Our top 10 Travel must-haves! {with Mark Warner!}

Planning things makes the geek in me a little giddy. I just love it. Parties, day trips & especially a summer holiday. This includes making sure our chosen holiday destination will cater for my family of teens, a pre-teen, a tween & a preschooler. Quite the age range!

So, as part of our application to {hopefully} become a #MarkWarnerMum, I thought I’d share our Top 10 travel essentials in a little stop motion video I put together {& a mood board too!}.
Our top 10 travel essentials

Camera/Phone {& accessories}

I love to document special moments and I think to go on a family holiday definitely, falls into that category. Plus, since I became a blogger snapping up every little detail has become second nature that I hardly notice I’m doing it anymore.

‘Bear’ AKA Stuffed pal that the preschooler cannot live without!

This is Bear. Bear, meet everyone reading this! Bear is Annabelle’s best friend in the entire omniverse. They do everything together, they go everywhere together and it’s just adorable. If we left him behind I would actually fear for my life. Four-year-olds without their stuffed best friends become emotionally unstable tiny humans not to be messed with. 

Gorilla pod

Taking family photos is no easy feat. Sure, you could opt to bring a tripod and a shutter remote but let’s face it, you’re on holiday! The last thing you want to be doing is lugging around all of that! So, a gorilla pod is the answer! Hang it onto anything, angle your camera the way you want it, set the timer, press the button, run into the frame and everybody say CHEESE! 

Busy Bag {with snacks}

I always make a busy bag for the kids when we go on holiday; they are perfect for those long airport waits and especially the flight too. I pack everything from their tablets, headphones, colouring in pens, drawing books, some lego pieces, surprise eggs {like the ones on youtube} and also snacks. No bored or hangry children on our flight!

Travel journal

We’ve never kept a travel journal before and on our next holiday, I’d like to change that. I’d love to jot down little moments from our daily adventures, logged within its pages. Our flight tickets, any other travel stubs, places we enjoyed food in, little doodles and memories written in it from the children and even have sand from the beach sprinkled within the pages. I think it would make for a really lovely keepsake.


My preschooler adores her swimfin. She has gained so much water confidence since getting it last summer and I cannot tell you how amazing that is to see. So taking this with us on our sun, sea & sand holiday is a no brainer.

HP Sprocket

This is my favourite gadget right now. I literally take my HP Sprocket everywhere I go and I just love being able to print out little photos that we’ve taken wherever I am. It will be perfect to help me add to our travel journal whilst on holiday.

First aid kit

Again, this is also something that I always have in my bag. Mainly because accidents happen. Boo boos can form on knees {especially when you’ve been running when Mummy asked you to be careful!} and with excited kids on a beach, sand is bound to get in someone’s eyes! So my kit includes everything from spiderman plasters {preschoolers choice}, eye solution {for sand-in-the-eye situations}, bandages, butterfly strips and antiseptic wipes. It may even contain a Doc McStuffin item or three for when the big guns need to be used! 

Children’s I.D bracelets

I made the children their own I.D safety bracelets a few years ago when we went on holiday. They provided my husband & me with such reassurance that they’ve worn them on every holiday since {even on day trips}. It’s a peace of mind because even though none of us set out to misplace a child, these things can happen.

Inflatable Unicorn float {for the pool}

Because an inflatable Unicorn for the pool is all anyone should ever really need! Am I right? Pfft, of course, I am.

Holiday moments

This is our entry to this years #MarkWarnerMum Family Ambassador programme. WISH US LUCK! 


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