Me & Mine is a really exciting project to be getting involved in!

dear beautiful

Toddler Treats: Nutella Puff Tarts!

Treats-bannerSo, what did we think of last weeks Pancake muffins? Pretty tasty little suckers aren’t they!? Yummy! Perfect for Breakfast, brunch, LUNCH or even an afternoon snack for the troops! Super versatile and I like that!

So what have I got for you this week? I was meant to have Nutella pop tarts, but due to a mix up of having puff pastry instead of shortcrust pastry….the gorgeous Jade from Late for Reality decided to call them PUFF TARTS! Isn’t that genius? So here they are…
puff2Pop tarts are a scrumptious treat so I figured I would have a hand at making them at home. They are easy to make, and from prepping to cooling you could have them being munched on and enjoyed within 30 minutes.

All you need is:

– Shortcrust pastry {although I did this ‘by mistake’ with light puff pastry and they were still amazing!!}
Nutella {or whatever filling you desire}
Just unravel your pastry, cut into slices then cut each slice in half to make equal rectangle pieces. Dollop on some nutella then place a piece on top and press down around the edges of the nutella to give it some shape.
DSC_7380Then give it some decoration in the form of lines and dots and get those bad boys in the oven!
DSC_7381DSC_7382I put these in the oven at 180 degrees for around 20 minutes {or until golden brown} and then brought them out, sprinkled them with a little dusting of icing sugar & left them to cool for a few minutes before serving them up to the troops.
DSC_7386They look so amazing {even if I did do them with the wrong pastry!} and I have to say…they tasted even BETTER than they looked! I can see these being a regular treat in our house because they really are super easy to do and insanely tasty!

So yeah….if you enjoyed these and decide to give them a go then please drop me a wee hashtag #Toddlertreats on Facebook or Instagram, as I love to see people having fun in the kitchen! You can also see all of the other Toddler treats over on my Pinterest board too.

We just partied with Doc McStuffins!

And by that title I mean…the Twitter party of course!! Did you hop over to Twitter yesterday to follow myself, UKMumsTV, SmythsToys & DisneyJunior! It was such fun and the photos I shared on Twitter during the paaartaaay were just a snippet!

Annabelles wee buddies were unable to attend sadly due to other commitments & illnesses, so it was just Annabelle & I yesterday. And Annabelle had a blast being Doc for the afternoon!!
doc1 doc2 doc3 doc4The toys Annabelle was sent out by Flair were perfect and items she didn’t have in her collection. The Eye clinic is brilliant! Everything a growing eye doctor would need. Eye patches, eye drops and even the head torch! Such fun! And don’t even start me on how cute the little Doc McStuffins scrubs are!

We had a BLAST taking part yesterday! You can visit Disney Junior to more #DocMcStuffins activities & games!

Breakfast time with BEAR Alpha Bites!

BEAR is a product that we started to buy last year. The kids LOVE the fruit winders that they used to get tucked in with their little subway lunchboxes, so when they caught wind of Mummy getting sent out some BEAR cereals to enjoy they let out little yelps of excitement.
bearPhotos are from

The presentation of the box however was fabulous! Once I opened the box there was my blog name in very fun monster magnets! Kudos to the PR company for that one. I love personal touches like that! And go BEAR for having those fun magnets free inside each cereal boxes too! Oh those where the days with cereal boxes that had free gifts inside! I would have also taken a photo of said presentation of the box however my toddler hijacked the cereal boxes before I could!
IMG_20150205_181213We got sent out a box of Alpha bites Multigrain & Alpha Bites Cocoa, and one other VERY cool thing about this cereal was that each little piece of yumminess was a letter! This is something I personally have never seen before. I’ve seen croc feet, moons, stars, hoops but never the alphabet! Another very cool thing about this cereal.
DSC_7425BEAR Alpha Bites are naturally high in calcium, has no refined sugar and come with no added nonsense! I love that line. It speaks volumes! Inside of using refined sugars BEAR have used coconut blossom nectar which contains twice the calcium as milk and has a naturally low GI. I had never heard of a coconut blossom before so I love this and the kids were pretty WOW’d by it too.

Aside from the cool magnets and yummy cereals the kids where sent a fun monster activity pack to craft some of their own monster creations with. Naturally as soon as I showed them the pack of ‘stuff’ they took it, scuttled off into a corner and got to work. Later coming out of the crafting corner of creativeness to present me with these three monstrous little fellows.
20150208_152547All in all we love BEAR Alpha Bites. Both boxes {since getting them a week ago} are both empty and now gone. However you can be sure the kids will have them in my trolley come the next shopping day!!
DSC_7423You can find out more information about BEAR from their Website, Facebook & Twitter pages.

Disclosure: I was sent these products for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own.