My Online Identity Theft Experience

F_ID-Theft-onlineOnline identity theft is a huge deal. It’s something that happens everyday, all around the world and something I was never fully aware of until I got older. Did you know that online identity theft is the UK’s fastest growing avenue used to carry out criminal activity? Yeah, neither did I. That alone is pretty terrifying if you take a moment to think about it.

There are so many ways we put ourselves at risk to falling at the knees of an identity thief. Whether we decide to not shred our paper documents before separating them into individual bin bags, or whether we don’t use effective and trusted online security systems when doing some online banking on our home computer. The lengths some criminals will go to to seek out, track and steal your online information is astonishing.

Have I ever been a victim {does anyone else hate that word?} of identity theft? Yes I have. Twice! I don’t quite know how it all came about {the first time} as I thought {used the word ‘thought’ there} I was pretty protected when using my online banking service. So maybe me not having the most up to date firewall, online hacker prevention software put me into the ‘prey’ box this time. But either way, the thieves got what they wanted, my money. Thankfully I didn’t have a massive amount of money in my account but they did manage to clean me out and buy themselves a few nice things.
11514588-how-can-prevent-online-identity-theftHow did I realize? I tried using my card in an ATM and the machine kept the card as it flew up a red flag and advised me to contact my bank. I did, they asked their security questions as they usually do and when asked if I’d ever spent $250 on it immediately threw up a red flag for me. No, I replied. Again I was asked if I had ever spent $125 on another company and the list carried on. What do you ever do when something like this happens other than worry about paying your own bills, putting food on the table and being able to feed your children. It’s scary. I was scared and furious all rolled into one.

I just had to go through the regular fraudulent activity channels and hope that my money would get returned. It never did. But I changed everything from my passwords, security program, bank details and more.

The second time I experienced online identity theft was via my ebay account and me being me, I didn’t even notice before I paid for my products. Which where just lots of little bits and pieces for my sons birthday party {themed party favours etc – but still!}. About £40 was spent on birthday bits and when a fortnight passed I did a bit of researching. I was shocked when I realised someone had clearly accessed my ebay account and managed to change my home address to somewhere in London, postcode and all.
So I totally google earthed their address, which I know is a bit creepy, but I needed to see it. I needed to see the place where my sons party things where getting delivered too and I was hoping so badly that they’d be disppointed that I didn’t buy something more fancy and expensive for them to sell on.

No money was returned on that experience either. But the money didn’t matter, it was the principle of it all. How dare these thugs steal from me and disrupt my sons birthday party. Mama bear mode really got plucked with that experience I can tell you.

Have you ever been unlucky enough to experience online identity theft? 

Spring/Summer Adventures with GORE-TEX® – Review

goretexThe brand GORE-TEX has been a great love of mine ever since my teenage years. It was my go-to brand as I prepared to hike up the Mourne Mountains or do my Duke of Edinborough challenges. With that I can now proudly say that I am working with GORE-TEX as one of their Family ambassadors where the children will get sent out shoes to try out with each season!

Excuse me while I let out a little WOOHOOO!

I am thrilled to be working with such an amazing brand and my three younger children have been very lucky to be sent out their first GORE-TEX footwear to try out.
gortexgoretex3Ellie chose a very stylish pair for herself {I’m actually looking at getting a pair myself because I think they are GORGEOUS!}. They tie-up, look great and comfortable; plus they keep her feet aired and dry. Do you really need anything else?
gortex4Annabelle’s just learning to put on her own shoes and I love that she is getting better at strapping on her own shoes, so the velcro fastening was a must for her. Plus, how gorgeous is the purply pink/white/grey combo! 
goretex6Jacobs shoe is a cool blue & white pair of trainers, and due to him not being quite there yet with tying up his shoelaces, he was pretty happy with the double velcro straps.
DSC_2426One of our favourite places to go {when the weather allows us} is the Viaducts that luckily aren’t to far from where we live. Its a gorgeous area for a big day adventure and a great place for the kids to really put their GORE-TEX footwear to the test.
DSC_2432DSC_2441As soon as I saw my children wearing their GORE-TEX footwear I knew I didn’t need to worry about comfort, as speaking from experience; GORE-TEX footwear are comfortable.
DSC_2443DSC_2444DSC_2447DSC_2452 gortex2

The kids absolutely love their new trainers. They all fit beautifully, so there are no marks on the backs of their heels and due to the shoes design to be ‘breathable’, after much running around in the Summer afternoon heat, there wasn’t a sweaty foot in sight {or smelt!}. So our Spring/Summer GORE-TEX kids footwear get a big thumbs up all round from us! Keep an eye out for the kids having adventures with their Autumn/Winter range soon!
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Junior Bridesmaid Dresses with Roco Clothing, Review!

roco clothing signSaving for a wedding is tough. In fact, I think calling it ‘tough’ doesn’t quite emphasise how utterly stressful and difficult it can be to save for your big day. So when fabulous companies such as Roco Clothing get in touch to offer you a Wedding attire review opportunity, you bite their hands off right? Well that’s what happened. #truestory and after a glance on their website, I was excited to work with a new brand.

It took me quite sometime to choose the two items for my review; but once I decided I was so happy with my choice. I decided to go with a set of dresses for my Junior Bridesmaids.
PicMonkey Collage

Photos courtesy of Roco Clothing.
This is the same style dress that’s available in both Rose & Champayne, and I think they are just stunning. The one thing that drew me to pick these dresses was because I’m going with a tealength style Wedding dress myself and I loved how these blend in with that style. Plus, what child wants to have to hoist up their dress to run and play during the day!
Champayne dress 3Both dresses have come out a little darker than they actually are. I blame this awful weather we’ve been having – isn’t it meant to be Summer? Anyways, the champayne has a beautifully golden look about it and the Rose is just a beauty of a colour. Not too pink {this pleases by daughter} and more importantly, they swoosh perfectly for when it’s dancing time! 😉 
Rose dress 3With their sweet soft satin pleated bodices to the gorgeous organza skirt, these dresses just shine elegance. Both dresses come with a matching soft satin bolero.
Rose dress 1Champayne dress 4The bodice is elasticated to ensure it fits beautifully and worn with the utmost comfort. It also has a sash that you can tie into a pretty bow at the back.
champayne dress 5I adore the detailing on these dresses. The delicate layered flowers that are sprinkled over the soft satin bodice and along the bottom of the organza skirt are such a delight. They’re not over baring in any way and come across really subtle, which in turn add the elegance to these dresses and making them perfect for a Junior Bridesmaid.
Rose dress 4You can find the gorgeous Champayne Dress here, and the Rose dress here. These aren’t just for Weddings, these little dresses can be used for every occasion going, and I think getting a multi-functional dress is the best way to go!

You can find Roco Clothing over on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
Disclosure: I was sent these products for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 

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