Wooly knits, fluffy socks & roaring fires – Hello Autumn!

Autumn has to be hands down, my favourite season of the year. It’s just something about all the colours it brings – the gloriously vibrant reds, yellows & browns. It gives us just the boost we need before Winter settles in and our days have very little light, we go through candles like nobodies business & hot chocolates become a daily treat. 

With each season, we have a wardrobe – would you agree? Being in Northern Ireland, we could have an Autumnal wardrobe all year round – we come compulsory with blue-tinted skin over these parts. But nothing beats being able to wrap up warm during the colder months, so shopping for the perfect bits to wear is essential and my Autumnal wardrobe is my favourite one to shop for. 

I am definitely a chunky knit sort of girl. You know the ones – the cardigans so big that you can practically wrap it around yourself when you’re sitting down. Glorious! I am also a gal who loves the softness of some of the jumpers & cardigans too. I love nothing more than slipping my arms into not only something warm but something soft & snuggly too. I have quite the collection of chunky knits, but for a while now I have been eyeing up a cheeky cashmere number from Denner Cashmere.  

I work hard, I deserve a treat, right? And as someone who very, very rarely splurges out on something for herself – this would be a proper fancy treat. But do I go for one of the cashmere jumpers? Or perhaps I’ll be extra fancy and go for a cashmere poncho? If I’m being completely honest, this Ribbed Cashmere Cardigan has me all heart eyes! 

Denner Cashmere prides themselves on providing some of the softest & finest cashmere in the world – which is quite the statement. Cashmere is known to be eight times warmer than wool and it all begins in the remote area of the Mongolia Plains. Did you know that cashmere comes from goats? Yeah, me neither! Or perhaps if you did know I’ve clearly been living under a rock! As my Mum always used to say; “You learn something new every day” and I certainly have. 

However, if Cashmere isn’t your thing I have put together a collection of some other Autumn wishes for me this season. I am never usually brave with colours when it comes to my fashion sense, because if I am completely honest with you – I don’t have one! I am totally one of those Mums who will fall into her wardrobe and come out in whatever I have fallen into. Which, 9 times out of 10 is a nerdy t-shirt, skinny jeans & a pair of converse.

So I have been very brave with my choices below and if I might say, I don’t think I’ve picked half bad! Could I pull them off as a 5ft dumpy size 16 is a completely different matter altogether! 

Plum ribbed Midi Dress // Black Glossy Wellington Boots // Tan Check Collar Coat //

Mustard V-Neck Jumper // Rainbow Knitted Jumper // Mint Broderie Bib Top // Khaki Tapered Trousers //

Soft Knitted Joggers //  Black Faux Ankle Boots

Do you have a love of cashmere or perhaps something in the collage above takes your eye – either way, I’d love to know! Call me curious, call me nosy – I don’t mind, but I would love to hear your preference! 

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