Trunki Toddlepak Review

When I started working with Trunki last year I honestly could not believe my luck. Trunki is one of our favorite brands and they make the most innovative and fun products that are perfect for our little ones. After reviewing the fun and much loved Inky the Paddlepak last year we were excited to receive a gorgeously foxy Toddlepak red to review recently.

Isn’t it gorgeous!
We are massive fox fans in this house so when I saw this in among their fabulous Toddlepak range, I knew it was perfect for us. Now I did find the adjusting of the Toddlepak a little fiddly to begin with, but once you’ve done it a few times it really does become second nature when it comes to adjusting it.

trunki1The first thing I love about this product {other than it’s foxy features!} is when looking at past harnesses we’ve used I do appreciate the full chest panel on this particular product. Toddlers love to run ahead and on occasion can have a wee trip and fall over, where we’d always pull on the reins to cushion the blow of the fall. The full chest panel would provide more surface area protection across the chest and less pressure on say, the shoulders or on a strap across the chest. For me personally I love the full chest panel, it certainly gives me a little more piece of mind if and when my toddler decides to have two left feet during a walk one day.

Secondly it has two ways to have the reins, this was something I hadn’t seen in a reins product before. The first one looks like what we would’ve used when Annabelle just started on her walking journey, however the leading reins are what we use and I have to say, they just have a much better handling and feeling about them when we’re out & about. Again I think it comes down to two points of attachment, one on each side, again better than a single strap point if/when the little one decides to have a tumble.

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This toddlepak has everything we would look for when choosing reins for our toddler, the support it provides, the reflective strip which is perfect for those dark mornings/nights through the Winter months, the support & comfort it provides then finally of course how could we not go for the design. Super cute! The Toddlepak comes in a fabulous range of designs and RRP for £17.99.



  1. Janine
    07/01/2015 / 8:43 PM

    Exactly what I was looking for. I was thinking of buying one of these because I want Matthew to learn to walk beside us and it is not possible because he is just off and won’t listen, that’s why he is always in the buggy when we are out and about. This might make things easier.

    • 09/01/2015 / 12:34 PM

      They really are great and the more I use it the more I love it! x

  2. 07/01/2015 / 9:26 PM

    We love our toddlerpak too although I do love your fox one! x

    • 09/01/2015 / 12:33 PM

      They’re fabulous aren’t they and I must say…I am in love with the foxy design too! x

  3. 08/01/2015 / 12:48 PM

    I’ve not seen these before but they look really good. I especially like how you can change it from a training rein to a leading rein. Great idea. x

    • 09/01/2015 / 12:31 PM

      That is one thing that I truly love about it Laura, plus the gorgeous designs to choose from! x

  4. Alex Bumptobaby
    09/01/2015 / 1:31 PM

    We have this too for Ethan and I think it’s fab. I love how it looks on too! x

  5. 13/01/2015 / 10:10 AM

    I hadn’t seen these before – I’m a bit Trunki fan too, and my daughter adores her inky PaddlePak. Definitely worth a look.

  6. 13/01/2015 / 10:21 AM

    I love these, they look so cute, I am going to get one for Boo but I just cannot decide on the design to get, the Fox one looks amazing though!

  7. 13/01/2015 / 8:35 PM

    I’m so excited that Amy is starting to find her feet this week and we’re going to be able to try out our Toddlepak soon!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  8. 14/01/2015 / 10:10 AM

    We love our ToddlePak too, it’s made my life so much easier! I do love the red fox! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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