Fallen victim to a winter bug? Recover quicker with these 5 tips!

While it’s true that it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the worst time of year for coughs, colds, flu, sickness bugs and ear infections. These things spread like wildfire, even more so if you have young children in the house. If you fall foul of a winter bug, then it can really take a long time to recover and have things return to normal. So, if you’re feeling ill read on and find out how you can recover quicker from your Winter illness.

Cancel your plans. Cancel everything. You might have a lunch date. Or schedule a micro-blading appointment with your favourite technician. But all that will have to wait if you’re feeling ill. Sure, you might think you can nip out for an hour in between trips to the bathroom, but it’s really not worth it. Keep in mind that rest is key to your recovery and the only way you’ll get that is if you reschedule your social events, postpone all those errands you need to complete and leave the housework for another day. Remember that your health is the most important thing, and besides, the more you rest now, the more you’ll be able to manage when you’re well again.

Get comfy

You know what it’s like, you finally get comfortable until you realise that your phone is the other room, or your medicine is in the fridge.

When you have enough energy, you need to create yourself a little den. Fill the area with cushions, duvets, blankets and hot water bottles and make sure you have everything you need close at hand. That means the laptop, TV remote, phone and phone charger, tablets, medicine, painkillers, tissues, books and anything else you might need.

Now you can sit, relax and catch up on that book or your favourite TV show – completely guilt free.

Ask for help if you need it

If you have young children in the house, it can be difficult to put time aside for yourself to rest and recuperate. So you mustn’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s a friend or a family member, you could ask that they come over for an hour or two to do a few loads of laundry, pick up some essentials from the shop, pick up a prescription or just run a couple of errands for you. Sharing the burden will help you feel better too.

Keep hydrated You might not feel like it but keeping hydrated when you’re ill is hugely important. You’ll be losing more fluids than normal, so you need to make sure you’re replenishing what you’ve lost. This will help you on the road to recovery.

Germ control

Once you’re feeling better and seemingly over the worst of it. You need to act to stop the infection or the germs spreading elsewhere.

Clean the door handles, the tv remote, change your bedding and clean anything you might have touched or been ill on.


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