5 Vehicle Safety tips

Every business must take the safety of the drivers behind the wheel of its vehicles, and those they come into contact with, seriously. This is why there are certain measures you must take to ensure everything runs smoothly to reduce the risks of accidents – both in the workplace and on public roads. Here are five tips that can help to greatly improve vehicle safety for your business:

Install the right safety equipment

 Commercial vehicles (such as vans, machinery that goes on the road and lorries) must feature up to date safety equipment to ensure those driving the vehicles and other drivers on the road are protected.

Look into a camera monitor system, available from companies such as brigade electronics, and ensure your drivers have a clear view while navigating the roads. Camera monitor systems allow drivers to see a complete view of what’s around their vehicle, so they can monitor several mirrors angles at once – which instantly improves safety.

Put together a driver policy

Safety should be implemented first and foremost by the drivers of your vehicles, which is why it’s a good idea to put together a driver policy that outlines the behaviour expected of those behind the wheel of your vehicles. Ensure drivers know where their responsibility lies, from maintenance of the vehicles to adhering by the rules of the road. Create handbooks with all these details for them to reference later. 

Ensure those driving vehicles have regular eye tests 

It’s very important that those behind the wheel can handle a vehicle correctly and are safe on the roads. This is why eye tests are important, and as a business, you should look into an eye care policy to ensure employees are able to drive. Specsavers discovered that 40% of employers don’t check if their drivers can see properly, which can lead to legal issues later in the case of an accident.

Ensure your vehicles are checked regularly

MOTs and services are the most basic of vehicle safety checks that you must employ in your business, but you should also be training your employees to regularly check that the vehicles they are driving are in good working order. Enroll them on a course to teach them the basics of car maintenance so you can feel confident that they can spot a bald tyre or an oil leak. Make things like this the responsibility of the driver to check, and ensure you maintain the calendar for when vehicles require official checks throughout the year.

Offer advanced driving courses

Many people can’t just hop in a van and drive it with ease. Therefore, you should put drivers on training courses to ensure they are confident behind the wheel and know how to operate the vehicle correctly and efficiently. There are free risk management seminars and commercial training courses available throughout the country to ensure everyone knows what to do.
Vehicle safety is of great importance for every commercial business, so make you don’t fall into any trouble by implementing these five tips.

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