Wedding hair decisions!

Wedding hair ideas
I shared a post at the start of the week shocked {and with a minor freak-out} that it’s just four months until I get married. Four months isn’t a long time at all and even though everything seems to be falling into place nicely, we’ve still got lots to tick off our to-do list. Next up for me to sort is how I’d like my hair on the day.

My hair is long. Longer than I thought it was and I only got it cut a few months ago. I think it’s clear my hair has super growing capabilities and a good thing too because I’d like it nice and long for the big day. I’ve decided to stick with one of 3 styles: Half up half down, a side braid or fully down with no fuss. I also know that I’d like a sprinkle of flowers throughout whichever style I choose.

Wedding hair ideas
I haven’t chosen any up-dos for my wedding day because my hair is so thick & heavy that it would just start to fall out halfway through the reception. The same reason applies to not choosing any curly styles too, because again, heavy hair plus curls will just fall out in no time at all. 

Wedding hair ideas
I adore the simplicity of the styles I have chosen. I seem to be subconsciously sticking with my relaxed theme for our big day and I just hope it continues down that path of smooth sailing and everything going to plan. Although in saying that, I may have just jinxed it! {nervous chuckle} 

Wedding hair ideas
Do I have a favourite out of the Wedding hair styles that I’ve chosen? I do actually, but I think I’ll leave it a secret until the big day! 😉

Which style is your favourite from the choices above?


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  1. Sharon
    05/05/2016 / 11:39 AM

    First set of pics…middle one
    Followed by the first set of pics at the left!!! Love the waterfall braid in my second choice but think your hair wud be beautiful in my first choice!!!

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