Toddler Treats: Nutella Puff Tarts!

So, what did we think of last weeks Pancake muffins? Pretty tasty little suckers aren’t they!? Yummy! Perfect for Breakfast, brunch, LUNCH or even an afternoon snack for the troops! Super versatile and I like that!

So what have I got for you this week? I was meant to have Nutella pop tarts, but due to a mix-up of having puff pastry instead of shortcrust pastry….the gorgeous Jade from Late for Reality decided to call them PUFF TARTS! Isn’t that genius? So here they are…

Pop tarts are a scrumptious treat so I figured I would have a hand at making them at home. They are easy to make, and from prepping to cooling you could have them being munched on and enjoyed within 30 minutes.

All you need is:

– Shortcrust pastry {although I did this ‘by mistake’ with light puff pastry and they were still amazing!!}
{or whatever filling you desire}

Just unravel your pastry, cut into slices then cut each slice in half to make equal rectangle pieces. Dollop on some Nutella then place a piece on top and press down around the edges of the Nutella to give it some shape.

Then give it some decoration in the form of lines and dots and get those bad boys in the oven!

I put these in the oven at 180 degrees for around 20 minutes {or until golden brown} and then brought them out, sprinkled them with a little dusting of icing sugar & left them to cool for a few minutes before serving them up to the troops.

They look so amazing {even if I did do them with the wrong pastry!} and I have to say…they tasted even BETTER than they looked! I can see these being a regular treat in our house because they really are super easy to do and insanely tasty!

So yeah….if you enjoyed these and decide to give them a go then please drop me a wee hashtag #Toddlertreats on Facebook or Instagram, as I love to see people having fun in the kitchen! You can also see all of the other Toddler treats over on my Pinterest board too.



  1. 27/02/2015 / 7:36 AM

    These look amazing! and so easy! I will be doing this asap! x

  2. 27/02/2015 / 9:02 AM

    You might have actully convinced me to bake!

  3. Ashley Beolens
    27/02/2015 / 10:06 PM

    I think yours look better than pop tart ones 🙂 might try these this weekend (hmm…. maybe some strawberry jam ones as well?)

  4. 01/03/2015 / 12:57 PM

    Debs these looks so tasty! I love a simple but scrumptious kiddy friendly snack like this – I’ve made pasties like this with nutella and banana slices, which was also totally scrummy! x

  5. Morna piper
    02/03/2015 / 6:46 AM

    Yum! These look great, I love puff pastry, will definitely give them a try.

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