A peek into Annabelles travelling busy bag!

I’ve not just made Annabelle a busy bag, I’ve made one for the each of the children to keep them happy during our travels to France next month. But I figured I would share Annabelles separately as keeping a toddler happy on a long flight is a little more tricky than a 6 & 9yr old will be. So here’s what I’ve got in Miss Belles busy bag.
Busy bag 11117939_786296651455828_824125242_nA few leapfrog books with her little Violet leap-reader pal. Annabelle really loves this little gadget but remember to pack a few spare batteries as I find violet munches through them quite quickly.
11100774_786293648122795_601800647_nA sticker book is a must! Miss Belle loves a good sticker fest! You don’t just have to stick them on the pages either, you can put them on yourself to make it more fun for her!

Chalk & Magnet boards. Now I mentioned this over on my instagram feed the other day as the idea just came to me and I’m a PING then instantly get stuck into it sort of gal. So I did! Super easy to do! I was lucky enough to already have lightweight frame & piece of cardboard to paint over, and they turned out pretty well. Chuffed with the result and I know they’ll keep Annabelle content for a portion of the flight too.

Flash cards. Annabelle is obsessed with stacking {yes, even cards!} so I know we’ll have good fun with these whether it be helping her learn new words, enjoying the colourful illustrations, stacking them even or all three rolled into one.
11117952_786293624789464_1837800769_nColouring in book and crayons. Well this is always a winner for Belle. She loves a good colour-in but she’s not to fussed on crayons so pens and {possibly} felt tips will have to be used.
11093265_786293481456145_34817399_nSnacks! Belle {like any kid} loves snacky foods whether they be raisins, yogurt drops, chocolate buttons, fruity pieces and more. So she’ll have a yummy selection in her bag to keep her more than content for the duration of her flight.

The infamous digital babysitter, the iPad or Portable DVD player. This is so handy to have because Annabelle really enjoys sitting down to watch a few of her favorite shows or a movie. Or even to play games! But saying games, being in the air and no wifi I’m going to have to make sure there’s games on there that she can actually play whilst in the air.
11119044_786293531456140_199405500_nEaster eggs filled with surprises. I have LOADS of plastic eggs left over from Easter and this seemed like a fun and perfect way to use them. I filled each one with a little lego minifigure for Annabelle to take part and put back together again. Hopefully this will be SUPER FUN for her and keep her entertained long enough for Mummy & Daddy to enjoy a cup of tea!

11132131_786293338122826_451677950_n 11156998_786293641456129_1227877293_nSo there you go. That’s a peek inside Miss Belles Busy bag for our flight to France this May! I plan to add some gel stickers for the windows on the plane to, just waiting for Amazon to deliver them! I’m pretty pleased her bag and I’m hoping for the three and a half hour flight it does us proud and keeps our little toddler happy too.

Is there anything you think would be a great addition to her busy bag? If so, I’d love to hear it!

A Wild Things Funky Dress Review with Loubilou!

Recently I was offered the chance to review something from the amazing website Loubilou which sells a lot of handmade childrens clothing, it was only natural that I got excited! I absolutely adore handmade children’s clothing, mainly because they are different, something you wouldn’t normally pick up on the high street and the best part? Made with LOVE!

Both of these dresses are made by The Wild Things – Funky Dresses and I when I had the delivery I think I may have squeaked a little with joy because the dresses Annabelle was sent were just to cute for me to even handle!
988916_818487568226129_6706554336491434352_n 11152696_818486078226278_3469850556532749188_n
How insanely adorable are these huh! Honestly. So once I got over the cuteness I just loved how these were made. The attention to detail, the materials used, the gorgeous animal patterns. They are just overall glorious and I couldn’t wait to try them on Annabelle.

This little Spring lamb dress couldn’t be any more perfect for my little girl to wear in Spring. She looks so grown up in it too. I’ve never tried this style of play dress on Annabelle before and I really liked how it looked on her.
Lamb dress the wild thingsThe first thing that stood out for me about the little Spring Lamb play dress is not only the little lambs face {which is very sweet} but it was the curly hair on it’s head. I love this touch and it really brings a sense of true uniqueness to this play dress.
the wild things lamb dress 3Not forgetting the super sweet little Sheep foot pockets!
988916_818487568226129_6706554336491434352_nI love how light the super soft needle cord is, which makes it easy for Annabelle to run, climb & play in and not to get to warm. It also feels really durable so I know it will grow with her due to the two adjustable buttons. The colours are delicious as you can never go wrong with a pale pink, cream and white combination and I adore how it’s not only a dress, but can be worn as a tunic top too! The Little Spring Lamb Play dress RRP for £42.00.

The second dress I am showing you today is this delightful Girls Fox Play dress.
the wild things dress foxThe combination of burnt orange & brown super soft cotton needle corduroy & monaluna print is just perfect isn’t it!?
the wild things fox play dressThe fox appliqué on the front is super sweet and the INSANELY cute little fox claw pockets are just delightful.
fox play dress the wild thingsBeing a massive fox lover I just adored this play dress on Annabelle. The colours really complimented her and well, it’s just so darn cute! These are going to be worn a lot I can tell you and Wild Thing Funky Dresses are now officially my new love and go-to place for any play dresses we’ll need in the future!
fox the wild things 211156888_792663170819176_61019309_n 11157038_792663117485848_1286450483_n
I just love everything about these dresses. They look great, they wash well, the dry beautifully and well I think it’s great fun having a little lamb or fox running about the garden or local park!

You can check out more from Loubilou from their Website, Facebook & Twitter pages.

Disclosure: I was sent these products for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own.

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Mum & Daughter time – Going for a hike!

The weather recently has been awesome, and the weekend just passed there I decided that my eldest girl and I would go for a walk up to the summit of our local Cave Hill if the weather played ball. Thankfully it did so we packed a picnic and off we went.

Ellie has always wanted to walk up to the infamous ‘Napoleons Nose’ summit and I finally got round to taking her. It has been a good 7+yrs since I’ve been up there myself which would explain why we ended up walking up the way I remember going down, and we went down the way I recall going up! Ha! Typical eh! But we had loads of fun all the same. I’ll just dump a load of photos on you guys {sorry about the quality as I just took my phone with me!}.
11158120_789995381085955_1649895173_n 11160543_789971727754987_442647263_n 11173444_789995327752627_1675166624_n
Because we were so close to the Zoo, Ellie was constantly pointing out the seagulls flying overhead {clearly waiting for the sea lions feeding time no doubt!}.
The scenery we were surrounded with was actually breathtaking. This area is only 2 miles up the road from where we live, so being so close to this place makes you feel very blessed. 
We took a photo of these two handsome chaps from a distance and before we knew it curiosity got the better of them and they trotted over to say hello.
11160268_789994961085997_658174397_n11119480_789995301085963_1485576713_n11160276_789995181085975_560671423_nEllie taking a moment to enjoy the view as Mummy caught her breathe! *wink*
Isn’t that view stunning!! So much green! #beautiful
11091195_789995127752647_16088624_nEllie thought it would be fun to have me snap a photo of her ‘appearing’ to pinch hold of the telephone tower in the distance. I think we pulled it off!
11156759_789995174419309_1149756305_nI’m in a photo….on my own, up on the hillside. Rare shot folks! Super Busy Mum in the wild and photographed by my gorgeous daughter. 
11156968_790130287739131_1958934897_nWe can see the summit! Huzzah!
11117806_790135251071968_744763934_n11160326_789995441085949_1822569556_nWe reached the top! Phew….now for lunch!
11127368_790131257739034_1906201691_n 11158030_790131301072363_210358760_nScrabo Tower in the distance there!
Now for the journey down towards home. We decided to head down the way we really should have came up. This way is very steep {but adventurous too!} So we had lots of fun {& dusty bums!}.11117464_789994811086012_179266872_n11103597_790131377739022_422811127_n11173457_789994807752679_320584442_nWe came to a fork in the road and even though to get to where we came in we had to go left, I asked Ellie which way she’d like to go and she chose right. Oh well, we set out for an adventure didn’t we!?
You never realise just how short you are until you see you’re little 29in legs in a full length photo!

So remember Ellie chose to go right? WELL….we got a little lost, went under fallen trees, jumped over some too and after an hour of trekking through forest we stumbled upon this…
Belfast Castle! Ha! Brilliant eh! I couldn’t believe we ended up walking so far that we ended up in the grounds of belfast Castle. So we got a seat in the garden and ordered ourselves a wee bun and a bottle of coke each. It was well deserved!
We had a glorious adventure together and we weren’t home two minutes before Ellie was asking to go up again! I can’t wait to make it a regular thing with my eldest girl.
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