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How are we all this week? Yesterday we waved tootle-pip to September and today we welcome October. Can you believe that? O.C.T.O.B.E.R! Crazy scary how close ole Santy Claus is getting too! Once this month is through, that’s us…the official countdown will be ON! Are you ready? I am, sort of...hopefully more than I ‘think’ I am….oh who am I kidding I am freaking OUT! hahah! Christmas always stresses me!! So lets hope I pull my socks up and make sure everything is in order and ready so this Mama can R.E.L.A.X!

What do we think of my Halloween theme blog header? Cute huh! Massive thanks to the glorious Jade from Jade Marshall Design for that! That’ll be up for this whole month and then I ‘may’ just have a super cute Christmas one done too! ;)

Anyways…before I go on forever & a day! Massive thank you thank you thank YOU for everyone who popped over to link up last week – I LOVE you guys! I hope you’ll join us again today as I really do love reading all of your fabulous posts, baby & bump updates and more!

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Tatty Teddy & my Blue nose friends Review

Tatty teddy has been around for as long as I can remember, and over the years he has been branching out into all kinds of cute products and even more recently, has grown a very cute group of pals, all with little blue noses like Tatty himself. So when I was asked to review a selection of Tatty Teddy & his blue nose friends crafts from John Adams, I couldn’t say no as my eldest girl would give me ‘the look’ as she is a big lover of arts & crafts.

The sets Ellie was sent out was the Tatty Teddy Sew & Create soft keyrings & the Sparkly Jewellery Kit.
Tatty3Ellie, lately has developed this fascination and keen sense to learn how to do needlework, so it was only natural for her to start on the felt keyring kit first.

The contents of this kit includes:

– 6 felt sheets
– A sewing needle & thread
– Keyring loops with chains
– Assorted beands
– Glue
– Instructions

This kit is aimed for children 5 & up so with my daughter being 9 she didn’t need any help but just got on with it. I think both Ellie & appreciated that there was little ready made sewing holes around the edges of the felt pieces, as I know with Ellie being a sewing beginner, she found this to be a great help. Once she had her three keyrings all sewn up she needed a little stuffing to fill them, then to finish them all off with a few stitches. I have to say though, they look very cute!
20140811_185545 20140811_185700
PicMonkey CollageThe Keyring kit can be purchased for £6.99 and we really liked it. These little darlings are now on Ellies front door key, and her school & PE bags. I think this kit would make a great afternoon boredom buster {for those impending cold Autumn and soon-to-be Winter nights} and it would also make a great gift for another little crafter.

The next kit the kids delved into was the sparkly jewellery kit and this will make you 3 necklaces & 3 bracelets and also aimed at children 5 & up.

I’ll be honest, Ellie found this kit a little bit too young for her and she did loose interest quite quickly, as at the end of it all it would not be something she would wear. But my opinion is it’s a very sweet kit and it would make a perfect gift for a little one who is a proper girly girly and loves to lavish herself in jewels, or perhaps…having a crafting afternoon with friends, throw in a few cupcakes and you have a winning girly afternoon.
PicMonkey Collage2The kit contains everything from charms, to 125 assorted beads, ribbon, stickers and more! It can also be purchased for £9.99.

You can find John Adams Toys over on their Twitter & their website.
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Butterfly Mask Craft & Review

Crafty mischief is something that my eldest daughter is always keen to get stuck into. She loves to gather up whatever she can from around the house and create whatever her imagination guides her to create. So I knew when I was sent this fun Butterfly Mask craft kit to review from Great Gizmos, she’d love it.

She never misses a beat and as she came in from school one afternoon, it was almost like her inner crafter upper lover homed in on this new kit on the table and immediately asked if she could do it. I said yes and off she went, happy as larry, quiet as a mouse and content in her little crafty land of paints & glitter.
DSC_5430The kit contains:

- 3 butterfly mask templates
– 1 tube of glitter glue
– 3 plastic holders
– adhesive tape
– 1 set of paints & a paint brush

This kit contains three different and unique butterfly masks for you to paint however you wish, with also some glitter glue for that sparkly effect.
DSC_5481Ellie really enjoyed painting these but she did point out a ‘mild’ issue with the product and that there just wasn’t enough paint for her to be able to really paint her butterfly masks as she pleased. She was literally scraping around the edges to get those final drops of paint before they were empty. So according to Ellie she’d like to have seen ‘slightly’ bigger paint pots.
Other than that this kit was a real hit, and she enjoyed making these for herself and one each for her best friends.
DSC_5486DSC_5482A very simple and fun craft, aimed at children 5yrs & up and it can be purchased for £9.95 from the Great Gizmos website. This would made a fun boredom buster and or gift! They can also be found over on facebook & twitter.

My own Blogging Nook!

When I set my mind on something, my goodness I am good at getting it done! I did a wee post a few weeks ago about the desire to have my own little blogging station, my own personal corner of the house that I could call ‘just’ mine – and now that has become a reality!

Over the weekend I paid Ikea a visit, clearly by the photo buying waaaay more than I intended to go in for! However Ikea is just a fabulous place, filled with such treasures that some of them just happen to find their way into my trolley – shame! ;) However I was able to get ‘pretty’ much everything I went in for.
IkeaFirst of all the table I wanted was a gorgeous Miche table with a pair of drawers, but when I saw it in person, it was about 3in too big for the alcove I had for it at home, so I needed to find an alternative. I came across this gorgeous black & white bubble effect table top and at only £15 how could I resist! The other one I had in mind was going to cost me £65 – can anyone say money saaaaver!! And I have to admit, I am a little bit in love with it! The legs only cost an additional £2.50 per leg, but for £25 all in, who could complain!

I was also approached by a company to do a poster review, which I have since designed and sent off, so I managed to pick up two poster frames from Nyttja to go above my desk. I decided to go with a white frame as the main wall next to my chosen nook space is english fire red and I thought the white frames to add a little more light and crispness to the area and also since I saved money on the desk, I didn’t mind paying the £7 each per frame.

The next thing I was after was a cool desk lamp and when I came across this awesome looking Forsa work lamp, I kind’ve fell a little bit in love! And when I saw the price tag *coughs* £15 I don’t think it was possible to turn down that offer.

The chair I went for was nothing special, no big super comfy leather bound swivel chair, oh no, I went with a cute and dinky {considering the space I have to play with} swivel chair from Snille and an adorable fee of just £14.50! I also picked up some little filing boxes for any bits & bobs.

At other stores I was able to pick up a few more treasures, this gorgeous set of heart drawers from Home Bargains was one of them, costing just £2.99. Total bargain!
IMG_20140923_122959So those are my blogging nook finds and now all I need to do is put it altogether! I have got it mostly put in place, as I’ve been sharing a few snipets over on my instagram, but I need a few other touches yet before I can reveal it all in her full glory! So all will be revealed soon!

Ordinary Moments – Poorly toddler

When this week started I had no idea that it would be ending how it has, in heartache. Watching my littliest bean being so poorly that we had to get onto the call-out Doctor. We are rarely unwell, but when we do, it floors us. And this has floored little Miss Belle to the core.

It started on Wednesday when she decided to throw up on a collossal scale during the school run. I knew the poor girl wasn’t right when I had to wake her from her sleep {and it was the one day from the week started that she actually slept on her bed & not the floor!} and it turned out I was right. A tummy big was afoot.
collage1Thursday passed OK, only the one sicky event happening and her being a little out of sorts, but Friday, oooh Friday was a whole different level of illness. The poor pup couldn’t keep a single thing down and all she wanted was cuddles and to listen to Mummys heartbeat, which is something that she has always found to be a comfort. Then Saturday came and the little bird just couldnt stay awake, which is when are concerns reached a new height.

We called the out-of-hours Doctor and she asked her to be brought over as a urgent appointment. It turns out Annabelle was dehydrated {the fail parent award goes tooo….} and we just had to make sure to get more fluids into her {which is easier said than done with a toddler who brings up anything that goes in!}.
When you see your child go pretty much limp due to the sheer lack of energy, there are no words to describe the worry. I am a MASSIVE worry wart, and after a few sicky episodes during the early hours I literally could not take my eyes off her. I lay in bed, constantly pushing the little view button on her video monitor to make sure everything was OK.

Thankfully the following day she started to come round and we’ve been seeing little glimpses of our very adventuriously cheeky toddler now & again. We really cannot wait to have her back to her old self however this morning we loved seeing some colour coming back into her wee chubby cheeks. But more importantly….seeing some life coming back into her too. Seeing her sitting up, actually chatting and interacting, rather than having the inability to move.
7When our tiny ones are poorly, you just wish you could soak up all of their woes like a sponge, heal them of it all and to take it all on yourself. If only eh…
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Our week in photos

Ok, so we missed doing this last week, it’s been crazy and if I’m honest I take alot of photos each week and it’s tough to find the time to actually sit down to choose the ones I’d like to share with you guys! But I managed to squeeze some time from lord knows where, so here goes, our week in photos…
GrannyBs1Every other Saturday is known {now!} as Granny B day, so last weekend we popped over to visit & also hang out with her older cousin Eva. It was such a lovely surprise that when we arrived, Granny B had a really pretty ‘tea party table’ all laid out for the girls. The girls really enjoyed everything and afterwards they had great fun {and a sneaky yet very sweet cousin cuddle} in the garden.
Week4On the Sunday {after promising the older ones during the week} we’d go on a movie date, and The Box Trolls was our movie of choice. I was pretty excited to see this movie actually as the trailer looked really charming & don’t tell anyone this but I am a bit of an animation nerd, ssshhh! Oh, I also got new glasses! Good old specsavers buy one pair & get a second pair free offer. So I got a pair of red frames & some purple ones too.
Week32I had my first Zara online purchase delivered and I was more in love with it than when I saw it online. Gorgeous, and perfect for this Autumn season. The older kids decided to destroy and fall asleep in our bed, and as I go up to crawl into mine…I find them both sprawled out all over the shop! Wee monkeys. Ellie made herself and her siblings dinner in the form of pizza and Jacob loved coming home with a conker stash after his school trip to Greenmount.
IMG_20140924_110655The kids had their annual European Day at school. This always gets a good turn out, with the kids all dressing up as either a Spanish dancer, Italian footballer, French artists and lots more. The parents and grandparents are all invited to a special breakfast as we watch the children in every year do a wee parade. Good fun and the kids always love to see Mum & Dad in the crowd, cheering them on!
SleepAnnabelle has had another week of random choosing to sleep on the floor, rather than her bed episodes. The best one this week was when I walked in, expecting to see her on the floor {as per} but only to find her on the floor, slouched over on the bed, lol! I think she was having an indecisive moment and couldn’t decide what she wanted to do, and ended up nodding off in the process!
Week45Lastly, I bought a ‘Learn to talk’ DVD the other week, and we’ve been playing it for Belle around 2/3 times a day at different times of the day, and lately she’s been copying the actions, and signs which is amazing to see. I’ll do a separate blog about that one soon.
One of Jacob hanging off my chair, being a little silly billy as per usual! Funny little chap that he is and I also made some scrumptious PB & choccy chip granola bars this week which you can find here and with my lot they really didn’t last very long. Then Miss Belle has been poorly the last few days with a cheeky tummy bug which is leaving her all lifeless and my house smelling like a sick bay from the olden times! So hopefully she’ll be over that soon!

So there you go, our week in photos {I told you I took loads, and this was about half of them! lol} I hope they didn’t bore you and I look forward to seeing what YOU got up to this week too!!

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Toddler Treats Wk#4 – PB & Choc Chip Granola Bars

Treats bannerHi guys!

I have to say I am really enjoying this new #ToddlerTreats series of mine, I have so many different, fun and most importantly easy to make recipes for you & your little ones! If this week is your first week spotting this little series then don’t fret, you can catch up on my previous #ToddlerTreats here.

This week I am excited to share with you my latest easy-peasy toddler recipe & judging by how much my older kids and partner loved these, I’m inclined to say they’re a for-all-the-family sort of treat!
Granola1First of all, this is a no bake recipe, making it a much easier snack to put together and the ingredients you’ll need is:-

- 1 1/2 cups of Oats
- 2 cups of rice krispies
- 1/2 cup of Brown sugar
- 1/2 cup of honey
- 1/2 cup of peanut butter
- 1 tsp vanilla essence
- 1/4 cup of chocolate chips

granola2How to make:

First of all you need to bring to the boil, the brown sugar and the honey just enough so that the granules of the sugar have dissolved. Once that has happened then you take it off the heat, add in your peanut butter and stir that in with your syrup, then leave it to cool for a few minutes.

Once it’s been cooled a little, you’ll notice it has stiffened, add your oats, rice krispies & mix together well until everything is well coated. Once that is done empty it out onto a baking tray layered with grease proof paper, pat the mixture down firmly, sprinkle on your chocolate chips then and leave it to cool for an hour in the fridge. Once cooled, cut into bars and you’re done!

These literally took me ten minutes to make {not including the hour in the fridge, obviously!} and they are ready to be enjoyed by the whole family! I didn’t think my son would like these, being the fussy bum that he is but according to him and I quote, “These are the best things you’ve EVER made, Mummy!” I think it’s safe to say he likes them!. Everyone loved these, even Miss Belle {after she picked off the choccy chips first of course!}.
granola6granola3 granola4According to Ellie they taste ‘a little’ like snickers bars and I reckon she’s right and although these are considerably healthier than a snickers bar& they also make perfect lunch box fillers too!
granola5I can see these being in high demand with this lot so I had best go and put together another batch! That first batch is almost gone already!!
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The Mad Mid Week Blog Hop


If this is your first week finding us then WELCOME! And of course if you’re a regular, thank you so much for coming back week after week to link up your amazing posts with the MMWBH!


First of all a MASSIVE apoligies for not making it round everyone for the usual wee comment love, tweet-out & Google+ lovin’, however,  very oddly wordpress refuses to let me see last weeks #MMWBH post and I am clueless as to why. If anyone has any ideas, please do let me know as I am quite bummed out that I am unable to make it round of you who linked up.

So with wordpress playing a really annoying game of ‘find-the-missing-post’, in other news this week has been full of drama, and a little mayhem. On the weather front, the sun has been out, the skies have been blue and it has been glorious. Sadly that is all meant to change this week as we’re to have rain, boooo! We’ve not had rain in almost a month! And for N.Ireland, that’s quite the dry-spell!!

This week has seen me have the dreaded ‘talk’ with my eldest daughter, we’ve baked some delicious cheesy tommy muffins for my recent #ToddlerTreats series post and we’ve also been reviewing some amazing products including a TMNT Ruckjack, A Trunki Paddlepak, even a Magical World Journal. I also have a few giveaways on the go too if you fancy entering any of those, you can do so here.

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Trunki Paddlepak Review & Giveaway

Ever since the older kids started back at school, my toddler and I have started doing little activities in the mornings, including swimming. So when the fabulous Trunki offered the chance to review one of their Paddlepaks, we got pretty excited.

We were able to choose the one we liked the most and seen as Annabelle really doesn’t care that much at the moment, her big sister decided to help me choose {it wasn’t easy!} but we finally decided on Inky the Octopus:
paddle1A Paddlepak is basically a lightweight, waterproof backpack that is perfect for taking out and about, whether it be to the beach, the local park and even to the local swimmers. Once Inky arrived I have to say I was really impressed at how well made it looked and how lightweight it was. Seeing the padded mesh back & shoulders, making it nice and breathable when on my toddlers back and not to mention the overall lightweighted nature of the Paddlepak, I knew my toddler wouldn’t mind having this on her back when we popped out.
DSC_4889One thing I had never seen before in a product like this was the roll-to-close with a little clip. This is basically to prevent anything wet getting out and vice versa. I really like this roll to close method, plus I love how it also makes the paddlepak ‘puff’ out, making Inky look like a proper puffy Sea creature.
DSC_4893DSC_4895DSC_4896The Paddlepak on first glance doesn’t look like much will fit in it, but that’s what is so fabulously deceiving about it. It fits LOADS! I could easily fit in Annabelle’s cloth swim nappy, swim suit, hooded towel and arm bands, with room to spare. However, this was just going onto the back of a toddler so I just put in her arm bands, swim nappy and swim suit for her to carry.
DSC_4921The first thing I noticed when I put the paddlepak onto Annabelle’s back was how easy it was to adjust the straps. On some backpacks the straps can be quite a nuisance to adjust, but these adjusted with real ease and I really appreciated that. Also one thing I would say the paddlepak needed for sure, would be a wee chest strap. Annabelle is almost two and even though the shoulders fit her well, I think a wee chest strap would’ve made it just that little bit better, prevents any straps slipping off the shoulders.
DSC_4913Along with the features I have mentioned already, I loved that this product had so many. Everything had been thought of, reflective panels on the straps {very handy – especially with the darker nights coming in}, the wee goggle grip that you can hang your sunglasses through or goggles from it and it even has a handy little dry zip pocket, perfect for storing anything from hair bobbles, to loose coins that jingled in your pocket.
DSC_5428Annabelle loves carrying little packs on her back and I really love how much use she will get out of her Inky Paddlepak, because the straps leave lots of room for growth. I can see Inky joining her for her lots more swim visits, beach & park trips and even her first days at nursery and pre-school.

Trunki have so many unique and funky designs that there really is something there to suit everyone. I personally found it very hard to choose, but I think we chose the perfect Paddlepak companion for Annabelle.
DSC_4926The Inky Paddlepak costs £19.99 and can be purchased here and there are also lots of other fun designs to choose from. The fabulous Trunki team are also giving you the chance to win a Paddlepak of your choice, so just fill in the widget below, good luck and the giveaway will end on October 14th 2014.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own.