Tuck n’ Snug – Children’s Bedding review

When I was first approached & asked to review a Tuck n’ Snug duvet & pillow bedding set for my toddler, I wasn’t quite sure what the Tuck n’ Snug part really meant. But after a quick pop to their website and had a good read up on the product I was pretty keen for it to arrive.

If, like me, and many other Mums & Dads around the country, you are forever tucking your children back into their beds after they’ve wriggled out from beneath their covers. I know I have found my youngest {currently 2 & a half} in this position on hundreds of occasions, and even sometimes her duvet would be on the floor next to her as she lay sleeping on her bed.
It even got to the stage that she’d wake up with no covers on {due to being cold} and we’ve had many a night sitting up until ungodly hours because of a wide awake {and couldn’t get back to sleep} tot on our hands.

However, on the day our gorgeous Puppy motif Tuck n’ Snug children’s bedding set arrived I knew those days of tucking her in again & again {and again!} were over. Huzzah! 
So…let me show you what these Tuck n’ Snug bedding sets are all about!
Tuck n' Snug ReviewBasically, this set is the same as any other single bed duvet set but the only thing that’s different is both the pillow & duvet have fabric flaps attached. You put the covers on as you normally would and leave the flaps draping over the sides.
Tuck n' SnugThe next step is to tuck those fabric flaps underneath the mattress as shown in the above picture and now your pillow & duvet will be held into place.
Tuck n' Snug Bedding reviewThen just pull the edge of your duvet blanket down to conceal the fabric flaps and it’s ready for bedtime.

On the first night we used ours I was really impressed that Annabelle did not need tucking back into bed once, nor has she needed it done every night since. It’s so reassuring knowing that she can toss and turn all she likes but her blanket and pillow will be going nowhere. Leaving Mummy {because Daddy never wakes up!} to have a full nights sleep.
Tuck n' Snug Bedding review 2This is a brilliant product and in my opinion, a must-have for every parent with a wriggly child through the night. They RRP for £39.99 and they come in a range of different sets. You can have the kitten set or the puppy set and there are bedding sets for either a single bed or a toddler bed.

Disclosure: I was sent this product for the purpose of my review. All photos are courtesy of the Tuck n’Snug website and my thoughts & opinions are 100% my own.



  1. 12/12/2015 / 5:55 PM

    What a brilliant idea!

    • 12/12/2015 / 8:42 PM

      Isn’t it Kerry and it works so well too. Very impressed with it.

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