Frozen Top Trumps with Winning Moves

When we first started playing top trumps just a few years ago I had no idea that this simple yet very fun card game, was spanning back 35 years. Our first packet of top trumps was Disney Planes and if I’m honest it was our only pack for a looooong time so it was literally played to death. Dog eared corners and we knew the stats of every card in the deck.
Since planes we’ve gained our own collection of our favorite movies/shows and recently we were sent a pack of Frozen top trumps to play & with a Frozen mad child, they were the perfect addiction to our collection.
20141212_121400Along with the new Frozen Top trumps we got it in this super sweet Christmas stocking with an orange {which Annabelle mauled as soon as she saw it!}, a candy cane which now hangs on our tree and a lovely shiny Christmas bauble filled with toffees. Isn’t that lovely! I’m a sucker for personal touches.
20141212_121610This, like all of our other top trump favorites {Doctor Who, Deadly 60, Adventure Time, Harry Potter & so much more} is a firm favorite and our Frozen crazed toddler is forever stealing the Olaf card & just hugging it. Turn out she likes warm hugs too! Great addition to our collection or for any Frozen fan out there too.
frozen-cardsandpackThe Frozen Top trumps can be purchased for just £4.99, making the perfect stocking filler gift!

Tomy Battroborg Warrior Review

Last year I was lucky enough to review the first edition of Battroborg, a set of wireless robots that you can battle your opponents with in an arena. We really enjoyed last years product, so when Tomy sent us out the newer version of the Battroborg game, Battroborg Warrior, to review I was excited.
81Yyn84fzWL._SL1500_Like the older model of Battroborg this one has a slight and in my opinion cooler twist! Last years you pretty much boxed your way to victory, whereas with this one you can be a samurai! A SAMURAI!!! Ha! Its the Samurai vs Ninja arena set & I was just as excited as the kids when we saw that and we couldn’t wait to open that box and get our samurais ready for battle.
1The first thing I noticed {other than the fact we could be butt-kicking-samurais} was how much smaller the arena was. I was instantly remembering how in the original battroborg you could dash across the much larger arena towards your opponent whereas with this one you can swipe your sword and scythes towards victory {or defeat!}, clearly requiring a smaller arena.

The controller is different than the previous product due to the different fighting style. I mentioned last years review being focused on boxing, so you had a remote & a nunchuck wired together to aid you in your battle, whereas due to wielding a sword and/or scythes you only require the one handheld remote. The remotes require 8AA batteries {4 each}, and will give you 20 minutes charge time equally 20 minutes play time. Like the previous model the robots charge on the controllers & the syncing & charging your controllers is all in the instruction book provided.
20141218_133628We really enjoyed this arena set, the ninja/samurai aspect was pretty exciting and it was fun to have a bash at a different wireless play/fighting style. The samurais {I find} are a little harder to turn during battle however once you find your feet with it {so too speak} your grand, but if we were too choose between the boxing Battroborg & the Warrior version? We’d go for the boxing version, in our opinion it was much more fun and easier to manoeuvre.

This arena set costs around £29.99 and for something a little different I think it’s a great product. Both of our sets come out regularly and we have lots of combinations of boxer VS ninja, Ninja vs Samurai and the main thing is the kids have a blast with it.

Christmas Gift ideas for Gamers

It’s no news to say that we’re a big gaming household. At some point or another there will always be someone on something, Minecraft to Warcraft, Sims to League of Legends. Out of my five children, the four older ones are serious gamers and I’d be lying if I wasn’t rather proud of that. They’re heightening skills that you don’t know games can provide and some of them are even silently and immensely educational.

Then on the other side of the coin they aren’t out on street corners getting up to lord knows what with lord knows who. So, with them in mind I decided to put together a gift list for the gamers of the world for this Christmas.
gamersXbox 360 Charge Dock / Razer Deathstalker Gaming Keyboard / MadCatz R.A.T Gaming mouse / Afterglow Xbox 360 Controller / RC-3 Gaming Chair from Gioteck / Turtle Beach Gaming Headet

I personally have a few of the above gifts wrapped and ready to give to my three boys next week {can you believe its so close!} & I know they’ll be a massive hit!

Do you have any gamers in the family?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

Christmas Bark Recipe

Ever since I made my first ‘bark’ recipe back in Easter, with each festive season that we have been blessed with since then it’s become some sort of a habit tradition I guess to share another festive bark recipe with you guys. So I’ve done Easter, Halloween & obviously the most wonderful time of the year is almost here so obviously I have some Christmas bark for you.
bark1I have to confess though I’ve made this a ‘little’ thicker than your average bark because as I was making it I had a sort of OMG moment as I was melting my first layer of chocolate and thought “OH I KNOW….I’ll add a layer of crushed oreo into the base!” thus the thicker bark approach. However believe me when I say if you make this you will NOT be disappointed. Trust me.
barm5bark4This tastes FAB-ulous. Seriously. It would make a great little gift to Teachers, neighbours even or you could just be a hog, share & eat the lot….like we did! haha!