How has the UK changed in 50 years? #SP

As a 35, soon to be 36yr old woman, I know how much things have changed since I can remember. But being able to see beyond my lifespan before I was even born and where things have come from and changed, is pretty amazing too. Even though it’s only looking back 50yrs, it’s still history and I have been considered a little bit of a history nerd {on occasion}.

If you’re intrigued by how the UK has changed in 50 years then you can check out the page over on the Sun Life website, giving you a snippet of the UK’s history at your fingerprints, spanning the last 50 years.


It is alway surprising seeing how the world around us changes. For example, I can remember when the Internet was born. I can remember being in college and heading up to the library {I’m a bit of a book nerd} and seeing an entire wall of PC’s. Bearing in mind the only PC I had ever used was a green pixelated Apple mac in Technology class. So being faced with bigger monitors that were in colour…was a bit amazing.

Did I even know what Google was when it popped up in front of me? Not a clue! All I was told was that it was a search engine to search for anything I wanted. But when offered that sort of knowledge right there under your fingertips, you tend to come up short for things to search for, due to it’s vastness. 

A few years after this I remember having one of the latest and pretty popular flip down mobile phones. You even had to pull up the antennae when people called. Thinking back to this actually makes me chuckle, because fast forward 15yrs and mobile phones are pretty much miniature handheld computers.

However, being from Northern Ireland I was keen to see the highlights of the decades that had been picked out to be shared. Thankfully her dark history was kept in the dark but it was lovely to see information about our infamous Samson and Goliath cranes as well as one of the most successful TV shows of all time, Game of Thrones. Which is filmed right here in our fair City of Belfast.


So, seeing how our City has changed inside 50yrs {even taking into consideration her dark past}, it’s so clear to see how far she’s come. From a City so bathed in terror to a thriving City that was recently voted the best in the UK. All inside 50yrs.

Where are you on the map? How has your area changed over 5 decades?

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