Toddler Treats: Grape Pops!

WELCOME BACK to Toddler Treats folks! Gosh, this return has been a long time coming and rather than being a weekly feature like before she’ll now be a fortnightly one. 

Now with our first post back in MONTHS {again, sorry about that!} I bring you something quick & easy, healthy with a little side order of treat to it too. It is the summer holidays after all!

How fun are these little Grape pops!

Grape pops
So simple, so scrummy and my kids thought they were pretty fun too. I especially enjoyed seeing my youngest son enjoy them because he goes on these swings & roundabouts of liking something, then mysteriously NOT liking something and it can get quite frustrating. So seeing him enjoying grapes again was pretty cool. Even if there was a little bit of chocolate & a few sprinkles on them!

grape pops2
Literally, all you need is:

– Grapes
– Sticks {I used skewers but lollypop sticks would work great too}
– Bar of chocolate for dipping.
– The decoration of choice. {we went for sprinkles!}

The How-Tos!

It’s pretty self-explanatory but I’ll explain it anyway. Melt your chocolate, skewer your grapes, dip them in the chocolate, a little gift of sprinkles and keep upright in the fridge for a few minutes {I used a block of butter for this}. Super simple, super yummy and like everything in our house, they didn’t last long. 

D xx



  1. 24/07/2015 / 10:27 PM

    These look yum!! What a great simple idea! You should link it up to the #RecipeRoundup at @EatYours 😉 x

  2. Katie @mummydaddyme
    26/07/2015 / 8:14 PM

    You make the best toddler treats Debs and give me lots of inspiration- I think my girls would love these. x

  3. 27/07/2015 / 1:37 PM

    Great idea, they look fun to make and definitely yummy to eat. My kids would love them 🙂

  4. 29/07/2015 / 7:29 AM

    These ideas sound amazing. I may have to copy them during the summer hols. #MMWBH

  5. 29/07/2015 / 8:01 AM

    Brilliant recipe, simple yet yummy, I love frozen grapes so I’d make them frozen with the chocolate mmm #MMWBH

  6. zoe dunn
    29/07/2015 / 10:40 AM

    Love this idea for many reasons
    1. healthy
    2. limited mess (should have put that as number 1!)
    3. it involves food!


  7. 29/07/2015 / 11:52 AM

    Love your ideas for toddler treats and this is no exception! It’s a great way for our little ones to eat their fruits without the usual protest (the sprinkles help a bit too!) Thanks for sharing this, Debs! I love finding these ideas on #MMWBH! Have a great rest of the week.

  8. Silly Mummy
    29/07/2015 / 12:10 PM

    Ooh good idea – yummy! #MMWBH

  9. Mum in Brum
    29/07/2015 / 2:58 PM

    What a fantastic idea! I’m all for keeping things simple and these would make a brilliant party treat – I’ll be sharing this with my sister who has a three year old. Thanks for sharing x

  10. 29/07/2015 / 6:25 PM

    What such a fun cute idea. These would be so perfect for a birthday party!!! I have that noted down! 🙂 #mmwbh

  11. Emma's Mamma
    29/07/2015 / 7:26 PM

    They look delicious and fun to make! 🙂 #MMWBH

  12. NewMummyBlog
    29/07/2015 / 10:13 PM

    Fab post! I love this idea, I might have to try this tomorrow…. Baby is too young so just for me and hubby 🙂

    • 30/07/2015 / 7:31 PM

      How wonderful! Just let me know if you make them! Pop a wee mention on Twitter or something! x

  13. 30/07/2015 / 8:30 AM

    These look brilliant and such a simple idea. My daughter refuses to eat grapes, so I may just have to try this. Thank you for sharing it. #MMWBH

  14. Mummy's Blog
    06/08/2015 / 10:31 PM

    Oh my daughter will go mad for these! Grapes are her new thing, when she runs out, she leads me to the fridge then points and makes an ‘uh uh uh’ noise until I get her more. Definitely trying this! Thanks for linking to the UK blogger share board, I will re-pin 🙂

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