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Our home will never be a showroom home, but it will forever be cosy, lived in and filled with laughter and love. That I am sure of. We have lived here, in this house, for almost eight years and we have painted some rooms once. We’ve never got round to changing the carpets and if I’m honest, the lino in the kitchen has to go. But even with her imperfections, we have made this slightly rough looking house, a home.

I have styled our home little by little – a bit of bunting here, some fairy lights there, a gorgeous Julian Charles throw draped over the arm of our armchair… I’m a sucker for all of them! We only have two rooms in the house that are complete. Two rooms that I am finally happy with how I have styled them. I’ll be honest though, I’m no Laurence Llewellyn Bowen, but I am happy with things so far. I have so many plans and that I need to make happen, but they all take time & money.

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Everyone is different when it comes to their homes. Ours is a practical home because we have three children in the house. It’s their home too, so naturally, there is a sprinkling of toys, endless storybooks and even our garden is dedicated to them. So I guess I style our home to how we are as a family. A little crazy, all over the place but filled with memories and little pieces of us.

The next room that I plan on styling is our bedroom. It’s the second biggest room in the house – our girls have the biggest room because they share. But we do have a pretty cool cast iron fireplace in there, so that’s something to work with. And even though our chimney is blocked, the fireplace is still something really nice to have in a bedroom.

I’m thinking of painting it white & filling it with as many flameless candles that it can handle. Perhaps, adding a selection of delicious succulents to the mantel. Giving our bedroom a real minimalistic feel, which would be the perfect place to get away from it all for a moment or three. 

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I think our bedroom needs to be as minimalistic as humanly possible. It’s a room in the house, the only room in the house that we can call, ours. I can see floating shelves housing some beautiful prints {once I ask my Dad to put them up!}. I’ll replace our black curtains with some pretty white ones and finally put together the radiator cover that’s been in a box for the last six months!

My favourite trends are white, throughout! Simple and subtle pastels with little Scandinavian touches. I think this combination gives off a real minimalistic and relaxing feel to any room. As for storage, I love a good old Kallax unit. They are stylish and really effective when it comes to hiding away those bits & pieces that would dampen your minimalistic feel. 

Do you have a particular home style? Do you have a favourite trend? I’d love to hear all about them in the comments below! 

*In collaboration with Julian Charles


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