The when, where & how of planting roses

The whenthe where & howof planting rosesImagine any garden in the summer and you can be sure that roses will be part of your daydream. With their luscious petals, stunning colours and enduring scent, roses are synonymous with beauty. They do require love and attention but if you’ve always yearned for roses in your garden then these planting suggestions will help.

Make your selection

If you have a small garden then climbing roses from Ashridge nurseries will look beautiful. Alternatively, you can source rambling roses to add colour to dull parts of your garden or simply select some stunning shrubs or tea roses for fragrance and beauty.

Bareroot roses
You can plant bare root roses once the frost has gone and then expect them to flower from May right through to November. If you want a sturdy plant then
bareroots are hardier than those grown in pots.

You can obtain these from November until March and they should be planted as soon as you’ve prepared their new home. Unless you are planning to keep your roses in a container then you should put your plants into the ground as soon as possible to allow the roots to spread and enjoy the nutrients in the soil.

Planting time
According to the  Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) the best time to plant roses is either in the autumn, before the frost or in late winter/early spring, after the frost. Containerised roses can be grown at any time of the year, as long as the ground isn’t water logged or frozen. Roses don’t like damp parts of the garden so select your planting space carefully and make sure it is well drained. A clay soil is ideal for these plants.

Roses love manure
Once you’ve chosen where you will plant your precious roses dig a hole and then lay down some rotten compost or manure and fork it well through the soil. You should also apply some fertiliser at this stage in order to encourage your rose to grow.

Make sure that the hole is twice as wide as the plant’s roots and as deep as the blade of your spade. If you’ve bought a rose in a container make sure that you treat the roots gently when tipping the plant out from the container. Cover the plant and make sure that the rose plant is in the centre of the excavated area, then finish by giving your newly planted rose a good water.

Roses and the sun
Like most plants, roses love the sun. The gardening blog Timber Press suggests that your rose plant needs about 6 hours of sunlight a day. Some species of rose can grow in the shade but it’s best to ask when you buy the plant whether it will flourish in a shady environment.

Until your rose is firmly established it’s a good idea to top up the soil’s natural moisture with additional water. Do not over water, even if the soil is affected by drought. Some extra mulch will always help your rose to flourish in extremes of weather.

Once the summer arrives you’ll be able to appreciate your flourishing plants and simply sit back and smell the roses.


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