Using technology to find your perfect family home

Using technology to find the perfect home
Online estate agents have completely changed the way we buy and sell homes. Every question regarding a potential property can be answered in moments, every angle of a room can be viewed, and every element of the history of a home can be examined, all at the click of a button.
Even the question of which device to use needs to be considered. While one might imagine that a desktop or tablet would be the optimal platform for viewing, there are a huge number of apps that allow people to research and investigate while they’re on the go.
For example, Knocker allows the user to search for any properties on sale near to a specific area; perfect if you’re strolling along a road and decide that it could be a nice place to live.
It’s just one app, alongside Rightmove, Zoopla and many others, that has changed the goalposts when searching for a home.
Searching for the home itself is now a quick, easy process online. The parameters are numerous and diverse, as one can search by number of rooms, address, maximum and minimum price, and many other factors. Most homes’ descriptions will also include details on the energy performance, any planning permissions included in the sale, and other relevant information. If you want to know more, dial the number of House Simple online estate agents or other sellers.
If there is one, of course. Many people now choose to sell and market their homes on their own, by building a simple website with all the relevant information and using social media to spread the word. Including video of the rooms and surroundings is easy, and the other numerous web property portals provide a template for all the information that a page should include (make sure your contact details are present).
Facebook friends will help (if you publish details to 150 friends, and they share those details to their 150 friends, then potentially 22,500 people will see the home for free). A lawyer might be involved at the later stages of the purchase or sale, but by that time you’ll have saved so much money that it won’t feel like much of a hardship.
Once you’ve found a potential property you’ll need to do some firm research into the history of the home and its surroundings. The UK crime map app allows you to examine incidents of crime in a specific location; the month, the exact location, and the type of alleged incident. Other apps allow you to search for proximity local amenities and leisure facilities, as well as schools, council buildings, pubs and other locations of interest. Then there are more specific, niche apps. For example, Sunseeker determines the direction of the sun in your garden.
Sellers also have a treasure trove of technology at their fingertips, and the number of innovations continues to grow. The new MyCaptR app, which is still in development, can scan a room in just a few moments using 3D technology, an iPad and a special camera – saving the need for creating plans for residential or commercial premises.
Buying and selling a home is an exciting and interesting time of one’s life, and it’s now easier than ever. This might be just the start of a property sale revolution.

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