Brand new Sesame Street is coming to Cartoonito!

When I was a young girl I remember sitting in my Granny’s house, on the floor {which seemed to be my favorite place, even now at 36!} and Sesame street would be on the TV. My cousins and I would all sit quietly {much to the joy of our parents} and we would all giggle at Oscar the Grouch being grumpy {as per}, Mr Snuffleupagus being silly or Grover {my personal favorite} being his amazing self.

The show had so many much-loved characters, so to hear of it coming back to our screens this November is pretty exciting. Because, now,  my children will be able to enjoy the same show that I did as a child.

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Building dens with the DFS Sofa Fort Campaign

Building forts have to be up there with every child’s favorite past time. In fact, whatever the age, you have to admit, building dens and playing in them are pretty fun. So, when DFS sofas got in touch and challenged us to get involved in their sofa fort campaign, how could we refuse. 

We try to make time during our crazy family days to spend actual quality time together. No TV, no homework needing to be done, no tech babysitters, just good old fashioned hanging out time as a family and teaming together to make this very simple sofa fort was just what we needed.

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5 tips if you’re thinking of becoming a Landlord #sp

Becoming a Landlord has actually been something that my husband and I have discussed the possibility of doing ourselves in the future. It’s a good move to make {for the most part} but we understand that lots of research will need to go into it and more importantly we need to look at all of our options. Thankfully, that’s where Google comes in because lots of really useful tips to become a Landlord can be found online.

So I sat down one evening, with a cup of tea {obviously} and a few biscuits {a cup of tea without biscuits should be illegal!} and I began searching for tips to convince me that becoming a landlord would be a good move for our future. If you’re considering the same, maybe these tips if you’re thinking of becoming a landlord will help you too.

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50K prize up for grabs for UK Primary schools

Saving energy and saving money have to be ranked up there with my highest home-life priorities. Being energy efficient and saving pennies at the same time can never be a bad thing and when we consider the schools our children go to in the same light, reserving energy and learning ways to be smart about the amount of energy we use is a vital way of life, in my opinion.

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