The Santa Claus bribe

Now, for starters, before you people start screaming “Why are you mentioning Santa Claus? It’s AUGUST!” well…if you’ll calm yourself and get over the fact I’ve said the jolly man’s name then read on. 

Last Christmas was a great one for my youngest daughter. She had just started to understand the idea behind giving presents and the joy they brought to being opened. This year, however, things have changed. She now understands that Santa Claus brings her presents which can only mean that he is now being used as a bribery tool {Sorry Santa!}.

It all started the other day when Annabelle threw a mini wobble over her Brother was wearing his skates and she didn’t have any. Typical fuel for a toddler tantrum. She sulked {had a little cry} until the only thing that made it all better was me asking her, “Shall we ask Santa Claus to bring you some skates?” and her face lit up like a Christmas tree.



Sadly, however, this seems to be the only thing that helps me tame my very headstrong and feisty toddler which is followed up with “That’s it, I’ll tell Santa not to bother bringing you skates this Christmas!” which will lead to her calming down, saying sorry and everything is fine and dandy once more. Result.

On other occasions I even have to ‘phone’ Santa to have a ‘chat’ which also results in her calming down, saying sorry to whoever she has hit and I am well aware I’m doing this in August and this is going to be a very long four months until the big day. I also have a feeling there will be many, many more Santa bribes being dished out between now and then.


Has anyone else started using the Santa bribe yet? Please tell me I’m not alone!



  1. 16/08/2016 / 7:30 AM

    Yep I’ve already had to threaten to phone Santa this year as my minxy 5year old has misbehaved…. It’s worked like a treat.

  2. 16/08/2016 / 8:46 PM

    I still have my girls birthdays to come before Christmas. When they are over with I use the Santa bribe. hehehe It works wonders x

  3. 19/08/2016 / 4:31 PM

    lol Santa is a great bribe. However, they do get to an age sadly when it can no longer be used.

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