YO-KAI WATCH, a Nintendo 3DS game review

For a while now I’ve been sucked into the world of Japanese artwork, anime shows & games, so when Nintendo kindly sent us one of their latest games for the Nintendo 3DS systems, YO-KAI WATCH to review, {& after watching the trailer for it, which you can view here} we were pretty excited to give it a play.


In the town of Springdale, there are mysterious forces behind our everyday problems. Whether that’s always being too sleepy, hungry, being unintentionally mean to someone or anything else that’s just out of character. These would be the actions of the YO-KAI. The YO-KAI are charming, funny and outrageous characters that can be found throughout Springdale. They can be found hiding everywhere and in order to protect your town you need to find the Yo Koi and befriend as many as you can.

YO KAI watch
My kids have loved playing their own saved games of YO-KAI watch and going through the really great {and funny} storylines. They really like how you have to search for the YO-KAI when your YO-KAI meter lets you know they’re nearby. They enjoy finding them, sometimes having to fight them and then befriending as many YO-KAI as they can.

The fighting style in the game is great fun. You need to do different actions to charge different YO-KAI during battle. Whether that tap the circles on the screen, draw circles really fast with your stylus and even trace symbols. All to charge up your chosen YO-KAI during a fight. You can even feed to help strengthen your YO-KAI and if you get killed {like we all have on a few occasions} you can revive your YO-KAI by purifying it.

yo kai watch
There isn’t just the main storyline to keep you intrigued and enticed as there are hundreds of additional quests that can be found throughout the town. Completing these quests help you to level up your YO-KAI to be even stronger and sometimes you can find new YO-KAI to recruit and befriend.

yo kai watch fusion
Also, another exciting part of this game that really impressed us {we’re a bit nerdy that way} was that existing YO-KAI that we have already can be combined using YO-KAI fusion. This allows you to create a whole new and unique {and more powerful} YO-KAI to join the team. Achieving YO-KAI fusion to make these new & unique characters can only be found by doing the additional quests within the game. We’ve come across some seriously scary {and super tough} bosses during our play so far and having stronger YO-KAI for battle has really helped! So it really pays off to get involved in all of those additional quests.

YO KAI watch
YO-KAI watch is a super fun RPG adventure game with beautiful cinematic clips throughout, really likeable characters and an amazing storyline. It is aimed at children aged 7 and up & will cost you £34.99.

Disclosure: As a Nintendo Family Blogger Ambassador, I was sent this game for the purpose of my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 



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